13 Best Gallery Apps For Android Smartphones In 2020

Published Date : Jan 15, 2020
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13 Best Gallery Apps For Android Smartphones In 2020

Powered with high-quality camera support, our smartphones have taken over professional DSLR cameras. With time our phones get filled with numerous images and need proper management.  

All Android phones come with a built-in stock gallery app but they certainly aren’t the best and tend to get slow and dull with time. The best gallery apps for android 2020 is what you need in such situations. Apart from this, the default camera of your Android may suffer from low loading time or lack picture sorting capabilities.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the world of Android gallery apps.

Best Gallery Apps For Android to Manage & Organize Your Pictures:

Here, in this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best gallery apps for Android smartphones that promises unmatched experience and fast response time.

1. Google Photos

Google Photos - Best Gallery App

Google Photos is certainly the most advanced and feature-rich Gallery app that one can probably find in the market. It is usually pre-installed in most Android devices and offers clean and simple working. 

Prominent Offerings:

  • With Google Photos you can store unlimited pictures and support videos within 1080p and pictures up to 16 megapixels. 
  • It also comes loaded with a backup feature, inbuilt editor, visual search option, trash folder, and integrated Google Assistant. 
  • You can also use it to create stunning albums and collages and categorize your pictures based on people, places and the common things. 

Download this best gallery app directly from the Google play store and enjoy seamless scrolling through your photo gallery. Well, that is not it, you can also edit your images with its powerful photo-editing features.

2. Piktures

Piktures - Best Gallery App For Android

Next on our list of top-rated and best gallery apps for Android is Piktures. It is packed with several intuitive features that support easy navigation. The app screen is divided into two portions, all your albums are displayed on the left side while the right edge displays the tags and filters. 

Prominent Offerings:

  • The Calendar and Location view are two of its most-loved features, which divides and portrays various pictures taken on similar calendar dates and the same locations. 
  • Apart from this, you can also use its Secure Drive functionality to protect your private pictures with a PIN. 
  • GIF player, GIF maker, slideshows are few of its other notable offerings. 

3. FOTO Gallery

Foto Gallery

If you are looking for a lightweight but feature-rich Photo Management tool that can manage and organize your picture Gallery, then choose Foto Gallery. Enjoy a fast response time and properly arranged albums with this stunning tool. 

Prominent Offerings:

  • The app helps you  transfer and move images within various folders, change app themes, scan folders and much more. 
  • Additionally, it also allows you to sort photos in various orders and supports easy viewing. 
  • Moreover it also comes with an in-built GIF player, photo editor, and video editing tools and can be used to make creative GIFs from your videos. 
  • The tool also gives you a chance to recover accidentally deleted photographs with its trash folder feature making it one of the best android photo gallery apps in 2020.

4. Simple Gallery Pro

Simple Gallery Pro

Our next pick in the list of top Android gallery apps is Simple Gallery Pro. It is quite similar to QuickPic from heydays but is completely free from bloatware and annoying ads. 

Prominent Offerings:

  • It is a simple and user-friendly app that helps you organize your albums, recover deleted pictures and hide private files and images.
  • You can also use it to crop, edit, rotate, resize various images as per your requirements. 
  • The app is available in almost 30 different languages.
  • The application can work in offline mode and does not require any internet connection. 

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5. F-Stop Gallery

F-Stop Gallery

Another fast, simple and powerful Picture gallery app for Android smartphones is the F-Stop Gallery. It offers a perfect way of organizing your ever-increasing image gallery.

Prominent Offerings:

  • It comes with a convenient and straightforward UI.
  • The app is completely free of unwanted ads and is packed with several beautiful material designs and features.
  • Apart from this you can also use this best gallery app to bookmark photos, add folders and save tags for your Android device.
  • With its drag and drop mechanism, you can custom sort various images.
  • With its password protection feature you can hide your private files. 

6. A+ Gallery

A+ Gallery

Next on our list of most recommended and best Android gallery apps in 2020 is A+ Gallery. It is known for its speed and quick response time. Power-Packed with countless features it can not only support seamless organization but can also be used for viewing, editing and synchronizing your photo gallery. 

Prominent Offerings:

  • Its search engine is quite similar to the one offered by Google Photos which means easy usability and functioning.
  • You can use it to easily sort your pictures based on their location, date, colors, etc. 
  • With A+ Gallery you can also sync your images and videos with online cloud galleries.

7. Focus – Picture Gallery

Focus - Picture Gallery

If you are looking for a powerful Photo Editing and organizer app that can offer a perfect combination of efficiency, speed, and clean UI then Focus- Picture Gallery can be a good pick for you. 

Prominent Offerings:

  • The app allows you to organize photos and also supports videos and GIFs.
  • Its responsive material design supports seamless browsing and navigation.
  • Apart from this, you can also use its password protection feature to hide your private images and videos from unwanted eyes.

Pick this best gallery apps for android in 2020 for seamless management of your photo gallery.

8. Memoria Photo Gallery

Memoria Photo Gallery

Another best gallery apps for Android that you can try is Memorial Photo Gallery. It comes with smart material design and simple UI which supports smooth, fast and organized browsing. 

Prominent Offerings:

  • With Memoria Photo Gallery you can hide your albums in an encrypted vault and restrict their access only to authorized personnel. 
  • Enjoy watching your favorite images and media With its integrated slideshow feature.
  • Organize your memories with this best gallery app for android smartphones in 2020.

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9. Slidebox – Photo Organizer

Slidebox - Best Android Gallery App

If you are a big fan of gestures, then Slidebox is the tool for you. It provides an easy solution to organize countless photographs.

Prominent Offerings:

  • It can help you identify duplicate images, compare and sort them based on their location, people, color, etc.
  • Enjoy the full-screen view of your favorite images in a single tap with this incredible tool.

10. Focus Go

Focus Go - Best Gallery App

Focus Go comes from the developer of Focus App, Francisco Franco. It aims at providing big frame views that can showcase all necessary information included in your photographs. 

Prominent Offerings:

  • It offers a simple way of viewing multiple images chronologically.
  •  It’s a completely free app.

11. Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault - Best Gallery App For Android

If you’re looking for the best android photo gallery application, then Gallery Vault can be a good choice to consider. It’s simple and clean UI supports hassle-free working. 

Prominent Offerings:

  • It works incredibly well as a photo-organizer and as a photo editor tool. 
  • It can easily sync with cloud-management platforms like Google drive. 
  • Pick Quickpick to organize your countless images.
  • It supports pattern recognition and fingerprint locks.
  • The app also provides superior privacy keeping you absolutely safe.

12. Best Gallery

Best Gallery

Enjoy a wide range of image management features with this relatively new app. With it you can easily sort your images, enjoy quick search, multiple editing options, and gesture support. 

Prominent Offerings:

  • Choose this intuitive photo management tool to enjoy a hassle-free image organizing experience. 
  • The app is available in 30 different languages.
  • It is completely free to download.

13. Scene

Scene - Best Gallery App For Android

Manage and Organize Photo Gallery with Scene. You can use it to organize your photo gallery, sort multiple images, add captions and view your albums in a calendar and smart slider view. 

Final Words

These picture gallery apps are certainly the best picks for your Android devices. Each one of the above-mentioned applications is capable of fulfilling your requirements and are packed with cool features. 

So, install your favorite app today & get an organized photo gallery in  just a matter of seconds.

If we missed any of the best gallery apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments, we would love hearing from you. 

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