12 Best Calorie Counter Apps to Lose Weight & Boost Immunity

Published Date : Jan 02, 2024
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Best Calorie Counter Apps To Lose Weight & Boost Immunity

The right amount of calories can make you fit easily but do you find it cumbersome to count your calories with every meal and snack? Try an incredible calorie counter app to overcome this hurdle on your path to fitness.

In this smartphone dominant world, we have running apps for weight loss, best Zumba apps for dance workout & yoga apps, apps to plan meals and whatnot. Whatever route you take to fitness, it will always prevent you from metamorphosing into a healthier version of yourself if you are not consuming the right amount of calories.

The goal of any fitness regime is to ultimately push us towards a balanced lifestyle that we often forget to prioritize while chasing happiness and success. Therefore, using a smart app for taking care of your daily calorie needs is key to healthy living.

All About Calories:

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  • How much calories are needed by our bodies depends on our age, sex, size, and activity level.
  • As per the United States government, men need an average of 2700 kcal/day while women need 2200 kcal/day.
  • In the US, people consume more than 11% of daily calories from fast food.
  • Empty calories term is used for those food sources which have insignificant nutritional value but high energy value, such as sugars, sodas, fast food, etc.

12 Best Calorie Counter Apps in 2024

Through this blog, let us look at the most striking features of the best calorie counter apps for Android & iPhone in detail.

1. Fitbit

Fitbit - Best Calorie Counter Apps

Here is a calorie counter app from Fitbit – the world’s leading brand for fitness tracking products. With this app, you can track your day-long activities and manage all your fitness goals with ease.

Record the number of steps you have walked with MobileTrack. As the Fitbit tracker syncs wirelessly with this tool, it lets you monitor the number of calories burned, your sleep duration, and how much time you have been active throughout the day.

Record workouts, monitor your heart rate with PurePulse, maintain a log of calorie intake, and get an idea of how much calories you are consuming from pre-processed food items with the help of the barcode scanner calorie estimator.

Not only count your calories with this app but also keep a check on your hydration level during workouts. Additional features include sleeping duration monitoring and the MobileRun feature. What makes Fitbit a one-stop solution for fitness enthusiasts is that it can be used to create fitness goals and manage them smoothly.

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2. Lose It! – Calorie Counter  

Lose It - Best Calorie Counter Apps

Do you want to achieve the right weight and body shape? With Lose It, this is not a very far-fetched goal as it is the best calorie counter app for Android & iPhone users. 

Highly acclaimed by The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Good Morning America and many more, this app lets you track macronutrients, carb, sugar, fat, protein, and the overall calorie intake effortlessly. This app lets you plan your meals, sync your fitness tracker with it and accomplish unlimited possibilities.

Embark on the journey of attaining fitness and staying away from the extra calories with Lose It. This app is highly recommended for those who are on keto, vegan, fasting, or any other kind of diet plan.

This diet tracking app has a Barcode Scanner to estimate the amount of calorie intake. You can also take a snap of your food with the app and let it count the calories you are about to gobble. 

3. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal - Best Calorie Counter Apps

An ultimate solution for fitness enthusiasts is here to help you lose weight, get into the right shape and begin a new diet plan. Take a step towards healthier living today by setting the right goal for yourself with this amazing calorie tracker app.

Did you know that you can log menu items from your favorite restaurants now with this app? This app is not limited to just measuring the calories, it can also allow you to log your exercise routines.

MyFitnessPal keeps a track of macro and micronutrient consumption, apart from helping you customize your dairy products intake and also regulating your daily water consumption.

4. Lifesum

Lifesum - Best Calorie Counter and Diet Planner Apps

Looking for the best app to count calories? With Lifesum’s top features, you definitely can go on a keto, paleo, fasting or sugar-free diet readily. Count and calculate your calories with ease and get a customized diet plan to lose weight and tone down your body perfectly with this diet planner app

Using Lifesum is very beneficial as it integrates with Google Fit and S Health to allow users to export nutrition and exercise data from Lifesum to these platforms. Additionally, you can also sync Lifesum with other fitness apps like Nokia Health, FitBit, Moves, etc.

