Office 365 is Now Microsoft 365, With New Family & Personal Plans

Published Date : Apr 08, 2020
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Office 365 is Now Microsoft 365, With New Family & Personal Plans

The decades-old office software of Microsoft is all set to get a new life with the addition of more features. Looking at the current market nothing comes for free and there is a subscription fee for every software and online plan. 

On similar lines, Microsoft has also planned to redefine its Office 365 and offer monthly subscription plans to its users. The newly designed software will come under the name of Microsoft 365 against office 365.

Microsoft plans to release its new Microsoft 365 Personal and Family plans on 1st April. For the existing users of Office 365, their plan will be automatically changed and carried over. 

List of Online Services that Charge a Subscription Fee:

  • Google and Apple charge around 99 cents for Google Drive and Cloud services per month from its users to store their documents, photos, and other data.
  • Online movie and tv streaming services like Hulu, ESPN, Netflix and many other charges around $5 for their monthly subscription.
  • Online delivery services like Instacart Express, Amazon Prime have priced their yearly packages at $120 for doorstep delivery of grocery and other household products.
  • Online gaming services offered by Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox do not come for free. You have to pay around $10 per month to enjoy online games.

The company is calling its Microsoft 365 as “subscription services for your life”. Its Personal account will be a single user account which is priced at $6.99 per month and its family account if priced at $9.99 per month. The family account can be accessed by 6 users at a time.

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Microsoft 365 – What’s in Store For Us?

As per the recent figures released by Microsoft around 38 million people worldwide use Office 365 on their Windows, Android, iOS and macOS devices. A spokesperson from Microsoft quoted that with the movement of Office 365 to Microsoft 365, the company plans to move all its existing users to the new subscription plan. Apart from this it also plans to offer an additional 1TB cloud storage space to all its users at no additional cost.

The redesigned offerings will include the original suite of office programs like Excel, Power point and Word. Apart from this, additional functionalities will also get added shortly to the current plan. 

With the new, Family Safety app family members will now be able to share and track each other’s location. They will be able to send notifications when they leave their office, school or home and track driving routes of each other.

Apart from this, the application is fully compatible with Android and iOS apps. This will allow parents to manage the combined screen time across various Windows, Android and iOS devices.

In addition to this, Microsoft 365 users will also be able to plan family trips and share their activity calendars with each other. On top of this, the new team will also support family chats and video calls along with real-time collaboration. 

Along with this, Microsoft Editor is also getting major updates and will now offer incredible rewriting suggestions. It will also help users to keep plagiarism at bay, insert citation along with smooth editing experience.

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Microsoft 365 also has a surprise for users who frequently work on PowerPoint Presentations, become a better public speaker with its Presenter Coach feature. The added feature will allow you to monitor your voice tones, speaking speed, offer real-time feedback and how many times you need to break your presentation and much more.

Besides Power point, Excel also has a few useful updates. Effortlessly manage your finances and spreadsheets with its Money feature. With it you can connect different bank accounts, track expenses along with bank transactions and balances.

Besides all the above-mentioned updates, Microsoft 365 will also allow its users to link their personal and work calendars. This means easy management of all your personal and professional works. Plan my Emails is another added benefit for Android users. 

So this is it, our decades-old office 365 is all set to get a new face and name, Microsoft 365. We hope that the newly introduced feature will be of great assistance to our next-gen users. 

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