Fastest Browsers for Windows 10, 11 in 2024 [Latest Updated]

Published Date : Dec 18, 2023
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Fastest Browsers for Windows

Which are the fastest browsers for Windows in 2024? How can I get the fastest & secure browsing experience on Windows PC? If you are also asking such questions, then look no further! Here’s a list of 12 more secure and fastest web browsers for Windows that you can consider. Read more!

Whenever we want to run a quick search, we use a web browser to take what we need from the “abyss of knowledge” known as the internet. Web browsers are quite a handy tool when it comes to the daily life of a dynamic digital era. But, what if we say that there are far better alternatives available that can outflank your current browser? The web browsers we’ll be talking about are some of the fastest browsers for windows 10. But, how do we know if these browsers are potent enough to satiate the needs of a modern moody user? Well, for that part we’ve evaluated each browser on some must-have standards and characteristics.

How to Decide Which is the Fastest Browser for Windows 10?

The following constraints help in determining whether a browser is fast or not:

Speed- Speed; It’s a must-have ingredient for a web browser for Windows 10. Cause, hey! Who doesn’t get annoyed and irritated when the web pages aren’t loaded in a blink? Right.

Privacy- In today’s digital world where any sort of information can be accessed with a few taps. The danger of your information getting leaked always lurks around while you watch those cat videos. BTW cats are cute, Aren’t they?

Extensions- Who doesn’t wanna get those super-useful extensions at their disposal while browsing the net? So, the best fast browser for Windows 10 comprises all the cool and handy extensions.

User-Experience- Technology has been developing in every instance just to make human lives easier and more convenient. Similarly, a web browser should be simple and less complex yet robust and secure. Is this too much to ask for?

To determine the accountability of the above factors in the browsers, we took the help of the following benchmark tools. 

Speedometer 2.0- Speedometer 2.0 is one of the most reliable benchmark websites ever created. This website allows you to ascertain the responsiveness of the browser to any website quite easily. With the help of over 480 different JavaScript standards, the benchmark can easily determine the reliability of the tool.

JetStream 2- Jus like Speedometer, the JetStream 2 also allows you to ascertain the speed of the browser by cross-checking the tool again different benchmarks.

MotionMark- MotionMark is different from Speedometer and JetStream as it ascertains the browser’s ability to load graphics instead of speed.

All you need to do is compare the Runs per Minute as generated from the tests run on these tools to ascertain which one is the best.

So, these were some metrics that we used to evaluate these browsers for windows. So, enough beating around the bush, Here we present the Fastest Browsers For Windows 10, 11.

Best & Fastest Web Browsers for Windows 10,11 in 2024

Speed, weight, general performance, navigation, extension support, lightness, privacy, and security are some of the significant features we look for when choosing the right web browser. Based on these features, we have prepared a list of the 12 fastest browsers for Windows that you should check out. Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Google Chrome

google chrome

Platform Supported:  Windows: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11/ Apple Mac / Linux /Android

The finest and most commonly used cross-platform and fastest browser for PC 2024, Google Chrome has a varied user base. Although the browser consumes comparatively higher system resources it is easy to use. With regular updates, Google keeps on adding exceptional features to Chrome, like the Best Google Chrome Themes.

This fastest browser for windows 10 can be customized easily depending on the user’s needs. Also, it has a mechanism that is highly reliable and maximizes the speed of the browser. This is also one of the fastest mobile browsers for android. You can also get the best out of the browser using Effective Tips and Tricks for a Better Google Chrome Experience.

Notable Features

  • Huge Library of extensions
  • Cross Platform
  • Available for free
  • The user interface is completely customizable
  • Advanced features for power users

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2. Opera

Opera Browser

Platform Supported: Windows / macOS / iOS / Linux / Android

Opera is one of the most commonly used and trusted browsers around the world. The interface of the browser is quite straightforward which makes it one of the fastest browsers. The browser is available in two versions viz. Opera and Opera Mini. Both versions are very effective but the latter one is faster than the former.

