10 Best Free Yoga Apps For Android & iOS 2024

Published Date : Jan 04, 2024
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Best Free Yoga Apps For Android & iOS 2020

Practicing Yoga is the best way to keep mental and physical sickness at bay. Improve your mindset, attain peace and stay fit with yoga. 

With the advent of technology practicing breathing and stretching exercises have become exceptionally easy. The market is flooded with multiple best free yoga apps that provide both audio and visual guidance

To help you make the right choice, we’ve prepared a well-researched list of best yoga apps for Android and iOS devices in 2024. 

We have picked each app based on their user review, features, overall ranking, usability and usefulness. 

Breathe, workout, and stretch with these wonderful yoga apps. Choose them as your health partner and start your fitness journey today.

Best Yoga Apps To Stay Healthy & Fit in 2024

1. Yoga For Beginners

Yoga For Beginners

Are you new to Yoga? Explore the world of ancient fitness art with this incredible app. It comes with a simple and convenient UI that focuses more on beginners and is just apt for people who want to learn basic yoga asanas and poses. 

It provides multiple tutorial videos with a step-by-step guide for each pose. It enjoys an average user rating of 4.8 along with 22.7 k reviews. 

Make yoga a part of your daily life with this best fitness app to improve your mental and physical health

2. Daily Yoga 

Daily Yoga App

Dive into a massive library of 500 + yoga poses and multiple classes with Daily Yoga. If you want to learn yoga but are too busy to attend a class then Daily yoga can be a good pick for you.

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The app contains several free poses, exercises and yoga plans for you. Apart from this it also provides properly guided meditation sessions and health data tracking features. 

Reduce stress level, improve flexibility, tone muscles and increase strength with this simple and straightforward fitness app. 

If you wish to learn advanced yoga poses, you can buy a subscription. 

3. Simply Yoga 

Simply Yoga - Free Yoga App For Android & iOS

New to yoga? Practice and follow yoga with this powerful and best fitness app. The app comes with an easy to use functionality and UI.

There are around 30 different yoga poses that can help beginners like you. Apart from this it also contains tutorial videos of 20,40 and 60 minutes with step-to-step instructions for easy learning. 

Its audio supporting feature powered with a built-in coach also gives useful tips on breathing and posture which help you to avoid making mistakes. With all the features as mentioned above Simply Yoga deserves a permanent place in our list of best freeware yoga apps for android and iOS phones in 2024. 

4. Yoga


Next on our list of best yoga apps is this relatively new application. It offers a good way to guard your everyday fitness and is suitable for all user levels including beginners, intermediate and advanced. 

It is a free yoga tutorial tool and is powered with a clean and convenient user interface. You will find dozens of yoga poses, breathing tips, techniques, and tricks with well-described videos and articles on it. 

Practice yoga every day to attain a perfect balance between your lifestyle and fitness. The application is divided into multiple categories including anti-stress, training, breathing exercise, yoga, relief pose, pranayama, ashtanga and much more.

5. 5 Minute Yoga

5 Minute Yoga

Five minutes of yoga in your daily routine can do wonders for your overall health and wellbeing. Making it a daily practice will keep your body in good shape, enhance your focus and make you healthier.

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The app is developed to cater to different user categories starting from the beginners level to the advanced category. It contains video tutorials and guides on basic yoga poses along with more sophisticated and difficult ones.

Start your day with this best yoga app for iPhone to enjoy a stress-free day.

6. Yoga Studio

Best Yoga Apps For to Stay Healthy & Fit - Yoga Studio

Enjoy ready-made yoga classes anytime with Yoga Studio, our next pick for best yoga app for weight loss. The app features more than 100 HD quality meditation classes, workout sessions and yoga poses. 

It contains basic videos for beginners, and for advanced audiences it also has some difficult poses and a dedicated Advanced Yoga section. 

Practice daily and reach your fitness goals with Yoga Studio. Its basic version is free but if you want some added features you can purchase its in-app features by paying for them.

7. Track Yoga

Track Yoga

Stay fit and fight depression with this powerful tool. Pick this best yoga app to attain mental and physical balance and relax your mind. The app allows you to set a routine to follow it and track results. It also allows you to create personal training sessions. 

The app features several interesting and useful sections including Yoga Workout, Yoga for depression, Full body fitness and much more. 

Besides detailed tutorials and descriptions, you can also get in touch with a yoga teacher for gaining a better understanding of postures and breathing processes.

8. Down Dog

Down Dog - Yoga App

Learn yoga from the comfort of your home with this best yoga app. The app has several videos focusing on different levels, timings, and types to cater to varied user needs. 

Apart from the detailed explanation and step-by-step guide on poses what makes it a good app is the mix of soothing background music and vocal instructions. 

9. Yoga- Poses and Classes

Yoga - Poses and Classes

Next on our list of best fitness apps for beginners is this easy to use application which features more than 100+ poses and asanas. 

There are various downloadable videos and tutorial classes that you can refer to, for learning yoga. Download it to attain more flexibility, strength, and balance in life.

10. Find What Feels Good: Yoga With Adriene

Find What Feels Good: Yoga With Adriene

Find inner peace and feel good with this amazing yoga app by Adriene Mishler. It is one of the most popular apps for Yoga lifestyle tools and has an online library featuring close to 100+ yoga poses.

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It enjoys a user rating of 4.9. Use it to access videos in multiple categories including Parental Yoga, Boost & Chill, Empower and much more. 

Wrapping up

So, this is it. All the above-mentioned apps have something unique but each one focuses on one common goal and that’s helping people to stay fit and fine. 

These best yoga apps offer a perfect way to attain overall well being of mind and body and stay mentally and physically fit. Apart from this, they also provide a simple way to learn and practice the lessons of meditation and yoga. 

Pick the best-suited app today and start practicing yoga to live a balanced and controlled life.

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