12 Best Running Apps For Weight Loss in 2024(Android/iOS)

Published Date : Jan 02, 2024
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Best Running Apps For Android & iPhone

Fitness is crucial and running offers the simplest way to attain it. It does not require going to the gym and hardly needs any equipment. Just get into your favorite sportswear and you are good to go. 

Staying in shape nowadays is quite easy with running apps. These apps offer a perfect way to track your fitness regime including distance, frequency, calories burnt, heart rate and much more. 

However, finding the best running app from the ocean of choices available is life finding a needle in a haystack. So,  we have done some hard work for you and prepared a well-researched list of the best running apps for weight loss in 2024. These apps are fully compatible with your smartphones. 

So without any further delay, let’s have a look at some of our top picks that can make your fitness activities more productive.

12 Best Running Apps For Android & iOS in 2024:

1. Google Fit 

Best Running Apps - Google Fit

Our first pick for the best running apps comes from Google. With this freeware application, you can track your running, record the calories burnt, distance covered, monitor goals and track your daily workout regime.

More minutes and Heart points are the two activity goals with which you can improve your health and stay fit. Apart from tracking your daily routine it also gives you customized tips for better results. 

Get deep insights about your progress and reach your fitness goals with this incredible app. 

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2. Runcoach

 Runcoach - Best Running Apps

Occasional running will not help, you need a regular and strict routine to stay healthy. A well defined times table, a clear goal, and an efficient running app will help you keep an eye on your activity levels. 

Runcoach plans customized exercise routines and running patterns based on your physical abilities which keep on changing from time to time. Its workout routines are based on your lifestyle and eating habits. 

Set your goals and get rewarded every time you reach them. You can also contact expert trainers to clarify your queries and get fitness tips.

3. Runkeeper

Runkeeper - Best Running Apps

Ditch the idea of buying a fitness band, Runkeeper is the app which can help you. It’s a free-running app and is fully compatible with smartphones, Android wear, Gramin watches and other Bluetooth devices. 

With its free version, you can monitor your pace, distance covered, time, running speed and calories burnt. It also helps you in tracking other activities like hiking and cycling. 

However, if you wish to get personalized training plans, a detailed progress report, real-time guidance you can buy its premium version. 

Runkeeper offers customized fitness plans which are designed by professionals and trainers. Just specify your weight loss and running goals and get started.

4. Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming

Best Running Apps - Strava

If you want a mixed fitness routine then check our next best running app for Android and iOS phones. It not only captures your progress on running but is also used by professional swimmers and cyclists.

Use it to make goals and conquer them, track your moves, and compare numbers to check your progress.

Once you set your goals, Strava will prepare a customized exercise routine for you and you can also speak to expert trainers to get useful insights on fitness and health. 

5. Pacer

Pacer - Best Running Apps

Pacer is an incredible fitness app that can easily sync with your smartwatches, pedometer and fitness devices. Use it to record your overall activity hours, steps taken in a day, weight loss and much more.

It comes in a lightweight design and silently runs in the background of your smartphone. Monitor your running sessions, check the length of distance traveled, speed and number of calories burnt. 

Stay fit with Pacer, one of the best running apps for beginners and advanced levels. 

6. Pumatrac

Pumatrac - Best Running Apps

Get useful insights about your running behavior with this powerful running app. Pumatrac is a tool that analyses your physical activity pattern and keeps you informed about your running behavior and workout regime.

It comes in with a user-friendly interface and minimalist design. Besides running it can track up to 30 other exercise routines. Apart from this, you can also use it to connect with other runners through social media platforms and compare your performance. 

7. MapMyRun

MapMyRun - Best Running Apps

A good running space can turn around your running capabilities and fitness regime. Finding it hard to plan your running route, MapMyRun can solve your problem. 

Find unexpected routes, track your cardio training, calories burnt, distance covered and much more with this incredible running app. Apart from running it can also track walking, cycling, swimming and much more. 

The app can easily sync with your fitness bracelets, smartwatches and pedometers. Find your favorite running track with MapMyRun and get an accurate view of your wellbeing and health.

8. Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club - Best Running Apps

If you are new to running, Nike Run Club can be a perfect fitness coach for you. The application comes with several training plans and is fully compatible with Android and iOS smartphones

For beginners, its running plans include well-defined coaching plans and exercises that will help you enhance your stamina, speed, strength, and endurance. 

Get a tailor-made routine from expert coaches and trainers. “Get started training plan”, gamified options like Power Song are a few of its highlight features.

All-in-All Nike Run Club is one of the best free running apps for beginners. 

9. Running For Weight Loss 

Running For Weight Loss - Best Running Apps

If you are trying to lose weight then this is one app that can surely help you lose those extra pounds. Use it to get in touch with our expert fitness trainers and get diet aid. 

The application tracks your running pattern, distance covered, calories lost, speed and much more. It is fully compatible with various smartphones, and fitness gadgets.

Apart from this, you can also use it to get personalized diet plans and exercise routines to reach your weight loss goals.

10. Zombies Run!

Zombies Run! - Best Running Apps

Running can be exciting with a virtual partner. If you have dreamt of running like an athlete, Zombies, Run can be of great help to you. 

The app creates an imaginary situation in which you are being followed by Zombies and you have to run to save yourself. Adjust your pace to stay from zombies. 

Pick this running app today and start running to save yourself from zombies.

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11. Runtastic Fitness Running App

Runtastic Fitness Running App

At times you need a proper schedule and dedicated coach to stick to your fitness goals. Runtastic Fitness Running App offers personalized training sessions and various jogging plans. 

It helps you to track your running, sports and training activities. Just download this incredible running app and get into your favorite pair of sneakers to start your fitness journey.

12. Couch To 5K 

Couch To 5K - Best Running Apps For Android & iOS

Last on our list of best running apps for iOS phones is Couch to 5K. It is a great app for beginners and helps in tracking running speed, distance, calories burnt and much more. 

It is designed to make you capable of covering 5k runs in 9 weeks and also comes with advanced programs with marathon 10k, 5k to 10k running targets, etc.

Final Words

If time and money are keeping you away from your Gym and fitness, then it’s time that you pick a good running app and start your fitness journey. 

All the applications mentioned above will keep you in good shape and boost your health. Pick the best-suited running app, put on your sneakers, play some good music and start running. 

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