Zoom Accused For Security Loopholes, Promises Fixes

Published Date : Apr 10, 2020
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Zoom Accused For Security Loopholes, Promises Fixes

The much talked about video calling App Zoom, is not free from its set of negatives. There has been recent news about the security voids, due to which Zoom has currently freezed its product development. The measures have been introduced to patch up the newly identified high-profile security loopholes.

The popular video calling has witnessed close to 10 million daily users in December which has exponentially increased to upto 200 million daily participants in the month of March, said Eric S. Yuan CEO of Zoom.

He further added that unfortunately we were not able to elevate our security levels at a similar level and we are working at all possible avenues of improvements.

For people who are not aware about this incredible app, Zoom is a multi-functional cloud based team messaging video conferencing app. It is an easy to use application with user friendly and transparent functionality. Users get a 14 day free trial period with an activation key at no added cost. In addition to this, users from the US and Canada can enjoy unlimited SMS/MMS and phone calls.

Amidst the outbreak of deadly Coronavirus and worldwide lockdown, the application has seen a massive increase in the number of users. The work from home scenario has led to a sudden increase in its user base. However, it’s now facing security issues.

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To clarify the security situation of the app, Yuan stated that “We have initially developed the software only for enterprise customers, and did not anticipate that every second person on the globe will be using it for working, socializing and studying in this work from home scenario.

With the broader set of users we are facing few challenges, he further added. He also said that our team is already working to identify, fix and address the security issues. To formulate the corrective measures, a team of expert engineers has already started working on the security issues. We are also getting the safety levels of our app reviewed by third-party agencies.

In light with the security voids, Zoom has grabbed the attention of many digital hackers and security experts. It has also raised the concern in many Windows and iOS Users.

A security expert has found out that the chat feature can be easily broken by cybercriminal to steal the login details of the users login details. The loophole was found by a Twitter user with the name of @godmode who revealed that it is exceptionally easy to convert the URL into clickable hyperlink which can be easily accessed to reveal user login details.

Another important finding came from a Mac user Patric Wardle. He said that the application has a flaw which opens easy doors for hijackers to break into a victims device. Here hackers have exploited the access right or users to control the attached microphone and webcam.

Patric further added that he also noticed that hackers were using the Zoom installer program to inject malicious codes. This gives full system access to the user’s system without the victim noticing it.

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Zoom is also being criticized for not giving what it promised for. The application website promises that it uses end-to-end encryption but in reality it is using TLS (Transport Layer Security). This means that the company can access its users data anytime it wishes to. 

The work from home scenarios has forced people to use video conferencing apps for their office work, online classroom sessions and much more. We hope that the company is able to fix these security issues as soon as possible.

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