7 Best Weight Loss Apps For Android & iOS [2020]

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Best Weight Loss Apps

In this day and age, there are two things people worry about and want the most: money gain and weight loss. Well in the case of money, we can’t help you as such. But with weight loss, yes. There are many apps that boast about their prowess in helping people maintain their health and lose weight.

So if you have any questions like, “Which is the best food log app?” “Is My Diet Coach that good?” “Are there any good weight loss apps for Android?”. All of them will be answered in this article, right here and now.

Here is the List of Best Weight Loss Apps:

1. My Diet Coach – Weight Loss

Best Weight Loss Apps - My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach boasts a rating of 4.4 in the weight loss/ health and fitness section for Android and 4.6 for iOS.

Even though it might not rank first in its category, all of its incredible functions and standard features are to write home about.

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My Diet Coach comes in both a free and a pro version. The free version is adept in four main features, motivational photos, diet diary, perseverance tips, and reminders. While the pro version adds three more features to the original list- points system, weight chart, and panic button. (All of them, very interesting).

It even has the ability to customize an avatar to look similar to the user.  

2. MyFitnessPal


This is one of the greatest weight loss apps for both Android and iOS. The 2,017,194 monthly app downloads and 5-star reviews speak for its supremacy.

It is also a food log as well as a calorie counting tool. It calculates the daily calorie needs of an individual and lets them log in to their food trajectory throughout the day. This is including the restaurant foods. 

This way, the weight loss app MyFitnessPal generates reports that provide an overview of the individual’s total fat, protein, and carb consumption. It can sync with other fitness tracking apps too.

So if you are looking for a great route to weight loss, MyFitnessPal should be your top choice.

3. WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined)

Weight Watchers/WW

This is number one in the Best Weight Loss Program category on iTunes. Formerly known as Weight Watchers, WW aims to make it easier for its customers to lower their calorie intake by assigning or charting “points”. These points are allotted to foods based on their calories, sugar content, and saturated fat. That means, the higher the composition of these components, the higher the points will be.

While using this app, a person would always stay motivated because WW has a “Journey” tab, which gives details about the person’s progress. 

Also for the ones who love to eat out, WW has a comprehensive list of restaurant dishes with their total points, that way you can add them to your food log easily.

4. Lose It! – For Diet & Weight Loss

Lose It! - For Diet & Weight Loss

Undoubtedly one of the best weight loss apps in the current market, Lose It! is an app that is majorly focused on weight tracking and calorie counting. It generates a personalized plan for its users based on their daily calorie needs and weight goals.

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And as soon as the plan is established, the users can easily log their food intakes in the portal to get a comprehensive database of over 7 million foods, restaurant items, and brands.

One of the major highlights of Lose It! is the community component. In this, any user can take part in challenges against other users, ask or share information, and a lot more.

But what actually makes Lose It! stand out amongst all its competitors is its “Snap It” feature, using which anyone can easily track their food intake by simply taking pictures of their meals

Although, the only con that it possesses is that it’s not one of those food log apps that also keep track of your consumed vitamins and minerals.

5. HealthifyMe – Weight Loss Plan

HealthifyMe - Weight Loss Plan

HealthifyMe is a pretty minimalistic app that lets the user document their weight, as well as helps them understand the food they are consuming and what they need to do to reach their goals. It fulfills all these tasks by creating and showing different insights into the food that is consumed.

That means, with this food log app, a person can easily track or check the level of different components like fiber, protein, etc. in their regular diet.

The interface of the app also supports competitive profile levels and leaderboards. And even offers the choice of on-demand health instructors. 

And did I mention that the app is free of cost?

6. Noom: Health & Weight

Noom: Health & Weight

A perfect weight loss app for women, Noom uses a psychological approach to combat unhealthy habits. It gets deep into the psyche to identify a person’s beliefs about exercise and nutrition. 

After knowing such opinions, it then forms a customized approach, with the inclusion of a personal coach and a tracker. It aims to focus on the person’s relationship with food, rather than the one with numbers.

With the user’s psychology in its portal, Noom easily creates a plan such that the person can get leaned towards healthier lifestyle habits.

Noom promotes a free as well as a premium version of its application. In the free version, you can set up a plan around your caloric intake, and then further monitor your activities. While in the premium version, you get the additional support of health coaches, support groups, and courses in healthy habits.

7. SparkPeople 


One of the most used weight loss apps by Android users, SparkPeople is also a food log app. It allows its users to keep track of their daily diets, as well as keep check of their exercises and weight. The user-friendly tools make it a lot easier to fulfill regular targets and goals.

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There is a “point” system in the app too. It works in a psychological way. As the user completes her/his goals, she/he gets points for them: more the points, more the motivation. 

After signing up on the app (P.S.: The app is available to download for free), a person can access an exercise demo component. It includes images and descriptions, depicting proper techniques of common exercises. 

And these, my friends, were the best weight loss apps for both Android and iOS. They’ll help you in tracking your meals as well as your workouts. So now, you don’t have to stress about losing weight. Just choose one of the apps from this list, and have fun losing weight.

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