If you are a beginner then Opera can be the best alternative for you. The tool is quite amazing and also provides advanced features like ad blocking, integrated VPN, and whatnot. You will find some of the most amazing features of this tool below:

Notable Features:

  • Free to download and use
  • Cross-platform base
  • Allows interface personalization
  • Contains a smart dashboard with multiple options
  • Consumes less data

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3. Brave Browser

Brave Browser

Platform Supported: Windows / macOS / iOS / Linux  / Android

If you’re the type of person who gets paranoid regarding their privacy and safety on the net Brave Browser is the fastest browser in 2024. To all the internet users out there, if you’re concerned about who’s tracking you and want your browsing history and activity to stay hidden even from your ISP(Internet Service Provider), Brave Browser is especially for you. The browser is also the best and fastest browser for mac.

With all the basic features of a web browser and the best and fastest browser for Windows 11, it also has a strict anti-ad policy which ensures that your browsing session doesn’t get interrupted by annoying ads; result, faster browsing by a lot. So, Say Hello to the lightning-fast browsing experience and Bye to slow-loading pages. Know more about the features of this one of the Most Secure Web Browsers For Private Browsing and the fastest browser for windows 10 below.

Notable Features:

  • Aggressive anti-ad policy
  • Earn through watching ads
  • Consumes less data than many browsers for Windows
  • Privacy is guaranteed while using Brave Browser

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4. UR Browser

UR Browser

Platform Supported: Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7 / macOS

For users who truly want to experience privacy, faster web browsing, and security, we present you UR browser. UR browser is one of the fastest web browsers available on the net as it blocks trackers, ads, and cookies which otherwise slows down a website. Various alerts are also present to notify you if there’s a danger lurking around your identity or credentials. UR browser protects holds a powerful suite of tools to render optimum security to all its users.

Notable Features:

  • A gamut of privacy-protection tools
  • Light yet robust and fast at the same time
  • Various privacy modes to choose from

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5. Vivaldi


Platform Supported: Windows / Linux

Vivaldi might sound like a new name in the fastest browser for PC market, but it has started to gain the limelight quite swiftly. Vivaldi was built under the Chromium project. It uniquely combines some of the best features of browsing giants like Google and Opera. Vivaldi also possesses marvelous multi-tab management. The trait which aids Vivaldi to stand in this list; Vivaldi is super-customizable. Users can tweak even the smallest thing to obtain a more personalized experience. The tool can also work effectively as the Best People Search Engine and the below features justify the same.

Notable Features:

  • Lightest and fastest browser for pc
  • Has built-in notes features to scribe your ideas. thoughts, and all.
  •  Custom shortcuts and keyboard shortcuts are at your disposal.

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6. WaterFox


Platform Supported: Windows / Mac / Linux

WaterFox is a privacy-oriented and secure browser. It is an open-source fastest browser for PC that blocks trackers and other similar threats to prevent them from gobbling up your data and personal information. WaterFox is based on Firefox and also uses the same engine. But, it tapers the privacy risks the users had with Firefox. WaterFox collects a negligible amount of data from its users only to keep the browser up-to-date and secure.

Notable Features:

  • No telemetry
  • Privacy Protection
  • Protection from trackers
  • Improved browsing experience

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7. Tor Browser

Tor Browser

Platform Supported: Windows / Mac OS / Linux

Tor browser renders your privacy needs over the top. Hence, is one of the top 12 fastest browsers for windows 10, 11 in 2024. Privacy is the motto of the Tor browser. Surfing the net without any worries about privacy and being completely anonymous is what Tor helps you with. Tor browser helps you to stay hidden in the realm of the internet and keep tracking, surveillance, and censorship at bay. While using the Tor browser privacy is not a thing to worry about. Various tools of this fastest browser for PC cloak your IP address and cover your digital footprints.

