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11 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android Smartphones

Is your Android smartphone often running low on battery? Wondering how to prolong the battery life of your smartphone? Why don’t you try battery saver apps for Android? These apps can preserve your device power when you are using certain heavy apps that eat up your device battery quickly.

You can do what not if you have a smartphone in your hands these days. But it’s so disappointing when you are in the middle of something critical and you get a “low power” notification from your smartphone.

Running around with a charging cable or a power bank doesn’t always seem feasible. Even if you do find a charging port in the middle of a desert or airport, waiting until your smart device is replenished with enough power is a matter of immense patience for some restless souls. Hence, trying an alternative power saver app can offer a more convenient option.

Thus, in this blog, we have hand-picked the best battery saver apps for prolonging the battery life of your smartphone. 

11 Powerful Android Battery Saver Apps:

Don’t want your smartphone’s battery to ditch you in moments of great need? Then, learn how battery-saving apps can lend a helping hand to your smartphone.

1. Kaspersky Battery Life

Best Battery Saver App - Kaspersky Battery Life

You must be familiar with the name of Kaspersky already, which makes it an ideal choice from the myriad of available battery saver apps for Android. 

It keeps an eye on the hungry apps and alerts the user when necessary. It also helps the user to keep a close watch on the battery level of the device and accurately predicts when the device is going to be completely drained off the power. 

The most commendable trait of this power-saving tool is that it provides an option to exclude your preferred apps from being terminated when you choose to extend your device’s battery life with Kaspersky Battery Life.

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2. DU Battery Saver

Best Battery Saver App - DU Battery Saver

Did you know that DU Battery Saver is not just a battery saver application for your Android smartphones but a lot more than that? Wondering how? 

It has a RAM cleaner to boost the speed of your smart device. You can improve the phone’s battery with the one-tap battery saver feature. It also cools down the processor temperature. 

Additionally, the tool is enabled with the Applock feature. And guess what? This Android app is free from annoying ads.

3. Battery Doctor

Best Battery Saver App - Battery Doctor

Looking for more app options in the category of battery saver app for Android smartphones, then consider this app as it is capable of one-tap power optimization. 

It also kills apps when the screen is off. The easy-to-use interface and multilingual support further make this app a suitable match for battery preservation needs.

You can also avail of a variety of battery saving modes like; work, class, sleep, etc.

4. Advance Battery Saver

Best Battery Saver App - Advance Battery Saver

This tool is a brilliant power saving app for your smartphone because it effectively optimizes the device battery in a single click. It also displays the usage and calculates the remaining life of the battery precisely before it has to be put for charging.

This tool can also disable battery eating apps from running in the background and draining your device battery. It also cools down the CPU to boost the phone’s performance.

5. Avira Optimizer

Best Battery Saver App - Avira Optimizer

Another prominent name among software products and solutions, Avira Optimizer offers an all-round solution for your Android smartphone’s performance-related problems. 

Whether you are struggling with a slack smartphone or trying to prolong your phone’s battery life, install this battery saver cum optimizer app and stop worrying about your phone.

It offers an intelligent battery booster apart from an efficient RAM cleaner, and junk file cleaner.

6. AccuBattery

Best Battery Saver App - AccuBattery

Here’s another impressive application for saving power on your Android phone as this app can preserve the phone’s battery life along with displaying the discharge speed and battery consumption per app.

A free and pro version of the app is available. The pro version has some more exciting features to offer like dark and AMOLED black themes to further conserve the battery life of the device. It also doesn’t contain ads.

7. Go Battery Pro

Best Battery Saver App - Go Battery Pro

Now go pro with this wonderful battery saver tool for Android. This application can maintain the health of your phone’s battery with the help of an authoritative paper algorithm. 

It displays app wise battery drainage and instantly fixes the fast battery discharge issue. It can also extend the standby time with one click. It also lets you schedule and monitors the time to switch on the power saver mode automatically.

8. Super Battery

Best Battery Saver App - Super Battery

This app has acquired a place in the list of best battery saver Android app because it boosts the charging process, resolves smartphone overheating problems, provides a detailed stats about the battery status of the phone, and ultimately terminates battery hogging apps.

What else can it do for your phone? Well, it can clean the junk files from your phone and also offer a private browser for a secure browsing experience.

9. Power Battery

Best Battery Saver App - Power Battery

Can this app save your phone’s quick battery drainage problem? Yes, it can. Want to know how? It can extend the battery life of your phone with the aid of deep sleep mode when the phone is idle. It has a minimalistic interface with pre-set saving modes viz; normal, save, extra save.

Apart from being a competent power optimizer app, it can also clean up the RAM of your phone with the one-tap memory cleaner. It is also capable of cleaning junk files from your smartphone. 

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10. Battery Repair Life Pro

Best Battery Saver App - Battery Repair Life Pro

With a simplistic interface, this battery saver Android app improves your phone’s battery even if it is used once a week. It comes with round the clock technical support. 

It has some attractive features like temperature indicator, voltage indicator, technology indicator, and much more.

11. Greenify

Best Battery Saver App - Greenify

Although a root application, yet this Android battery saver app is loaded with a number of features to conserve the battery life of your device. 

It not only shuts down high battery consuming tools with no background running services but can also mute app notifications. 

Additional Tips to Preserve the Battery Life of Your Smartphone:

  • Keep the phone under optimum temperature conditions i.e., between 0℃ and 45℃.
  • Use apps in dark mode (if available)
  • Limit gaming
  • Use dark-themed wallpaper and avoid using live screensavers.
  • Operate the phone in the battery-saving mode 
  • Turn off the cellular network when not needed
  • Update apps regularly
  • Limit online video content
  • Clean cache and junk files.
  • Pause notifications.
  • Disable location services when not needed


Don’t let your phone’s poor battery performance ruin your binge-watching spree, keep you away from reaching the next level in your favorite game, get out of touch with your loved ones, and last but not the least, prevent you from wrapping up an important task.

Pick the most impressive app from the extensive list of battery saver apps for Android mentioned in this post and experience your phone like never before.

Even premium smartphones are lagging in the area of minimizing quick power drainage of phones. Providing prolonged smartphone battery life is one milestone that even high-end smartphones haven’t been able to accomplish to date. 

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