6 Best Nord VPN Alternative You Should Use in 2024

Published Date : Jan 04, 2024
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Best Nord VPN Alternative

Best alternatives to Nord VPN ensure online safety at a minimum price (some of them are even free) with a fast connection and many features. Hence, you may go through this article to know about them.

In the modern world where we live and breathe the internet, digital security is one of the necessities. And, when it comes to staying secure online, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is what comes to mind. VPNs shield you from hackers, make the non-accessible content available, and offer many other perks. When you surf the web searching for VPNs, Nord VPN is the name that appears almost everywhere. Before you entrust it with keeping your security intact, let’s remind you about the best Nord VPN alternatives.

Many Nord VPN alternatives for Windows 10 are a better choice to browse in peace. However, it might be tough for you to spot them in the ocean of alternatives to Nord VPN.

Therefore, we are here with a deeply researched list sharing the best commercial (paid) and free NordVPN replacements. However, before we talk about it, let’s answer a question that you may have, i.e., “Why do you need a VPN other than Nord?”

Well, we have many reasons that necessitate the use of an alternative to Nord VPN. The below section summarizes them all.

Why Are the Best Nord VPN Alternatives Needed

Some notorious minds hacked the Nord VPN in March 2018, raising suspicion about its security. In addition to this, the below reasons best explain why you should consider the Nord VPN alternatives.

  • The interface is quite cramped
  • Nord VPN is expensive
  • Unsuitable for an organization or a large group
  • Fewer features as compared to many Nord VPN replacements
  • Overcrowding during peak periods, resulting in slow connection speed

We do not find the above downsides of NordVPN unbearable. Hence, we looked for and found the best alternatives to Nord VPN with qualities, such as faster speed, excellent cybersecurity, support for multiple devices, impeccable customer service, and affordability. We share these commercially available and the best free VPNs for Windows 10/8/7 in the next section.

Best Nord VPN Alternatives (Free and Paid)

After thorough research and analysis, we found the following VPNs a perfect choice for this article dedicated to the best alternatives to Nord VPN.

1. ExpressVPN


Let’s begin our list of the best Nord VPN alternatives with ExpressVPN. It is a popular name in the world of Virtual Private Networks for its incredible features, availability in over 140 locations worldwide, and 3000 VPN servers all over the globe.

Talking about the features, the following are the key offerings that make ExpressVPN truly deserving of the post describing the top replacements for NordVPN.

Key Features of ExpressVPN

  • There are apps for all devices and operating systems, such as Android, Smart TVs, iOS, and Linux.
  • ExpressVPN offers an app even for routers.
  • It keeps your data secure with strong AES-256 encryption.
  • ExpressVPN is a BVI-based VPN that does not keep any logs.
  • If your VPN disconnects unexpectedly, you can use the Automatic Kill Switch to stop your internet traffic.

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2. SurfShark


If you are looking for a cost-effective Nord VPN alternative, nothing can be better than SurfShark. It boasts more than 1040 servers in over 61 countries.

In addition to this, below is why it is correct to call SurfShark one of the best VPNs like Nord.

Key Features of SurfShark 

  • It employs OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols to ensure security.
  • SurfShark uses AES-256 encryption to keep your data protected.
  • There is a kill switch to stop all network happenings if the VPN disconnects suddenly.

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3. IPVanish

IPVanish VPN

The next name that comes to our mind when thinking about the best Nord VPN alternatives for Windows 10 is IPVanish. It has approximately 1400 servers spread in over 60 countries.

As far as features are concerned, the following are the key things to note about IPVanish.

Key Features of IPVanish 

  • It comes with 256-bit encryption to ensure data security.
  • You can select a protocol from OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, and IKEv2.
  • With IPVanish, you can tunnel the network on 10 devices.

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4. TunnelBear


Here comes a great free alternative to Nord VPN. TunnelBear, in its free version, gives you 500 MB of data. Moreover, it has enough servers spanning around 22 countries.

Furthermore, below are the features that induced us to consider TunnelBear as one of the best free programs like NordVPN.

Key Features of TunnelBear

  • TunnelBear comes with the OpenVPN protocol for security.
  • It encrypts your data with 256-bit AES encryption.

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5. ProtonVPN


Next comes ProtonVPN. It is also one of the best free NordVPN replacements to safeguard your privacy. Headquartered in Switzerland, it has over 526 servers in nearly 42 countries.

In addition to this, the following are our other reasons for including ProtonVPN on our list of the best free Nord VPN alternatives.

Key Features of ProtonVPN

  • It has OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec protocols for security.
  • VPN accelerator technologies with a 10 Gbps server network.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • ProtonVPN supports multiple platforms.

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6. Windscribe


When discussing the best Nord VPN free alternatives, we feel Windscribe is worth-mentioning. It has servers in approximately 60 countries.

Along with this, below are the features that justify Windscribe’s position on this list.

Key Features of Windscribe 

  • You get 2GB bandwidth per month (10 GB, if you share your email address).
  • There are 11 remote server locations to choose from.
  • It supports many security protocols, such as SOCKS, OpenVPN, and IKEv2.
  • Windscribe uses AES-256 encryption for security.

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Concluding the Best Nord VPN Alternatives

This article discussed the best commercial and free alternatives to Nord VPN. You may select any of the above options depending on your preference and needs.

If you wish to share something regarding this article or have any questions, we are just a comment away.

We will return soon with other interesting tech talks. Till then, stay in connection with TechPout.

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