The Ultimate Best Free Movie Download Sites in 2020

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The Ultimate Best Free Movie Download Sites in 2020

Digitization has changed the world of entertainment. The internet spectrum is filled with an array of online movies but unfortunately they come at a premium cost. Also, if there are some free movie download sites, they are either illegal or pirated. 

Online movie streaming sites offer an easy and convenient way to download favorite TV shows and movies at a specific cost. People who do not wish to pay are the ones who get attracted to an illegal platform very quickly. Also, such free websites are highly vulnerable to virus attacks. So, what’s the best way to enjoy both free and secure movies

Thankfully there are few websites that provide both genuine and free entertainment. Let’s have a look at a few popular options.

Best Free Movie Download Sites in 2020

Don’t know what to do on a lazy weekend, pick a free movie website from the list mentioned below and enjoy your favorite movie with your favorite popcorn’s.

Website Name Website Link Availability
Youtube Limited/ USA
Sony Crackle Limited
Pluto TV Worldwide
Hotstar India Free, USA Paid
The Internet Archive Everywhere
PopcornFlix USA
Open Culture Everywhere
MoviesFoundOnline Everywhere
Vimeo Everywhere
Hulu Limited USA
Retrovision Everywhere
Netflix Everywhere
Kanopy Everywhere

List of Best Movie Download Sites (Free & Legal) 2020: 

To simplify the task for you, here we have prepared a well-sorted rundown of 13 free movie download sites for mobile and desktops in 2020.

1. Youtube

Youtube - Best Free Movie Download Sites

YouTube can turn out to be your best entertainment partner, especially when you do not have anything else to do. It is hands down one of the most popular and reliable free movie download sites that one may ever come across. 

It offers the best way to access visual content from all over the globe. Although it is a bit difficult to find a full-length movie, it still has a lot of options to consider.

Apart from this, you get a massive variety of entertainment content including music videos, movie clippings, and ads without even shelling out a single penny.

2. Sony Crackle 

Sony Crackle - Best Movie Download Sites

Next in our list of best free movie download websites in 2020 is Sony Crackle. It is a popular name in the industry and is known for offering highly legitimate content. It provides licensed content from giant movie platforms like Warren Bros, Fox Digital and Universal Studios. 

It comes with an easy to use and clean interface, which means you can navigate easily. It offers a massive range of online movies and TV series for free, which one might not find on other competitor sites. 

Sony Crackle is most prevalent in South and North America but is also blocked in some countries due to security reasons.

In addition to a desktop website, you can also find its app that works pretty well on iOS and Android platforms which makes it a great pick if you are looking for a free movie download site for mobile. 

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3. Pluto TV

Pluto TV - Movie Download Sites

The overall layout of Pluto TV is similar to that of a TV screen. Pluto TV comes with an extensive movie index along with other TV channels. From News channels to sports and from tech series to lifestyle sections you get everything at this incredible movie downloading site.

Although it comes with a well-elaborated movie index, there are some movies and TV series that you can watch only if you are in the US. But if you still wish to see the restricted sections, you can use a VPN service

4. Hotstar 

Hotstar - Online Movie Download Site

Netflix and Amazon prime videos are the best sources of movie streaming, especially when we talk about the Indian audience. These paid options are widely used across masses and ages. However, if you are looking for a free HD movie direct download, then Hotstar can be an excellent option to consider. 

Hotstar has a separate section dedicated to popular Hindi movies like Raid, Bodyguard and many more. The list is endless. 

Moreover, it comes with easy navigation tools that mean you can search for your favorite movie in no time. 

All-in-all Hotstar is a well-organized movie streaming website that offers movies, TV series and news for free. More than being a great platform for online movie streaming it is also popular as a powerful sports streaming site

5. The Internet Archive 

Internet Archives Video

The Internet Archive keeps reflecting at the top of Google’s search menus. It is one of the best movie and music download sites and  is highly popular for its extensive directory. It is like a goldmine for movie lovers and binge-watchers. 

