Apple’s New iPad is Lot Like a Self-Driving Car

Published Date : Apr 03, 2020
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Apple's New iPad is Lot Like a Self-Driving Car

Current News Around Apple’s Next Offerings:

  • Several rumors around the designs of Apple’s next iPhone and iPad have been seen lately. It seems that the company has accidentally leaked important information related to iOS 14 in one of its beta codes.
  • It is also being said that the new devices fall majorly in the budget category. New iPhone models may have over-ear beat headphones and the iPads may be powered with an advanced camera array.
  • Apart from this the company also announced that its latest iPad model will have a lidar scanner embedded in it.

Apple’s New iPad – Everything You Need to Know

Apple has finally put a halt to all the rumors related to the launch of a powerful iPad. Apple in one of its statements said that the company is planning to release a powerful iPad Pro model shortly. It will have an advanced sensor array that can be used in self-driving cars.

List of Possible Features of iPad Pro Model

A lot is being anticipated from the upcoming iPad model. Here is a list of possible features that it may be powered with:

  1. It will have a triple-lens camera array.
  2. A12Z Bionic chip powered with 3D designing models or 4K video editing capabilities.
  3. Availability of DIY (Do it Yourself) tasks.
  4. Last but not least an ultra-small LIDAR scanner which comes with advanced and accurate sensing capabilities.

The newly designed iPad will be shortly available and can be ordered from Apple’s official website. The price range starts from $799 for its 11-inch model while its 12.9-inch model will be priced at $999. Both the models have high-end capabilities of providing an accurate 360-degree surround view of your car. Apart from this, it is also capable of sending thousands of laser pulses for great sensory experience. 

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What is LADAR?

LADAR stands for light detection and ranging. It is a crucial technology used in the industry of self-driving cars. It uses a camera and a radar to support the proper functioning of its sensor array.

The laser pulses generated by it interact with the surrounding objects and provide light reflection which is used to create a 3D point cloud. The 3D prints are then used by an on board computer stitching technology to provide the final 3D model. 

Sensors not only play a crucial role in Apple’s future but also provide a strong growth platform to it. Apart from this it also shows its seriousness about in-depth sensitivity of videos and images and its focus on augmented reality functions. 

Apple’s CEO, Tom Cook in one of his statements said that augmented reality functions and comprehensive technologies have always been Apple’s focus points and we will continue to work towards them.

Apple in one of its press releases on 18th March said that: iPad Pro will set a new benchmark towards its efforts in augmented reality. If further added that researchers are also working on a Hot Lava AR mode which will be capable of transforming your living room floor into a floor-a-lava style obstacle course.

Apart from all the rumors related to Apple’s new iPad which looks like a self-driving car, there are multiple other rumors in the market, however, Apple has not yet confirmed any of them. 

Apple has a history of conducting new product shows every year in March, however in the wake of the current outbreak of Covid-19 it has canceled this year’s show. The worldwide spread of Coronavirus has affected the supply chain of Apple. 

Apple further added that the leaks give a major hint to what is in the pipeline of upcoming products.

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