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10 Best Lightweight Browser for Windows 10/8/7 PC

10 Best Lightweight Browser for Windows 10, 8, 7 PC

Just like other device components your web browser can also put unnecessary load on your system resources making it slow and sluggish. A heavyweight browser can eat your system memory and cause excess battery drainage.

What you need in such situations is a lightweight browser for Windows that can work as efficiently as a mainstream browser without draining system resources.

If you are struggling with your current web browser refer to our list of best lightweight browsers that promises full-fledged navigation experience at a lightning speed.

What Are the Best Lightweight Browsers for Windows?

Here, we have shortlisted some of the top-rated, resource-friendly and fast browsers that you can install on your windows device.

1. Midori Windows Browser

Midori Windows Browser

Highlight Features:

HTML5 supportStart-up SettingsMinimalist UIOpen-sourceIncognito Browsing

Enjoy an array of mainstream browser features with this light browser for windows. Midori is an open-source browser and is well known for its class apart functionalities like RSS support, bookmark, and spell checker capabilities. 

Another beautiful thing about Midori is that its default search engine duckduckgo does not collect any user information. Minimalist and a straightforward UI also backs its worldwide popularity.

2. UR Browser

UR Browser

Highlight Features:

Safe BrowsingHTTPS RedirectionsCustomized ExperienceFast Downloading SpeedRemoves ads & Cookies

Next on our list of best lightweight browsers for Windows is the UR browser. This chromium-based browser is backed with a powerful-suite of multiple features. Privacy-focused search engine, built-in VPN connection along with an integrated virus scanner makes it an all-in-one lightweight browser that can perfectly suit all your requirements. 

In addition to this, it also sends alert messages while visiting suspicious sites and blocks all annoying ads from your browser. Enjoy fast browsing seed with this highly customizable and lite browser for Windows.

3. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge - Best Lightweight Browser

Highlight Features:

Browser Extension SupportSuperior PrivacyBuilt-In Browser for Windows 10Highly CustomizableEdge HTML Engine Layout

Microsoft is not a new name and is known as the trump card of Microsoft against Google Chrome. It is the default browser of Windows 10 and does not hog on your device resources. Although it is a small browser it does not compromise on loading speed. 

Known for its superior privacy features it safeguards your device from suspicious websites and malicious ads. Microsoft Edge also comes with multiple customization options and can easily sync with various browser extensions. 

Enjoy seamless working and modern web experience with its Edge HTML Engine Layout.

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4. Slim Browser

Slim Browser - Best Lightweight Browser For Windows

Image Source: Slim Browser

Highlight Features:

Ultra-fast SpeedAd blocker CapabilityOnline safetyEasy IntegrationPlug-in Compatibility

Next on our list of lite browsers for PC is Slim Browser. If you are looking for a sophisticated, native, and fast browser then Slim Browser is what you need. 

Enjoy 10x download speed and protect your digital life by blocking annoying ads. It also comes backed with a fully customizable toolbar and one-click Facebook integration. Fast downloading of Youtube videos in MP3 and MP4 formats, easy installation of extensions, browser plugin along with easy text translation are few other notable offerings of this lite browser for PC.

5. Opera

Opera - Best Windows Lightweight Browser

Image Source: Opera

Highlight Features:

Free VPNCross-Device Data SynchronizationPrivate BrowsingCustomizable featuresAd-Blocker

Another light browser for Windows that you can pick is Opera. It promises optimal resource usage and fast downloading speed no matter how many extensions you download. 

Its ad-blocker capabilities prevent annoying ads and trackers. To add on to the privacy levels it also comes with auto-upgrade features and a built-in VPN connection that can easily maintain your anonymity and encrypt your online activities. 

It is simple to set up and use. Make Opera your browsing companion and enjoy a clean, efficient, and powerful browsing experience.

6. Comodo IceDragon

Comodo IceDragon - Best Lightweight Browser

Image Source: Comodo

Highlight Features

Robust SecurityDns Server IntegrationLightning Fast BrowsingWeb Page ScanningVirtual Container

If the above mentioned lightweight browser for Windows has not met your requirements then try our next pick. Comodo IceDragon is popular for its superior and robust security feature which keeps you protected from all possible viruses. 

It is integrated with Comodo’s DNS server which ensures error-free conversion of website URLs to IP addresses. Apart from this it also scans your browsers crash and performance reports to scan your web-page for any threats. 

It also uses a virtually created container that breaks all the contact of your device with the browser, this means no unwanted or harmful software gets installed on your device. 

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7. SeaMonkey

SeaMonkey - Lightweight Browser For Windows

Image Source: Sea Monkey

Highlight Features:

Voice InteractionRobust Password ManagerEasy to use HTML EditorEasy NavigationOpen Source

SeaMonkey is another light browser for Windows that promises optimized browser functioning and loading speed. A built-in email client and built-in editor helps you in easy navigation and also assists you in developing a web-page of your own. 

It is also powered with a password manager tool along with voice interaction, mouse gestures and restore sessions functionalities. It is an open-source lightweight browser for Windows but can result in stability issues as time.

8. Vivaldi

Vivaldi - Best Lightweight Browser

Highlight Features:

End-to-End EncryptionCustomizable KeyboardColor ThemesAd-BlockerStable Performance

Vivaldi is one of the newest entrants in the category of lightest browser for Windows but has enough to give its competitors a big fight. It comes with greater customizable features including tab arrangement, color themes, and notes. 

Vivaldi works on the Google Chrome engine and is well known for its reliability and stable performance. It also ensures the utmost privacy and helps you browse privately by blocking unwanted ads and trackers. All the data enchanted on the Vivaldi browser is protected with end-to-end encryption.

9. Lynx

Lynx - Windows Lightweight Browser

Highlight Features:

Text-Based BrowserEasy WorkingOldest BrowserKeyboard shortcuts for easy Navigation

Another smallest browser that you can pick for your Windows device is Lynx. It is one of the oldest Windows browsers and uses various command-line tools. Setting it up is fairly easy and its straightforward design adds on to its simple working. 

It is a text-based browser and does not pressurize your system resources. So if you can barter a graphic user interface with a text-based interface then Lynx is a good choice.

10. Torch Browser

Torch Browser

Highlight Features:

Integrated SharingApt for hyper-active internet UsersTorch FaceliftBuilt-In BitTorrentEmbedded Player

Last on our list of lite browsers for Windows PC is Torch. It is perfectly apt for heavily-active users and supports seamless loading at a lightning-fast speed. It is an open-source and media-oriented browser application.

It comes with an in-built BitTorrent feature which helps in easy management of downloads. Along with it you also get access to additional features like Torch Games and Torch Music which adds on to your browsing experience. You can also play online songs before their download is complete with its Torch Player feature.

Manage online media in a hassle-free manner with its integrated sharing and download accelerator feature. 


So, this is folks, enjoy effortless and fast browsing experience with our lightweight browser for Windows. All the options mentioned above guarantee fast speed, robots working, less resource usage, and superior privacy. 

Pick the best-suited lightweight browser for your windows device to trade-off with a mainstream browser. 

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