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10 Best Music Player Apps For iPhone (2020)

Need Music Player Applications on Your iPhone?

With tons and tons of music apps spread across the web spectrum, it becomes difficult to decide on the ones that actually resonate with your music choices and provide you great listening experience.

But we’ve got you sorted. Below you can find the list of the best music apps for the iPhone.

10 Best Music Player Apps For Your iPhone:

1. VOX – MP3 & FLAC Music Player

Best Music Player Apps - Vox Player

Undoubtedly one of the best free music apps available to download for iPhone. It emphases on a fluid and intuitive interface, and relies on swipe gesture interactions in the player (disregarding basic playback buttons).

Currently, it has 30,000+ radio stations (perfectly categorized by countries and genres) and an inbuilt equalizer with preset scores and an adaptable GUI to suit the sound according to tastes.

A high rated offline music player for iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices, Vox player also gives you a chance to link your other music sources (like SoundCloud and iTunes Library) to one single account.

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2. Cs Music Player

Cesium Music Player

Cesium is like a rich man’s music player but accessible to everyone. A neat blend of striking looks and ease-of-use, it lets you take control of iCloud and iTunes library effortlessly.

It aces navigation features with its intuitive swipe gestures. You can either play an artist, album or playlist or even shuffle it by swiping left to right. You can also manage your music queue and edit or reorder it as you like.

Besides these intuitive gestures, you have a choice between night and day modes and RGB sliders to alter the default accent colors.

3. Stezza Music Player

Best Music Player Apps - Stezza Music Player

This music player app doesn’t offer much except simple music playing, yet its high-end features enhance its simplicity more. Its iris heaven-like cutting edge design makes your basic music library look amazing. It has a collection of colorful and beautiful themes that adapt to the albums of the user.

The slick and bold user interface cooperates with the adaptive themes (for e.g., if the album color is red, then the UI s red too). Some of its additional features are video playback, accessibility support, and playback support.

It is also available in 7 different languages (global domination – one language at a time!).

4. Ecoute

Best Music Player Apps - Ecoute Music Player

MacStories, a prominent critic in the Apple world, has claimed that “Ecoute is the best music player for iOS Period” And we are not contradicting that.

This clean and beautifully interfaced app is immersed with various features that rank it high on different lists.

It adds songs on the go and recognizes them quite quickly, lets you be a social media fanatic by helping you share music with others, protects you from harmful screen light by switching automatically to night mode when screen brightness decreases, has an enhanced shuffle feature and costs only $1.

It can also be controlled via gestures (*so cool*).

5. Spotify New Music and Podcasts

Best Music Player Apps - Spotify Music Player

Spotify, the cool app that everyone seems to love (over 75 million subscribers, duh.), enables its users to enjoy music offline (best offline music app, I tell you.) and ranks as one of the best streaming apps in the world.

It includes a wide range of libraries (over 40 million tracks!) and lets you search any music including artists in its huge expanse of collection.

Other than songs, you can also stream audiobooks and podcasts without paying even a dime.

Spotify even offers a free tier service (can it be more perfect?) but the user will have to bear with some ads. To avoid that, the users will have to opt for Spotify Premium.

6. TIDAL Music

Best Music Player Apps - TIDAL Music

TIDAL is pop star Jay-Z’s music streaming service. It has a huge fan following amongst people of all age demographics.

This major streaming music service offers sound quality that compares to a CD’s. In the past, it even has released exclusive music from various stars like Kanye West and Beyoncé.  Its music streams are of high-fidelity, and it consists of lots of video content (including concert live-streams).

If someone is a fan of R&B or hip-hop or a mix of both, then this app is a perfect music player for them.

7. TapTunes

Best Music Player Apps - Taptunes

TapTunes is one of the best music player app, providing you a new way to look at your music albums and consisting of flashier features. It displays artworks of songs, and you could tap on the one you want to play. That means no more scrolling to find your songs.

Although it is its UI which takes the application to a premium level. It is simple and sleek, with options to customize it. You get five browsing displays, gesture controls, audiobooks, and podcasts support. All of this would make you connect more and more to your favorite music.

8. SoundShare

Best Music Player Apps - Soundshare Music Player

SoundShare, a beloved name in the music playing world, is a social linking network for songs and playlists.

It’s not just a plain music app; rather it lets you connect to varying music services, collaborate your playlist with your friends, and tune into the playlists of your loved ones all under one roof.  

You can also do other stuff while listening to songs because of its built-in player. And via Airplay, you can listen and watch full music videos right in the confines of your device.

You can also do other stuff while listening to songs because of its built-in player. And via Airplay, you can listen and watch full music videos right in the confines of your device.

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9. Boom: Music player

Best Music Player Apps - Boom: Music player

Boom: Music player (a very apt name for a music app!), is equipped with advanced audio features, presets and predefined equalizer profiles.

It consists of a sleek, hands-on, and clean user interface. It offers multiple music libraries, a chance to personalize the playlists and control the audio with audio intensity control

The app can also access music from your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts, making it much easier for “music stores”. Some people even regard it as one of the best free music player app for Android. So Android users, you have great options for yourself too.

10. CarTunes Music Player

Best Music Player Apps - Cartunes Music Player

Cartunes is an impressive music app for people who like to enjoy music on the go. It has full gesture control, i.e., it is designed entirely for touch. You basically can control your music tastes with taps, swipes, slides and flicks and other hand motions. You can also share songs with your friends on social media handles.

But as it offers a futuristic experience (like the one in the films), it is not free of cost. So the millennial music aficionados will have to shell out some money to get it. 

And this was our list of top music apps for iPhone that can be downloaded by clicking on the links provided. We hope that you love them and use them every time you think about listening to music. If we missed out on any, do let us know in the comments.

Image Source: iTunes – Apple

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