The Apple Watch Series 6 Could Get Touch ID & Sleep Tracking Support

Published Date : Apr 06, 2020
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The Apple Watch Series 6 Could Get Touch ID & Sleep Tracking Support

Apple is all set to release its next series of wrist wear, the Apple Watch Series 6. We are anticipating that the deadly Coronavirus outbreak will not affect the release of Apple Watch 6. 

Over the last few months, numerous rumors about the newly introduced features have taken a lot of air. These are multiple hits that the new watch will be powered with a sleep tracking system, a Touch ID mechanism along with blood oxygen level monitoring capabilities.

The main source of this information and possible hints comes from YouTube channel – iupdate and an Israeli site – The Verifier. Both the sources are not very reliable when it comes to news and solid information about Apple, which has given birth to a lot of skepticism in the market. However, users are still keeping their fingers crossed. 

The sleep tracking system and blood oxygen saturation monitoring have already been introduced in the early iOS 14 code, which means there is a high probability that both the features will find a space in the new Apple Watch Series 6.

However, experts are saying that there are very fewer chances of the Touch ID to be introduced in the future. Apple is, however, exploring this space, which leaves us in a doubt.

Apart from this, the introduction of any potential fingerprint reader has not been verified by any reliable source. And even if it gets introduced we don’t know whether it will be built into the digital crown located on the side or onto the watch screen.

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What’s More in Store?

Sources from iupdate and The Verifier have also shared some additional information:

  • Apple plans to continue with the current shape and is not planning to make any changes in its square shape. It means users will not see a circular iWatch shortly.
  • It is usually seen that new Apple updates support any software for max 5 years, which means OS 7 for series 2 is highly unlikely. Experts are saying that Apple Watch 2 will not be compatible with watch OS 7 and will continue to work on watch OS 6.
  • Another major information that has come from reliable sources is that watch OS 7 will see major updates in the recent future, this includes a Touch ID, Sleep tracking feature along with blood oxygen monitoring capabilities.
  • Health and fitness have always been a major offering of Apple. We are hoping that we will surely see some advancements in the current functionalities along with the introduction of some added features. 
  • Apart from this, Apple’s upcoming watch will enjoy broader support for LTE, improved battery and unmatchable compatibility with WiFi 6.
  • A spokesperson from The Verifier also said that the next-gen Watch series will also include valuable updates to built-in-apps, fresh design and useful improvements in Siri.

So this is it. Since the information shared by iupdate and The Verifier has been questionable in the past, we don’t have any reliable information about the upcoming Apple watch series. Users will have to wait for the iWatch series to launch.  

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