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Applies to Your: Windows Operating System

Get All Device Drivers For Your PC In a Single Click

  • Update all drivers in a single click
  • Driver updates directly from the manufacturers
  • Correct Drivers as per the model and make of PC
  • Automatic updates for outdated and missing drivers

Update Outdated & Missing Drivers
File Size: 7.5 MB | Download Time: Under 1 minute

Error Read “USB device not recognized”, “Windows was unable to connect to this network”, or other similar issues were no sound from the laptop or the touchpad wasn’t responding the way as it is used to.

All of this could have happened due to missing or corrupted device drivers. Therefore, it is essential to keep all the drivers of your PC up-to-date so that it can run in flawless condition and crush all sorts of driver-related malfunctions such as system performance issues, BSOD errors (blue screen of death), corrupt operating system files, system crashes or unexpected shutdowns, etc.

To fix all those driver errors, the most straight and efficient solution is to download & install the latest Windows drivers that can help you bring your hardware back on track. However, if you don’t know how to update drivers for your Windows OS, don’t panic just yet. Let’s Read on! But first, let’s get the basics right!

What is a Device Driver?

A driver, a device driver or hardware driver is a small but essential piece of software that allows one or more hardware devices (such as a printer, sound card, network adapters, etc.) to build connectivity and communicate with the Windows OS.

What Are the Different Types of Device Drivers?

Here’s a list of some of the common device drivers available in the market:

  1. Printer drivers
  2. Modem drivers
  3. Motherboard drivers
  4. Monitor drivers
  5. Scanner drivers
  6. Speakers drivers
  7. Keyboard drivers
  8. Mouse drivers
  9. Wi-Fi drivers
  10. HDD / USB drivers
  11. Bluetooth drivers
  12. SCSI drivers
  13. Sound card drivers
  14. Audio drivers
  15. Network card drivers
  16. Webcam drivers
  17. BIOS drivers
  18. Network controllers drivers
  19. Graphic cards drivers
  20. Camcorder drivers

Others include driver updates for devices like Media Players, Joystick, DVD / Blu-Ray, SSD / NAS, and external devices.

Why Do You Need Drivers?

Drivers are pieces of software (also known as cluster of files) that each device or hardware component needs in order to operate particular functions. Without the drivers, the computer’s operating system would not be able to send and receive information correctly to the associated hardware device. Drivers let your operating system know what type of device is attached to a computer and how to use it.

What are the Common Driver Related Errors?

Let’s have a quick look at some of the common driver error messages:

  1. “USB Device not recognized”
  2. “There might be a problem with the driver for the Wi-Fi adapter”
  3. “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered”
  4. “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart” (BSOD Error)
  5. “Windows cannot connect to the printer”, “Printer driver is unavailable” or “The printer driver cannot connect to the network print server”
  6. “No audio output device is installed”

Why Is It Important to Update Drivers?

Hardware manufacturers often release driver updates to fix bugs and patch security risks which they have discovered. Moreover, the latest hardware manufacturer driver updates contain new improved features and functionalities for hardware components.  Using outdated drivers, you may start getting driver errors or computer may become unstable, less efficient and even lead to hardware failures. For instance, a graphics card with an outdated driver may lead to stuttering issues when playing the latest 3D video games or you may face excess heating issues that can harm your hardware components. Keeping drivers updated helps prevent such device conflicts and ensures smooth hardware functioning!

How to Check for Missing or Outdated Drivers?

Are your device drivers up to date? Using corrupted or outdated drivers, you may various compatibility and performance-related issues that can adversely impact the processing speed of your computer. Here’s how to identify if your system drivers are up-to-date:

  • First, click on the Start button, search for Device Manager, and then select from the list of results.
  • Inside the Device Manager utility, double-click on the hardware device you want to identify drivers for.
  • The Device Properties Window will then appear, showing the information about your device under the “Device status” section.
    Check for Missing or Outdated Drivers
  • If the Device status area is showing “This device is working properly”, it means that your device drivers are up-to-date. If not, look for any driver error messages or error codes flashing up on that screen to seek help.

If you’re still having trouble identifying the outdated or missing drivers, you can always go for an automatic driver update utility. Driver updater tool automatically scans and detects all the outdated or missing drivers and offers one-click driver updates to fix them instantly without any hassle.

How to Update Windows Drivers?

There are several methods that you can use to find, update and install the latest drivers on your PC. Let’s have a quick look at them:

1. Update Drivers Using Device Manager

The most common way to check for the latest driver updates is by using the device manager. Updating drivers manually can be a pesky affair, but if you’d still like to manually update or reinstall a driver using device manager, here’s how:

  • Go to the search and open Device Manager
  • Now right-click on the device name and select Update Driver option.
  • On the next screen, select Search automatically for updated driver software.
  • If a newer update is available, the wizard will install the package automatically, if it doesn’t find a new device driver, you can try and find the one on the official manufacturer’s website.

2. Manufacturer’s Website

In case you don’t find any updates for your drivers via Device Manager, you can also download and install the latest Windows drivers manually from the manufacturer’s support website.

However, sometimes even if you visit on their official manufacturer’s website the device drivers are difficult to find – you need to explore a long time but can’t get the compatible Windows drivers in the end. In such cases, you can always look for the best driver updater software, especially if you don’t have the technical assistance.

3. Driver Updater Software

If you don’t have the computer skills, time or patience to update the outdated drivers manually, you can start considering a driver updater tool to update them automatically.

The driver updater software can download and install the latest driver updates automatically, saving you a lifetime of effort you would have put into searching those drivers manually.

To keep your outdated or corrupted drivers updated, either you can go the extra mile and install updates manually or can get one of the best driver updater software for your machine.

What is a Driver Updater?

Driver updater is a powerful and extremely user-friendly tool that automatically scans your system for missing, outdated or broken drivers, and lets you update them instantly with a single click.

Driver updater software does an excellent job of finding and updating your outdated, corrupted or missing drivers from one screen to help reduce potential driver problems and conflicts with your printer, scanner, webcam, speakers, keyboard, and other external devices.

How Does a Driver Updater Work?

Driver Updater tool is the best solution for configuring a computer that not only takes care of the driver errors leading to system crashes and hardware conflicts but also gives you a smooth PC experience.

It auto-scans your whole computer for outdated, missing, or broken drivers and installs the latest compatible versions without the need for any manual interruption.

Why Should I Use Driver Updater?

Downloading and installing the appropriate and updated Windows drivers manually can be a very hectic and annoying experience for most users. Moreover, there is a risk of installing the wrong or infected driver that can lead to hardware failures and adversely affect your computer’s performance.

Therefore, you need a driver updater software that can help you download new driver updates automatically so you do not have to waste your time searching for them manually.

The tool not only gives you a detailed report of all the outdated or broken drivers but also updates them automatically to the latest manufacturer-recommended drivers to keep your computer functioning at its best.

What’s more? You can get the latest official drivers from all the available vendors through a single platform, plus you can also backup and restore drivers so you can always roll back to the older version if you don’t like the updated one.

What is the Best Driver Updater Software?

In today’s competitive marketplace, finding the best driver updater software is a tedious task when each provider offers a different set of features, so it’s important to compare different aspects of these products before choosing an ideal one which best suits your needs.

To help you with the process, we’ve compiled a well-researched and fact-filled article detailed around the driver updater tools to help you make the right decision.

So, if you’re having trouble finding the best one, see the Best Driver Updater Software (Comparative Analysis).

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