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How to Disable the Touchscreen in Windows 10?

Windows started the era of Touch Screen and the latest version of Windows is completely optimized to support the touch screen along with traditional methods including keyboard and mouse.  Windows 10 touch screen settings, lock screen, and Start menu has been specifically designed for this. The touchscreen mode quite simple to use on Windows 10 enabled tablets. When you activate the tablet…
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How to Use SharePoint

The Internet provides a ready platform for people to collaborate on a common platform, and applications like Sharepoint serves this purpose well. Sharepoint creates a document library, helps in connecting people, share information, and organize meetings. It is most widely…
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Best Deal Apps For Best Discounts

Finding discount coupon apps can be a time-consuming task but can save you a massive chunk of money.  Scrabbling around a newspaper cutting, clipping discount deals and getting an extra discount at the supermarket can make anyone’s shopping experience pleasant. However, busy with our office routine, most of us do not get time to look out for discount coupons and shopping deals. This…
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How to Remove Snapchat Filters from the Saved Photo?

Snapchat has taken digital communication to another level. Often bored with emoji chats and regular text messages; it has gained wide popularity amongst youngsters.  It offers a photo-based communication platform where you can share videos and pictures via Snapchat…

Which Is The Best Gaming Laptop In The Budget? Top 5

Buying gaming laptops under budget can be a little tricky. While making a choice, you need to ensure that you get maximum features at a low price. The best gaming laptops should be equipped with high-quality graphics cards along with all the other spices but at the…
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How to Delete Your Voice Recordings?

Many consider that smart speakers like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomePad can only be used to listen to music. In reality, they can do a lot of other work and just being a source of music. Google home listening and Google home voice are smart features, which can not only smartly control your home but also answer your questions.  These tools are programmed to react on a specific…
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20 Best Free PC Games of 2019

Technological development has given a new face to the online gaming industry, and unlike earlier times, it is not confined to mere board games and simple video games. Over the years, the gaming industry has grown at a skyrocketing speed. PC games are now available…