Is “” Legit and How to Prevent this on Instagram

Published Date : Jul 17, 2023
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Is “” Legit and How to Prevent this on Instagram

Phishing on Instagram has been reported by many users lately. It involves direct messages or emails that look like coming directly from Instagram. As a result of which, your personal information is leaked or your account is lost. Although there’s nothing that can assure 100% safety from these phishing attacks, the least you can do is follow some safeguards that can prevent phishing attacks.

The write-up below compiles the security measures that can prevent Instagram phishing email and all other relevant information about it.

What is Security Mail Instagram com

Users have reported receiving fraudulent emails from Instagram with the email address Although it is the official email address of Instagram many users have been using it for phishing attacks and retrieving personal user data.
Verify your instagram account

This security mail Instagram com email address is altered a bit to avoid catching its legitimacy. Often these altered emails can mislead as mail can be altered as rnail which can look identical to users. In the first look, it can be difficult to identify or crack the false mail address.

However, an easy way to check the official mails from Instagram is to find them under the security settings of your Profile. These emails come under the option Emails from Instagram.phishing attacks and retrieving personal user data for instagram

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Is Security Mail Instagram Com Legit?

Check for the following indications in to find out how genuine the email is

  • Look for the grammatical errors if any.
  • Do the emails have any shortened links like Bitly, Tinyurl, etc.
  • Emails are sent through direct messages (DM).
  • Seeking money urgently or with an alarming note.
  • Links redirecting to ambiguous landing pages
  • Emails having screenshots attached within them
  • Images that don’t load completely

These redirections or indications can lead to fraudulent sources. Make sure you keep a track of them to prevent Instagram phishing emails. Once you check the source i.e security mail Instagram com make sure you also look for these indications of fraud or phishing.

How can you Protect your Instagram Account from Phishing Attacks

Since the source of security mail, Instagram com is not known, you can only prevent these attacks from happening in the very first place. Use the following methods to keep your personal data safe.

1. Choose Secure Passwords

For a password to be strong make sure you keep the length of your password between 14 to 16 characters. Add symbols, alphabets, and numbers to form a reliable password for your accounts. Also, change the passwords after regular intervals to avoid threats of password tracking. To generate strong passwords you can rely on a few extensions available online for your browser. These password generators can create strong passwords that can help you from online threats.
Choose Secure Passwords

2. Turn on The Two-factor Authentication

Many applications have allowed users to enable two-factor authentication for their accounts. It adds an extra security layer while you try to log in from a new device. It will seek a confirmation code from your device before you log in. These codes can be generated through a third-party application like Google Authenticator, etc.Enable two factor authentication

  1. Move to the settings of the app on which you want to enable two-factor authentication.
  2. Open Security and search for two-factor authentication.
  3.  Choose the source of authentication i.e third-party application or text message.

3. Avoid clicking on Unknown texts or Emails

Emails or texts that seek your login credentials to access them should be double-checked. Before you enter your personal details make sure you check the reliability of the source of the sender.

Here’s how to find that is security mail Instagram com legit

  1. Open the Settings of your Instagram account.
  2. Click on Security and choose Emails from Instagram. All the official mails from Instagram are stored here.

4. Don’t Use Bots

Users often seek fast growth on digital platforms. But the best possible way to grow is to grow organically. Don’t rely on third-party services for excessive likes, followers, or other validations. These services can hamper your data security.

Note: Many authentic emails from Instagram have been received by many users regarding security concerns. However, you must ensure the authenticity before clicking on it. You might, for instance, get an email from the address:

If you look attentively, you’ll notice that this email contains rnail, which is very similar to mail. If the issue is not addressed, any person is at risk of falling prey to emails that falsely claim to be from legitimate institutions.

5. Double-check Before You Permit Access

Few applications and websites seek permission when they are installed or opened for the first time. Make sure you read the policies, terms, and conditions before you grant access to your personal information. Some malicious applications or web addresses can retrieve all your device data if you allow access to your device.  Therefore, it is advisable to double-check before granting access to your data to any of the external sources.

Use the above methods to save your account and personal information from security mail Instagram com phishing emails. For additional security, you must install VPN software and Antivirus software.

A Virtual Private Network i.e VPN can encrypt data and mask the IP address of users by routing the network traffic in the secure chain. There are many VPNs available online to help you save your device from possible cyber threats. Additionally, your antivirus software can protect your PC from possible threats online.

Make sure the VPN that you are relying on has the following features to enhance the safety and security of your device.

  • The speed of the VPN is fast enough and does not hamper the speed of your network connection.
  • Ensure that your VPN does not sell your personal information to agencies that are marketing or performing research based upon data.
  • Provide real-time security based upon your behavior on your device
  • Has a simple interface
  • Provide a safe and secure browsing experience

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Closing Words:

We hope the above information helped you with finding the legitimacy and other information about the Instagram phishing email Make sure the passwords used by you are strong enough and are changed after regular intervals. Also, enable the two-factor authentication for all your accounts that support it. Before you open any email or direct message make sure you check the validity of the sender. Download a reliable VPN service to keep your accounts and device safe.

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