Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder Review 2021

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Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder Review 2021

Hey, there! If you are searching for the best Duplicate photo cleaner & remover tool then Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder must be listed on priority. However, if you are new to this, then you may be wondered why only Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder. Isn’t it so? Probably, yes, so here you will get a complete and honest review of Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder. Without any further delay, let’s get started!

Have you ever wondered why your PC lags and works slow? Most of the individuals would say a big NO because they never pay attention to it before. But the answer to this question is probably the filled disk space. Perhaps, the dupe shots causing the issues and snatching the efficiency of your system.

Who doesn’t like to capture every moment for long eons? But, obvious, everyone likes to capture every bit of life. However, nothing is bad with this but what actually makes sense is – having dupe shots is a real hell-like headache.

Having redundant copies of the same picture not only filled the storage of your disk space but also makes your system lethargic and vulnerable. Many users who are not so aware of technical vibes don’t how much it is risky for our PC’s health.

But, no worries, as here is Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder that helps you in detecting and deleting the dupe shots and even bring back the power of your system too.


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This software is uniquely designed to find and delete duplicate pictures from your system. Plus, this amazing tool search for the dupe shots on your device, gives you a bunch of options, and then lets you eradicate all the unwanted images from your device absolutely free. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to use the Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder program, in order to find and delete the duplicate pictures. Plus, to accelerate the performance speed of your system. Let’s step ahead to know a bit more!

What are the Notable Features of Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder?

As its name suggests, the application is just an awesome approach to deal with the issues that occur because of the duplicate pictures. And, to easily and instantly eradicate the duplicate pictures. Now, have a look at the notable features of Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder:

1. Detects Multiple Versions of Equivalent Picture

No matter if the image is available in diverse sizes. The application can easily detect all the images and delete them all. JPG, BMP, GIF, and PNG are the image types that are supported by it.

2. No limitations for files

With Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder, you can add multiple folders or drives at a time for scanning. There are no limitations for adding up the number of files, folders, or drives. Thus, it saves a lot of time as well.

3. Available in Portable Variant

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder lets you run the program on your system even without the installation. The program permits portability, which means you can carry the application on your portable devices.

4. Time Consuming

The application is a fully automatic tool that frequently searches for the dupe shots and provides the results instantly. And, within a single click, it lets you eradicate the duplicate pictures. Thus, it saves users much time and effort.

Above are the core features of Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder. Now, let’s move to our next section that includes the answers to your most common questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions which usually strike in the head of every individual. Let’s read them!

Q1. Is Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder Secure?

It doesn’t make any sense if the software is absolutely free to use so it is not safe or reliable. This is nothing but a common myth. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is a completely free tool but a robust one. Plus, it is safe and reliable to use. In addition to this, the interface of this software is neat and ad-free. The application is a lightweight tool that easily finds and deletes duplicate pictures. And, it is not malware, 100% safe to use it.

Q2. How to Use Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder?

Now, finding and deleting duplicate pictures becomes an extremely easy task. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder lets you do so quite quickly. Within the series of steps, you can delete duplicate pictures using Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder. Read along to know how it works!

Step 1:- Download and launch the Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder on your system and then upload your files and folders to the application or just drag & drop the folder or files at the upper-division of the window.

Step 2:- After this, click on the Start Search option and wait for some time until the completion of the scanning process.

Step 3:- Once the application completed the scanning process then it will show the list of the duplicate pictures that are unnecessarily filling up the storage space.

Now, validate the list and delete the duplicate pictures. In addition to this, it shows both pictures i.e, the original and the duplicate one in the panel. Apart from this, the tool also presents you with additional pieces of information about image resolution, file type, and file size. Though, it not only provides the location of the file but no need to worry you can get it by tapping on the image. So, that’s how Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder works. Isn’t it so amusing? Of course, so free the storage space of your system and boost up the performance pace as well.

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Application Specification

Be sure that your system meets all the requirements of it. Here is the full specification!

Operating system:- Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista

CPU:- 400 MHz or higher

RAM:- 512 MB or higher

That’s a Wrap!

We agree that organizing a photo gallery is not an easy-to-do task. But, after using the Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder our verdict has changed completely. Now, you can organize your photo gallery pretty well. And, it is crucial too, as it clutters the hard disk and slows down the overall system as well. Hence, downloading and installing this software is crucial. Plus, this application has everything that you require to get rid of duplication trash, and therefore we strongly recommend this application.

So, that was our unbiased review of Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder. Hopefully, you have got the answers to all your queries. And, yeah, if you have liked our review then do subscribe to our Newsletter to stay informed. Do share it around your circle too. Plus, share your views on this in the comment box below!

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