Its list of movies includes some of the most famous names like Iron Man, Jungle Book, The Brother from Another Planet and many more. Initially, it used to provide direct movie links which often resulted in downloading errors. But with the help of Torrent links, the issue has been taken care of and now you can enjoy hassle-free movie downloading

It comes with a massive movie catalog that keeps getting updated regularly. Apart from movies you also get TV series and short movie clips.

6. PopcornFlix


Owned by Screen Media Ventures, PopcornFlix is known to offer free and legitimate movie content. You can use this free movie download websites to binge-watch your favorite movie, TV series and online shows

It comes with an extensive library hosting movies in various categories, which includes drama, thriller, horror, comedy and many more.

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7. Open Culture 

Open Culture - Best Movie Download Sites

This popular and best free movie download site houses a lot of free movies and TV series along with free online courses. It has been in the market for quite some time now and is divided into 6 main sections, namely, Online courses, Movies, Textbooks, Language lessons, E-books, and Audiobooks.

Its movie sections host around 1150+ movies from all popular genres and categories which also includes few Oscar-winning names.

8. MoviesFoundOnline 


MoviesFoundOnline comes with a well-curated list of online movies and TV shows. With this top free movie download website, you can see not only popular and trending videos but also access all-time classics, comedy, and short documentary films. 

MoviesFoundOnline only hosts movies from other popular websites which can result in copyright infringement. As a corrective measure, it does not hesitate to delete and to remove specific content from its site, which ensures complete security and authenticity.

9. Vimeo


Vimeo is the best choice for movie lovers. Its incredible range of movies and TV series makes it the best choice for people who want to see free online movies and documentaries. Along with the general category, it also hosts short films and video clips. 

The most beautiful part of this popular and best Free Movie Download Website is that it also comes with an On-Demand section where you can add your request and pay to watch your most loved films and TV shows.

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10. Hulu


Next on our list of free movie download sites is Hulu. Although it is a subscription based movie website, it also offers a free account to its viewers, limited content being its only drawback. It is also the best free movie App for Android and iOS platforms.

It is one of the best movie sites in 2020 and allows you to watch over 100 movies without shelling even a single penny from your pocket. If you are located in a country where Hulu is not available, you can easily assess it using a VPN connection.

11. Retrovision


Are you still looking for the top and free movie website, well look no further. Retrovision has everything you need. It is known for the unique content it streams. In addition to this it also runs a separate app known as Classic UHF and is dedicated to only classic content. 

For enhanced user experience it is powered with genre-specific menus which support easy navigation. Some of its most notable categories are drama, comedy, crime, war, adventure and much more.

12. Netflix


Netflix does not need any introduction and is highly popular across the globe. First founded in 1197 it is a free movie download site and offers a free trial period of one month to its users. 

As per the figures published by Wikipedia Netflix saw around 148 million subscribers.You can use it to download both Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Apart from this it is also known for its bottomless ocean of TV shows, movies and web series. 

Enjoy free HD movies direct download with this power packed online movie website.

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13. Kanopy

Kanopy - Best Free Movie Download Sites

Kanopy is a great pick if you are looking for a free movie download option in 2020. It is completely free of cost and does not show any commercials. It works by partnering with your universities and libraries and you can easily access it by logging into your membership account.

Its diverse content catalogue is updated on a regular basis. Go ahead and try this best free movie website.

Here are Few Commonly Asked Questions 

Q1. Where Can I Download Movies For Free?

Online streaming websites offer an easy way to download and enjoy movies for absolutely free. Netflix is a great option, you can also use other streaming websites like Hotstar , Hulu that are completely free and legal to use.

Q2. How Can I Download Full Movies?

If you want to download movies for free, Free movie download sites are what you need. These websites not only provide a massive array of movies, TV shows, and services but are completely free for any legal issues. You can pick Sony Crackle, Netflix, Hulu, Pluto TV, to watch movies on various categories in a hassle free environment.

Final Words

The list mentioned above is not an extensive one, however, we have still tried to include the most popular and legitimate sites. You can check these websites and to find which one suits you the best and promises high-quality movie experience. 

If you think we have missed out on a popular movie website, please give your comments and help us improve our list. Happy Downloading.

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