Enjoy Premium Features of Fitbit Premium Subscription for 90 Days Free of Cost

Published Date : Mar 27, 2020
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Enjoy Premium Features of Fitbit Premium Subscription for 90 days Free of Cost

Fitbit gives a big relief with its recent announcement to fitness enthusiasts and work from home people.

Fitbit in its response to Coronavirus has planned to give a free subscription of its premium app for 90 days. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought everything to halt and has caused uncertainty among everyone about the upcoming times. Millions of people have started working from home to break the chain and control the spread of the virus. 

Apart from this, many people are trying to keep themselves fit to boost their immunity. They are practicing yoga, implementing a healthier diet and also doing indoor exercises. To help people globally, Fitbit has made it’s Premium subscription free for 90 days. 

Gyms all over the world are closing and exercise classes are shutting down to keep the spread of the deadly Coronavirus in control. Fitbit with its recent announcement has decided to help people stay healthy and fit while they are trapped in their houses. 

Currently Fitbit’s monthly subscription costs around £ 8.99 / $9.99 AU $ 15.49 per month with an initial one-month free trial.

In the wake of the current pandemic situation, Fitbit has extended the free trial version to 3 months. Its premium version is packed with useful lifestyle and wellness information and has several video workouts and exercise tutorials to offer. 

The Deal Offered: In and out Details 

  • Existing users of Fitbit will get access to an ocean of health and wellness related tips. 
  • Guided Meditation and mindfulness training: Train your mind and keep yourself physically fit with Fitbit. Practice daily exercises and yoga to de-stress yourself in this stressful situation.
  • Audio and Video Workout: Get access to hundreds of workout videos and audios tutorials. Stay in shape with the indoor exercises offered by Fitbit which requires minimal resources and equipment. 
  • Advanced sleep tool: In addition to this, you also get a well-developed sleep score to track the number of hours you sleep in a day against the required hours. You also get access to calming music to help you have a sound sleep, wake up fresh in the morning, and a bedtime checklist to help you stay relaxed.
  • Personalized and custom fitness insights: Fitbit’s free app gives you generalized fitness and health tips. However, with its premium subscription, you get customized health tips, especially designed daily exercise routines and activity schedules.
  • Guided Wellness programs: With a premium Fitbit subscription you get access to specially designed fitness programs for you. These plans are based on your health goals and current fitness levels. 
  • Health Metrics dashboard: Fitbit premium provides access to skin temperature variation through which you can easily track your SpO2, breathing rate, skin temperature variation and even heart rate variability.
  • Premium challenges: With Fitbit premium membership, you can unlock special games and activity challenges to reach your workout goals in a fun and engaging manner.

This means, if you plan to discontinue your Fitbit subscription before 90 days you will not be charged a single penny. Anything continued for at least 21 days has a higher possibility of becoming a habit. 

Use Fitbit to stick to your daily fitness routine and do indoor exercises.

Email Communication 

In the wake of current situations, Fitbit’s CEO and co-founder James Park has sent emails to all the existing users of Fitbit. He has tried to explain to its users that Fitbit will be sharing random users’ data to various health departments to control the spread of Coronavirus.

We are trying to do our bit to help our medical workforce fight Covid-19. We hope that our database will be able to help research institutes and academic bodies to conduct their research programs. 

Stat fit with Fitbit. Use its 90 days free subscription to do indoor exercises and practice your daily fitness regime.

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