Zoom Cloud Meeting App Review (Best Video Conferencing App)

Published Date : Apr 02, 2020
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Zoom Cloud Meeting App Review (Best Video Conferencing App)

Zoom Cloud meeting app has given a new face to the world of video conferencing. Busy in our daily work schedules conducting face to face meetings is highly difficult and quite impossible to manage. 

Fortunately, technological developments and advancements have effortlessly taken care of this issue. With the Zoom cloud meeting app, you can connect with people from multiple locations from your laptops and desktops. 

The application is powered with excellent connectivity, unmatched video quality, and a perfectly clear audio functionality. Additionally, you can also use it to send instant messages and share your screens with other members on the call. It works well on both iOS and Android devices.

Setting it up is very easy. Just visit your Google Play Store or App Store and look out for zoom cloud meetings app free download and get connected by clicking on the “New Meeting” button. The Zoom cloud meeting app allows you to join with 100 people at a time.

With this incredible piece of technology, you can connect with anyone across the globe over your mobile devices, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, telephones, Zoom Rooms, and H.323/SIP room systems. 

Zoom Cloud Meeting App – Interesting Features

  • It gives its users the power to invite multiple people using their phone numbers, email ids and company contacts.
  • It works seamlessly well with iPhones and iPads and provides excellent video calling experience.
  • It comes with an incredible screen sharing mechanism.
  • With the Zoom cloud app, you can also check your contact availability status.
  • It also offers a great visual background for iPad5, iPhone 8, iPad Pro and subsequent models.
  • iPad users can also enjoy real-time whiteboard collaboration with it.
  • It provides secure connectivity over 4G, 3G and Wifi networks.
  • It is also compatible with Siri, and connects you over a video call with a simple voice command “ start a Zoom call with ___”.
  • It can also work with Apple carplay and can easily connect you with other people while you are driving.

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Zoom Meeting App Review: All You Need To Know 

Zoom Meetings

Starting and joining video conferencing calls with the Zoom app is incredibly easy. The app comes with unparalleled usability and can easily connect with any device globally. Download it today to have a clear video conferencing experience. 

With the Zoom app, you can join your calls from anywhere, and on any device. Apart from this, you can also use it to sync your calendar schedule, this will help you to manage your business meetings smoothly.

Use it to conduct online training sessions, enterprise-level video conferencing calls, and all-hands meetings.

Zoom Rooms

Another incredible feature of the Zoom App is Zoom rooms. It comes with simple and flexible settings and can easily sync with your system’s hardware. To meet the ever-growing requirement of today tech-driven generation Zoom rooms are powered with modern capabilities powered with scalable video conferencing solutions.

Zoom app is a perfect solution for today’s problems and future opportunities. It takes care of all your technical requirements while you concentrate on your work. 

It comes with easy-to-use functionality and aims at providing and delivering compelling user experience.

Zoom Video Webinar

The Zoom cloud meeting app for mac and other devices comes with a stunning Video Webinar feature. With it, you can start a video call with over 100 online participants and around 10 thousand attendees. 

To use the feature you will require to register and set it up on your system. For better user experience, it also comes with flexible registration management and enhanced integration options. 

With video webinar features the presenters get access to easy and straightforward host controls with the attendees having full interactive capabilities. 

You can join the video conference using your laptops, mobile phones, desktops or from a conference room.

Talking about the global lock down situation due to the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus, multiple schools, colleges, and organizations are using the Zoom cloud app to take online classroom sessions, online lectures, con calls, and enterprise-level conference calls.

Zoom Phone

With most of the population bust in their daily work routine, phones become a life savior for many. To support the population using smartphones, the Zoom app has developed a modern cloud phone system known as the Zoom phone. 

With this feature, the application ensures that its users can start and join video calls from anywhere and at any time. It enables its users to talk and interact with people across the globe. 

To match up with its ever-growing demand, the Zoom app uses a centralized management system that can effortlessly monitor and support its users with a centralized administration portal. With its phone support, it aims at satisfying global demand.

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Concluding Words

With such an incredible set of features and offerings, Zoom App is surely the app of the year. Download it today for enterprise-class quality and reliable video conferencing services.

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