How To Change App Icons On Android & iPhone? Try Best Methods!

Published Date : Nov 26, 2020
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How To Change App Icons On Android & iPhone

Hola! Folks here is something that you should know which can give all-new look to your iPhone and Android. So, stay focused to know every bit in detail! 

Who doesn’t like a personalized iPhone and Android gadget? Customizing it as per one’s preferences is something that everyone desires. 

However, when it comes to changing app icons, even the most prepared individuals can get confused. 

There might be several reasons why you would wish to change the icons on your phone’s screen. Either you are bored of looking at the same screen again and again, or else you just want to add a few advanced images on your screen. 

Fun backgrounds, new layouts, and a whole new variety of icons can give your phone’s screen a unique look altogether. Irrespective of the reason there are multiple ways through which you can customize your apps, the most prominent ones are installing the launcher, app icon changer, jailbreaking, etc. 

The article below will discuss some of the most straightforward methods of doing so. Stay tuned to get answers to all your “How to change app icons on Android & iPhone” related queries. 

How To Change App Icons On Android? 

This can majorly be done in two ways. However, none of the methods require your device to be rooted. Choose the appropriate one as per your choice!

1. Using a Launcher

There are several launcher apps available in the play store, check the ratings, and choose the one which suits your requirements. Once you have made your choice regarding the best app icon changer, all you need to do is to install one on your phone.

On successful installation, you can start using it by pressing the home button. If you already have a launcher installed on your phone, you will be asked to import the settings; however, if it’s your first time, then you might need to spend some time setting it up. 

Nova Launcher is a trusted name in this category, which allows you to choose an image of your choice. It gives you the required flexibility to alter app icons, and you may assign new models to your apps as per your convenience and requirement. 

It has a wide variety of wallpaper, icons, and theme papers to offer, explore the never-ending array, and change the way your phone looks. So, that is how to change app icons on Android.

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2. Using an App

Many users are not comfortable with third-party applications as they might bring with themselves a few unwanted elements. But they still wish to give their phone a new look by changing app icons. 

In such scenarios, you may use applications like Icon Changer, Awesome icon, etc. These apps allow you to use your pictures; you may either pick one from your existing gallery or click one. 

To use it, follow the below simple steps:

Step 1:- Install the application.

Step 2:- Open the software, and then choose the app for which you wish to change the icons.

Step 3:- Surprisingly some also allow you to rename them. 

Step 4:- Strategically renaming certain apps like banking and adult apps keep them hidden to a certain extent. 

So, these are the two ways to change Android icons quite easily. You can opt for whichever you liked the most and find a bit handy. Now, let’s move forward to know how you can change the icons on your iPhone.

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How To Change App Icons On iPhone? 

Above, we’ve discussed how to change app icons on Android. Now, moving forward, below are the ways that explain to you how you can set a new customized look on your iPhone.

1. Jailbreak

Since this method requires jailbreaking your phone, which means your phone will no longer be in the warranty, it is not a widely used method. Download necessary tools using Cydia to change app icons effortlessly on your gadget. 

2. Use Third-Party Apps

Although this technique does not allow you to upload your icons, but altering them is quite possible. 

Third-party apps like Bear, Anybuffer, etc. are few such applications. Along with the free versions, there are many paid apps also that can make the work easy for you. 

That is how you can give your iPhone a new look. Changing app icons can give your iPhone a classy look.

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Wrapping Up

Changing app icons can quickly help you to hide your content and pictures; you can easily organize them and keep them safe with a password in place. Choose the best app icon changer from the above in order to keep your private data private. So, that’s all for the present moment, hope, you’ve liked our write-up. And, apart from this, if you think that we’ve dropped something to mention that should be included.

Then, do tell us in the comment box below. It would be great to hear your suggestions and we’ll surely improve our list on basis of your suggestions. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter for staying in touch with the tech realm. We’ll come shortly with yet another captivating blog, till then, stay tuned with us!

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