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How to Disable the Touchscreen in Windows 10?

Windows started the era of Touch Screen and the latest version of Windows is completely optimized to support the touch screen along with traditional methods including keyboard and mouse.  Windows 10 touch screen settings, lock screen, and Start menu has been specifically designed for this. The touchscreen mode quite simple to use on Windows 10 enabled tablets. When you activate the tablet…
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Unlock Hidden Features On Mac Using Terminal Commands

What is Terminal? Terminal is an application embedded with Mac OS X, inside the Utilities folder. It is a text and command based way to use the operating system. That means, while using Terminal, you won’t require the help of mouse and graphic interface. Image source: wikiHow How to use Terminal on Mac? There are number of ways to open Terminal in your Mac. We give you two…
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How to Use iPhone as Webcam

Video calling is the new audio calling. Everyone seems to do it. Be it for work purposes, or for connecting with loved ones, video calling is there everywhere. Now, a webcam (the one attached to your computer) is also a necessity these days. Many budding YouTubers…
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Best Deal Apps For Best Discounts

Finding discount coupon apps can be a time-consuming task but can save you a massive chunk of money.  Scrabbling around a newspaper cutting, clipping discount deals and getting an extra discount at the supermarket can make anyone’s shopping experience…
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How to Print Pictures from iPhone?

Clicking pictures and admiring them is something that would never change. Be it a digital camera, a Polaroid camera, or our phones, snapping, clicking, commenting, and selfie-ing will always be one constant in our human history. But in the time of everything digital, and things always living inside a screen, it’s always a forlorn feeling to admire a printed picture. And yet, you…
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How to Make Slow Motion Video

If there’s something that excites everyone now and then, it is the existence of slow-motion videos. There’s some sort of charm about a motion effect that just breaks down the video pictures into tiny little pieces. Not mentioning the fact that it’s also superiorly…
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20 Best Free PC Games of 2019

Technological development has given a new face to the online gaming industry, and unlike earlier times, it is not confined to mere board games and simple video games. Over the years, the gaming industry has grown at a skyrocketing speed. PC games are now available…
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5 Best Money Making Apps for Android & iOS in 2019

In today’s interconnected world with high-speed Internet at the fingertips, making money has never been easier, you could earn cash by using mobile apps for things like playing games, watching videos, surveying, exercising, downloading apps or as simple as taking pictures. So, if you’re looking for new ways to earn a few extra bucks, look no further than your smartphone. There are…
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