6 Best Apple iPhone Launchers Apps For Android

Published Date : Jan 03, 2024
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8 Best Apple iPhone launchers Apps for Android

Are you looking for the best iPhone launchers for your Android phone? If so, then here is an article to take you through 6 most wonderful iPhone launcher apps for Android.

There are two broad operating systems used for mobiles – iOS and Android. Each has a wide range of features. However, when you’re planning to buy a phone, ensure you know your needs. If you have, however, chosen an Android device but want to experience the high end smooth interface of an iOS device, then you can install free iPhone launchers for Android.

The iPhone launcher app offers an interface that absolutely works well with almost every user even on the Android phones.

6 Best iPhone Launchers for Android In 2024:

Some Android users cannot afford to switch easily to an iPhone; therefore, Apple iPhone launchers for Android can actually help you experience an iPhone interface right on your Android phones. Now, let’s scroll through the list.

1. Phone 15 Launcher, OS 17

iPhone 11 Launcher

Phone 15 Launcher, OS 17 is one of the most popular iPhone launcher for Android. Phone 15 Launcher, OS 17 is an excellent way to make your Android screen look like your iPhone device. Till date it has been used by many satisfactorily.

Key Features:

  • In the Phone 15 Launcher, OS 17, wallpapers are handsomely designed in a way that your Android would end up looking like the iPhone.
  • The Phone 15 Launcher, OS 17 app draws less memory and uses very less battery.
  • You can toggle swiftly through the various available functions like Wi-Fi style, Silent mode, data connection, Bluetooth Touch and Vibration.
  • You can use just one touch to complete your tasks.
  • All the themes that are present in the Phone 15 Launcher, OS 17 provide a beautiful interface on your Android Phone.

2. Launcher OS17 – iLauncher

Launcher OS17 - iLauncher

iLauncher is a free iPhone launcher for Android. It is a very strong home screen launcher. iLauncher would boost the performance of your Android screen and make it swifter. It is available for Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and above.

Key Features:

  • iLauncher facilitates launching your apps on your app drawer and you need not add the apps on your desktop.
  • With iLauncher removing and transporting apps is very easy.
  • You can create or set up multiple gestures like swipe up, swipe down and other home button activities with your iLauncher app.
  • You can alter your scrolling speed with iLauncher.
  • You can either hide or retain your search bar according to your need.
  • You can always have customized folder preview options with iLauncher.
  • You can alter the desktop grid with iLauncher.

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3. FLUI Icon Pack

Flui Icon Pack - Top iPhone launchers for Android

If you are searching for something that can help you with your icons, I would recommend you the Flui Icon Pack, admittedly one of the top iPhone launchers for Android. You can find FLUI Icon Pack with Go, Next, Themer, ADW, Nova and so on. With 800 icons or more icons to choose from, you can definitely transform your icons that would look sleazier with iOS platform.

Key Features:

  • The app is continuously updated without any fees charged from your end.
  • You can always ask the group of FLUI Icon Pack to design something for you for free.
  • There are more than 100+ high definition icons to choose from, in reality.
  • Just one purchase can comfortably incorporate everything in your phone and tablet with the help of a solo launcher.

4. Launcher iPhone

Launcher iPhone

It is another excellent Apple iPhone launcher for Android that can give an iOS look to your Android phone. So, go out and flaunt your phone that no longer looks like other Android phones in your surroundings.

Key Features:

  • The icons on your phone can look amazingly different with the Launcher iPhone.
  • The status bar is similar to the iOS phones when you use this app.
  • Notification bar like your iPhone can be easily displayed by swiping down.

5. Control Center iOS 15

Control Center iOS 15

The Control Center iOS 15 is an iPhone launcher for Android that can transform your Android phone’s appearance. Let’s have a look at what you can actually do more with the Control Center iOS 15.

Key Features:

  • The Control Center iOS 15 can comfortably alter the brightness and also allow you to alter the internet settings of your phone. With the Control Center iOS 15 you can put your phone on airplane mode as well as run the Wi-Fi smoothly whenever you want.
  • The Control Center iOS 15 offers a broad and proper controller options.
  • Control Center iOS 15makes you quickly move through the music and through the speakers.
  • Memory information is displayed properly with the Control Center iOS 15.

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6. XOS Launcher 2023-Cool Stylish

XOS Launcher 2023-Cool Stylish

XOS Launcher is a stunning iPhone launcher app, designed specifically for Android devices. Swiftness is one of the keys with this app and so is its accuracy in moving from one function to another.

Key Features:

  • With XOS Launcher, you can swap fonts that have some of the most amazing settings.
  • Direct access is possible through a single click.
  • You can choose from the huge number of wallpapers and themes.

Best Free Apple Launchers Apps for Android in 2024

To summarize, with time, Android and iOS are coming closer to each other. We have put forth in this article some of the best iPhone launchers for Android that can obviously bring about a tremendous transformation when it comes to your phone’s appearance. If you’re on Android for long, and you are willing to taste the iOS look, that is quite liquefied in nature, do not forget that these apps can definitely help you.

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