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How to Delete a Snapchat Account Permanently

Snapchat is one of the most loved social media and photo-sharing platforms. However, many users are thinking of deleting their snapchat accounts; some are annoyed by the numerous jokes shared on it, while some are not happy with the recent news about it. Image Source…
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13 Best Android Browser With Flash Player

Web browser forms an integral part of any desktop or smartphone, and the same can be said for a Flash player software too.  Flash players for Android browsers are essential for streaming audio, playing PC games, and also for watching online TV shows, movies. Most…
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11 Best Screenshot Apps For Android 2020

Screen capture is a common practice among mobile users nowadays. Screenshot app in mobile phones is a useful feature, but not all phones come with a built-in screen capture app. We may have various reasons to take screenshots like we may come across some funny meme that we…
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13 Best Free Android Dialer Apps in 2020

If you are a fan of customization and love to play around with your phone screen appearance and other features, then try customizing the built-in stock dialer for your Android phone with the help of Android dialer apps.  Ever since Alexander Graham Bell won the first…
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13 Best Lyrics Apps For Android & iOS in 2020

Music has divine healing power, and there is no denial of this fact. Just listening to some good music and singing along with the piece can take away any pain. Know the exact wordings of your song with the best lyrics app. Smartphones have brought everything to our…
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13 Best App To Hide Apps on Android & iOS 2020

Do you want to know which is the best app to hide apps? Do you worry too much that some sensitive information from your phone might leak out if ever you lose your phone or if somebody gains unauthorized access to it? Apps hider can be a solution for you if you are wondering…
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How To Hide Apps on Android

Are you always worried about your phone’s privacy? Then, hiding apps on your Android device containing sensitive data may seem to be a solution to this problem. You can do so in several ways if you are serious about the privacy concerning your phone’s matter. In this…
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21 Best Free Recharge Apps For Android & iOS

With the world circumventing on recharges, will it not be a breather to know the free recharge apps available around us?  Several sites are offering free recharge services to prevent costly recharges. Some refer and earn apps, providing free recharge facilities. You have…
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Best SIM Unlocking Applications For Android 2019

SIM card locking sometimes happens on mobile phones when we enter a wrong PIN (personal identification number) thrice. Usually, to unlock your locked SIM, you would be required to enter the SIM card’s unlock key, which is also called PIN unblocking key or PUK. But now…
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11 Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Android 2019

If you have an innate interest in becoming an ethical hacker, then you must learn how to hack WiFi networks around you. Many WiFi hacking apps for Android are available in the market today, which can help you to crack the WiFi passwords and gain easy access to the WiFi…
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