Microsoft is All Set For a New Era of Windows

Published Date : Mar 29, 2020
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The Windows and Device team of Microsoft has recently been redesigned and Panos Panay has been appointed as the person in charge of its hardware and Windows division. 

While Microsoft has already started getting a hint of the working style of the newly appointed chief in charge, we are anticipating how things will change at Microsoft. The change begins with the appointment of Windows Insider Leader for Microsoft’s beta program designed to test millions of Windows 10 home devices.

Panos Panay - Appointed in charge of its hardware and Windows division
Image Source: The Verge

Panay in one of his recent blogs quoted that “Currently I am trying to get a feel of the working environment of the company. Since last month, I have dedicated my time to read, listen and talk to the current workforce of the company. This will help us lay down our vision and mission of the next era of Windows”. Apart from this Panay also mentioned that the dedication levels and knowledge of Windows employees have highly impressed him and left him in complete awe.

Panay also added, “For Windows to reach newer heights, its team should be headed by a person with clear thoughts and visions. For this, he has also appointed Amanda Langowski as the head of the Windows Insider Program”.

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Langowski carries with himself a rich experience of around 20 years in the relevant area and has previously worked with Microsoft and Windows. He has worked with various Windows programs including Windows Phone, Windows Mobile and Multiple beta programs. Apart from this he will also carry the responsibilities of Windows 10 testing and play a crucial role in the feedback loop.

This role was previously handled by Dona Sarkar. Dona is now a part of the Microsoft Developer Relations team. 

Microsoft is currently working to build the working plan and Windows vision for the next 5 years, Panay quoted in one of his speeches. Over the last few years, the pace of Windows updates has gone down leaving its users in much anticipation of what’s there shortly.

Microsoft is giving a lot of attention to Windows 10X Dual-screen devices, however, it plans to extend its focus on desktop systems in the near future. Apart from this Panay also stated that the newly designed vision of Microsoft will focus more on OS. This will also include developing simplified OS and working on areas that were previously neglected.

Satya Nadella, Current CEO of Microsoft quoted that “we want to see a change curve in five years from people needing Windows- people wanting Windows and loving Windows finally”. He further added that Windows 10 has changed a lot during the last few years, but we still need a fresh vision to bring historical changes in the history of Windows.

He further added that Microsoft will be shifting its focus to the Operating system so that people can rely on Windows for their day to day needs. He also said that Windows Terminal and Power Toys for Windows 10 will be some other important additions. 

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Windows has already started seeing some major changes which include useful alterations in the Start menu, new icons and simplification of the Windows show up. Panay recently posted a teaser announcing a Windows celebration of a billion of Windows 10 users. 

Windows’ new team is also looking forward to working on developing a cleaner UI.  We hope that Windows with its new leadership and management team will see new heights of success. We are eagerly waiting to see what’s in the future for us. 

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