5. Weight Watchers Reimagined

Weight Watchers Reimagined - Best Calorie counter Apps

This is certainly the best calorie counter app. Do you know why? Because it has ranked as the no.1 doctor-recommended weight-loss programme in the U.S. 

Like Night Watchers of GOT kept the White Walkers away, similarly Weight Watchers Reimagined will keep the extra calories away. Download the app to access this groundbreaking programme and get a personal evaluation done today. This app will come up with an instant weight loss plan curated just for you.

What’s more interesting is that you will have unlimited access to 24/7 Community & Live coaching. To motivate users further, this app offers rewards points for tracking your food, activity, or weight regularly.

6. Nutritionix Track

Nutritionix Track - Best Calorie counter Apps

Wouldn’t it be great to have a dietician around to get the most out of your fitness regime? Nutritionix Track makes this possible, as this calorie counter and diet tracking app is designed by a team of registered dieticians.

Unparalleled in its offerings, this app lets you track your food intake, nutrients & calorie intake, exercises & overall activity, as well as water intake. This app facilitates Fitbit sync and downloading data in the form of a spreadsheet with the aid of the Export feature.

The Nutitionix database has 800K+ unique food information. Additionally, you can avail 760+ US restaurant chain menus with this app.

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7. Fooducate

Fooducate - Best Calorie counter Apps

Stop worrying about your daily calorie intake with this calorie tracker app. Monitor your weight, physical activity, and count calories with Fooducate. Besides, you can also integrate this tool with Apple’s Health App.

With a huge food database, this app can quickly provide the nutritional and calorie information of any packaged food item by scanning the barcode. 

It also educates you about the effects of consuming added sugars, trans fats, aspartame (an artificial sweetener), GMO (genetically modified organisms), etc. Thus, it is very suitable for being used by novices.

8. Samsung Health

Samsung Health - Best Calorie counter Apps

Monitor and control your daily intake of food, water, snacks, caffeine apart from managing your weight with this calorie monitoring app. You can also keep a track of your sleep and stress with this wonderful application from Samsung.

Take note of your daily activities and get in touch with experts effortlessly with this fitness app. Keep yourself fit and healthy without worrying about exposing your private data to prying eyes as Samsung Health monitors your private data securely.

9. Calory

Calory - Best Calorie Counter Apps

A fun, simple and easy way to count your calories with this calorie counter app for iOS, it suggests a daily calorie intake limit for you based on your weight, height and activity. 

Integrate it with the Apple Watch app and Apple Health easily. Start using the app instantaneously without any registration or sign up needs. Never worry about your private information as Calory stores everything in iCloud.

10.Calorie Counter (Easy Fit)

Calorie Counter (Easy Fit)- Best Calorie Counter Apps

With Easy Fit by your side, you can easily lose your weight and improve your stamina as well as your fitness meters. This free diet tracker app has 2 widgets to incorporate your week’s exercises and your daily calorie intake.

The advantages include a “no list” method. You have got to add the food you want to check. The calorie calculations would be done during the process. You can thus mix and match the foods in a way to create a new meal plan for yourself. 

11. Calorie Counter (MyNetDiary, Food Diary Tracker)

Calorie Counter (MyNetDiary, Food Diary Tracker) - Best Calorie Counter Apps

Recognized by the New York Times, as the “simplest, quickest and nicest looking app,” this best calorie counter app for Android can forecast weight, support any form of diet as it has a huge food database, and help you log food easily.

Thus, you can always make the app adapt to the very individualistic and unique needs of your body. This app also includes several blogs from registered dieticians.

12. HealthifyMe

HealthifyMe - Best Calorie Counter Apps

Another top choice among people is this app to count calories. You have to feed the app with your healthy diet sheets and BMI. It would then calculate your apt calorie intakes throughout the day and suggest ways to improve your diet plans and your workout sessions. You can find health advice and recipes on the site as well.

Summing Up

Thus, with calorie-tracking apps, you can not only log your food easily but also get a complete insight into the food quality you are consuming and your binge eating habits. These programs don’t just count calories for you but also keep a track of your overall health. Some tools go a step forward to motivate users by offering rewards for doing the right things.

As the famous proverb goes, A stitch in time saves nine,” so, stop procrastinating, install a diet tracking app on your Android or iOS smartphone today and embrace healthy living.

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