Notable Features:

  • Multiple layers of Encryption
  • Defends users against surveillance and digital fingerprinting
  • Blocks trackers and other privacy-threats
  • Access the Dark web, deep web, and even blocked sites using the Tor browse

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8. Slim Browser

Slim Browser

Platform Supported: Windows

Next, you can give SlimBrowser a try. However, it isn’t the most feature-rich browser on this rundown, but if in case, you are searching for a lightweight and fast browser for Windows 11. Then, it may be the potential one.

With this web browser, users can build individual accounts or groups for particular sites and even can open all of them at once. The browser will also let you enjoy interruption or distraction-free browsing by turning on its ad blogger. Plus, you’ll love to access its amazing spell check feature. Talking about the downside, then you may find its interface cluttered.

Additional Features of SlimBrowser:

  • One-click Facebook integration.
  • Webpage & text translation.
  • Quick and effective Download Manager.
  • Compatible with most mainstream extensions of Firefox.

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9. Maxthon

Platform Supported: Windows / macOS / Linux / Android / iOS

If you are wondering what is the fastest browser in 2024 then Maxathon is the answer. This browser is developed by the Chinese conglomerate Xiaomi and is used by many Windows users around the world. The tool offers some of the best and most advanced features for any browser. The tool has some advanced features integrated into tool to Clear Browser Cache and do a lot more with ease.

Additionally, using this one of the top 12 fastest browsers for windows in 2024, you can retain your privacy as it’s built on blockchain technology.

Additional Features of Maxthon:

  • One-click Facebook integration.
  • Webpage & text translation.
  • Quick and effective Download Manager.
  • Compatible with most mainstream extensions of Firefox.

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10. Chromium

Platform Supported: Windows / macOS / Linux / Android / iOS

The last name on this list of the top 12 fastest browsers for windows 10, 11 in 2024 is Chromium. The browser is quite lightweight and allows you to run huge websites on your device with ease. Apart from this, you can download and use Chromium on Windows, OS X, Linux, or Android devices as required.

Additional Features of Chromium:

  • Open-source but lightweight browser.
  • More stable than multiple other browsers.
  • Developers can also build browsers using Chromium.

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11. Mozilla Firefox

Platform Supported: Windows / macOS / Linux / ChromeOS / Android / iOS

Still looking for the fastest browser in 2024 then Mozilla Firefox is the next one that you can try. After Google Chrome, Firefox is one of the most commonly used browsers of all time. The browser is quite feasible and allows you to surf content very quickly and easily.
Let’s have a look at some of the features of this tool that make it one of the fastest browsers for Windows in 2024.

Additional Features of Mozilla Firefox:

  • Blocks trackers smartly
  • Multilingual UI
  • History sharing
  • Primary pa

12. Epic Browser

Platform Supported: Windows / macOS / Android / iOS

Epic Browser is the next pick for you in this list of the best free and fastest browsers for Windows. This is an amazing and lightning-fast browser of all time. The browser is very private and keeps your data safe without leaks.

Additional Features of Epic Browser:

  • Multilingual UI
  • Allows sharing of bookmarks
  • Free integrated VPN
  • Customizable interface
  • Supports Chrome extensions

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Secure & Fastest Browsers for Windows 11/10/8/7: Final Words

So, the above were some of the best browsers that you can use on your Windows PC. If you ask us, “which web browser is better for Windows?” Then, based on security, speed, performance, benchmark outcomes, and privacy tests, we suggest you choose Opera. And, if you are using Windows 11, then Opera is all you need to enjoy the fastest browsing experience. Apart from Opera, Google Chrome is also an ideal choice for Windows PC.

With all that, now you have the names of the most secure and fastest web browsers for windows 10, 11, and you can choose the one that suits you the best. We hope the article helps you make a better decision. Do you have any doubts or questions? Please feel free to reach out to us through the comments box below. In addition to this, you can also share your suggestions or further tips regarding the same. We look forward to your feedback.

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