10 Best Free Music Player for macOS in 2021

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10 Best Free Music Player for macOS in 2021

To help you with the search for the best music player for Mac we have created this article. You can find the best audio player for Mac to use in 2021. To know more about the players, keep reading.

Music players are very crucial for every device as they help you to lighten the mood and enjoy your favorite music whenever you want. But now most of the music players ask the user to make payment to listen without ads. Other than this you can also witness that the software requires you to take a premium plan for downloading your favorite music.

Apple products are assumed to have fewer options when it comes to third-party applications, but it is not always true. This article is going to help many Mac users to find the best mp3 player for Mac. The misconception of less third-party software will be broken after reading this article. So without any further delay let’s take a look at the list of music player apps for Mac.

Best Music Player Software for Mac to Choose in 2021

Here are some of the best free music players for Mac that you can choose and enjoy your favorite music for free.

1. Elmedia


Elmedia tops the list of best music players for Mac. This software offers the best music experience and offers an innovative interface. Majorly when looking for a music player, you need to check for the sound output as it is the only thing that affects the user experience. The software supports almost every format so that you never miss music from any artist.

The list of features is very long, some of its best features are it offers a 10 band equalizer to enhance the sound output through the software. Other than this it also offers playlist streams, wireless connection, and DTS decoders like amazing features. If you want to use this software with full capabilities then you need to subscribe to the premium plan.

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The next music player on the list is IINA. The software has a very unique and amazing design which makes it the best on the list. The sound quality and the format support are normal as other competitors. You can enjoy every format with amazing sound quality but the only difference which this software has against others is that it offers a pleasant UI.

The software has basic capabilities which cannot be upgraded to advanced, so if you are looking for software with advanced features then this is not the right macOS music player for you. The software is ideal for Mac as it offers an interface design that is suitable and best for macOS.

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3. Colibri


Colibri is a music player for Mac that offers great features and the best part is that it does not take up much space on the disk. This lightweight music player for Mac does not even take much battery so that you can enjoy your favorite music wherever you are. This is a very convenient software that you can use but the downside is it requires you to subscribe to the plan.

The interface of the software is easy, you can easily adapt to the interface with no issue. Whether you are travelling or staying back in the office, you can use this software to refresh your mood without worrying about the battery.

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4. VOX


VOX is one of the best audio players for Mac, it offers some unique features which makes it the best. The feature list includes inbuilt radio, cloud storage, and many others. Saving what you like is very important and you need, the cloud backup will the songs and your preference saved. Your choices will be saved for a lifetime, all you need to do is log in and get your preferences back.

Whatever your preferences are you can definitely get them on this software. You need to pay a subscription fee on a monthly basis to avail the features. It also has a free version which you can try if you want.

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5. Audirvana


Just like any other Mac’s best audio player, Audirvana also offers the best features to the user which they look for in every music player for Mac. The interface of this software is basic and brief, you can find every music according to your preference in the suggestion. Other than this you can search for favorites easily and filter them as per requirements.

The software has standard features with advanced Hi-Fi system support. The software needs a subscription to use which is why it can not be considered as a free music player for Mac.

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6. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a very popular software, you must have seen this software mostly in Windows. But this is one of the best music players for Mac. The best part about this software is that it is free to use and everyone can use this software. Other than this it can be used as a video player software too. Primarily the software works as a video player but the multiple file format support of this software makes it compatible with a Windows and Mac music player.

Using this software you can easily manage playlist and steam seamlessly. If you want to have the macOS best music player which requires no payment then definitely you can try this software. Though this software offers very minimal and basic features, you won’t find advanced features.

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7. Pine Player

Pine Player

Pine music player for Mac is on the list because of its multiple file support. This is one of the best music players for Mac as it supports all formats including MP3, FLAC, APE, AAC, M4A, WAV, WMA, DSD, SACD, ISO, and many others. Other than this the software offers the best sound quality which every user wants.

You can enjoy music in the background with its gapless playback function which allows users to have seamless transitions. You can enjoy all these features of this macOS music player for free.

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8. Clementine


Next up in the list of best music players for Mac is Clementine. This software offers many helpful features which may interest you as a music lover. The software offers a huge collection of music, you can find every song or audio from every artist. Other than this you can create playlists according to mood and preferences.

The software supports all major formats, you can export files in formats including M3U, XSPF, PLS, and ASX. you can even upload files to Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox-like cloud services. Overall this software has many features to offer which is why it is on the list and considered as the best free music player for Mac.

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9. Swinsian


Another traditional best music player for Mac that you can try. Swisian has a similar interface to iTunes which most Mac users would like. It offers many features which you would know after upgrading the software. You can customize the interface as per your needs and you will definitely love the feature to customize. You can add grid, columns, playlist, and minimized player.

All major formats are supported in the software including FLAC, MP3, AAC, ALAC, Ogg, WMA, WAV, Opus, and many others. You can try the best music player for Mac by clicking the link below.

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10. 5KPlayer


Last in the list of best music players for Mac we have 5KPlayer. This software offers many features including streaming music online, download songs, and many more. You can easily download songs from various platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and other websites. You can even listen to the radio as the software offers satellite radio channels and has a separate section for that.

The software supports switching your playback from Mac to iPhone easily. The offering and features make it one of the best audio players for Mac. you can try this software to experience the best sound quality.

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Final Words: 10 Best Free  Music Player for macOS in 2021

The article has the best music player for Mac that you can use. Check the software which fulfills your requirement and download it using the link mentioned below the description. Some of the software is free to use, while some charge some amount for the subscription. We hope that we have helped you to choose the best mp3 player for Mac. Tell us which software you choose and why.

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