12 Best Radio Apps for Android You Can Use in 2024

Published Date : Jan 31, 2024
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Best Radio Apps for Android

How many of us heard about radio apps 20 years back? Did any of us track the transition from transistors to online radio apps?

While the change in radio technology sounds exciting and new, the essence of music will always remain the same. Music, from radio apps, does the same magic that transistor players used to create back in the days.

Music possesses the power to bring peace of mind and relieve stress even on the worst days. Hence, it is essential to own one of the best online radio apps to get through the stressful days of your life. Not to mention, music is equally part of days of celebration and can barely get avoided even by the coming generations.

So, here is a collection of best radio apps recommended from our end. I hope you enjoy it!!

List of The Best Radio Apps for Android Devices:

1. iHeartRadio – Free Music, Radio & Podcasts

iHeartRadio - Best Radio Apps for Android

If you are in awe with podcasts and love to spend time listening to inspiring words during your office commute hours, then this is the app for you. The assortment of unlimited music, live radio stations and podcasts will definitely uplift your mood. The good news is the content is FREE!

Undoubtedly, iHeart is one of the best radio apps for Android users but also rated in the top radio stations in 2019. The distinguishing factor of this app is that it allows the individual to save and replay songs on the radio.


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2. TuneIn – Free Music, Live Sports & Podcasts

TuneIn - Best Radio Apps

Every app is unique in its own way but accessing live sports updates on the radio is definitely an exceptional way to broaden the audience list. Besides, listening to your favorite radio stations, explore a unique collection of comedy, news, talks and most importantly – Live sports.

Have you wished for an ad-free streaming app? Then congratulations, this music streaming app is the apt choice for you? To give you an added advantage while driving, you can switch the app to car mode, you can easily change the interface.


3. DI.FM – Electronic Music Radio

DI.FM - Electronic Music Radio

Only experts can curate some unique genres. If you are in love with electronic music, then you are in for a treat. Which also means the app is not meant for all music lovers. The collection is restricted to electronic tunes only.

DI.FM creates human-curated electronic music, expertizing in a single niche. The app also comes with the option of tracking your favorite DJ shows and broadcasts on the calendar.


4. Replaio

Replaio - Best Radio Apps for Android

Another popular name in the market of Android radio apps – Replaio. Find a mind-blowing collection of internet radio stations and Radio FM stations that too at no cost. The Internet catalog offers a grand list of rock, electronic, jazz, country music, pop and much more.

And yes, it features more than 30,000 radio stations from across the globe to your screen.

The app lets you sleep and wake up listening to your favorite tunes. This new form of sleep timer and alarm is insanely beneficial.


5. Audials Radio App

Audials Radio App

Recording music, listening to internet radio, including podcasts and clock radio, just got better thanks to another awesome name in the collection of radio apps.

Audials comes with a huge list of 80,000 radios stations with MP3 and AAC-audio streams.

But the radio recorder is just too good. Using history, you can record and play your favorite songs.


6. PCRADIO – Radio Online

PCRADIO – Radio Online

This app is the best for people struggling and tired with low internet speed. PCRADIO is a user-friendly radio app that allows multiple features for Android users.

Users will be able to enjoy high-quality music with hundreds of radio stations even at low speed of internet connection.


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7. XiiaLive

XiiaLive - Best Radio App

XiiaLive has a huge catalog with genres like electronic, classical, hip-hop and alternative. Each genre has a radio station that you can select and mark as a favorite.

The additional capability in the app consists of a sleep timer and equalizer. There are even great talks broadcasted through different podcasts on comedy, business, and news, etc.


8. Radio FM

Radio FM - Best Radio Apps for Android Smartphones

You get to experience a massive collection of music sorted on the basis of countries and genres. So, accessing music from other countries will be easier now. The list of music is insanely good and maps different genres from different countries.

Radio FM also offers a sleep timer, where you can set your favorite song as the alarm tone.


9. AccuRadio

AccuRadio - Best Online Radio App

AccuRadio is counted in the best radio station apps for its collection. The app allows users to sign up and browse several channels. One can easily mark favorites and browse through popular channels.

There is an interesting option of rating songs and unlocking “Five-Star” channels. Users also have the liberty to ban or eliminate artists from a specific channel.


10. Simple Radio – Live FM and AM Radio

Simple Radio - Live FM and AM Radio

In the race for the best online radio apps, let’s not forget the less complicated radio apps.

Simple radio is just the app one needs if you are a casual music listener. You only get your preferred FM radio stations, Internet Radio, Free radio stations, and AM stations.


11. Radio.net

Radio.net - Best Radio Apps for Android

Radio.net is yet another app categorized under the best radio apps for Android. With over 30000 radio stations, the app is popular for its intuitive and user-friendly interface. The app offers a robust and easy to use a search engine that allows searching radio stations by country.


12. SiriusXM

SiriusXM Music, Sports & News

SiriusXM satellite radio is an excellent radio app for Android. SiriusXM is the ultimate radio app with podcasts, music, sports, comedy and more. According to your listening preferences, there are 3 subscription models. It boasts an extensive channel library and, additionally, has more than 150 channels incorporating sports, Howard Stern, and music. The app offers exclusive content and shows, celebrity interviews, and live performances. From live entertainment to free music streaming, it’s all possible with SiriusXM.



So, these are some of the best radio apps available for use in 2019. Pick one for yourself today.

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