YouTube Music Can Now Show Lyrics on Its Android & iOS Apps

Published Date : Mar 31, 2020
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YouTube Music Can Now Show Lyrics on Its Android & iOS Apps

The newly introduced feature of Youtube Music has come like a blessing for music lovers. With the recent addition to Youtube features, users will now be able to see the best lyrics for some tracks. 

Youtube Music app has been updated to show the lyrics of your favorite tracks for both iOS and Android devices. This has placed Youtube among the current music providers which show lyrics and will now compete with existing players like Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music and many more.

The feature was introduced initially for Android devices but has now been rolled out for iOS devices as well. Youtube Music will show the song lyrics but not in real-time quoted Jay Peters from The Verge.

An important point to note here is that the song lyrics on Youtube Music will appear as a static screen which means users will have to scroll down to see the entire lyrics as the song progresses. However, in other apps, lyrics run on the screen along with song progression.

Song lyrics form a crucial part of any track and music file. It is good to see that online streaming giant like YouTube has finally introduced this much needed feature and has started focusing on the core features that any music app should offer.

The feature is yet to be introduced on the website but you can enjoy it effortlessly on your smartphones. Apart from this, currently the lyrics are not available for every song. It seems Youtube is still building upon its database and will take some time to support more song lyrics. So, music lovers, you need to wait a little more to be able to sing your favorite Bollywood track alongside Youtube.

A spokesperson from Youtube quoted that the company takes song lyrics from LyricFind and the list of songs gets updated daily. 

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How to See Lyrics On Youtube?

Seeing the Lyrics On Youtube is quite simple. You just have to open and play a new song in the music app, and then click on the “i” button. The button is available on the left side of the screen. Once you are through with these steps, the song lyrics will start showing up under the tracking bar. 

Below we have placed an example for better understanding. It shows how the lyrics will appear on your iOS device.

See Lyrics On Youtube
Image Source: The Verge

Youtube has been adding useful features from time to time to compete with other players in the market.  Earlier in 2019 it also added a swapping feature, which supports easy toggling between its video and audio version.

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What is Youtube Music? 

Youtube Music is a specialized desktop and app music service owned by Youtube. It has an ocean of music to offer and houses a variety of songs, music tracks, official tracks, music work of famous music artists, live performances, full albums and much more.  

Youtube is known to serve its users with the music of multiple genres, taste and community and comes with easy navigation and search options. 

If you are a music lover then Youtube Music is a paradise for you. Pick it and find your favorite tracks that you can’t find anywhere else. 

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