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15 Best Zumba Apps to Get in Shape in 2020

Are you looking for a fun way to attain fitness? Then, dance your way to fitness with Zumba as we present a comprehensive list of the best Zumba apps that can guide you easily if you want to workout from the comfort of your private space.

Before taking the discussion further, let me ask you what do you understand by fitness? Is it about having a fit body? Is it about looking good? Or is it about gaining some strength and stamina?

People are nowadays health-conscious and proactively wish to attain good health. But how? Well, a combination of right eating habits, an adequate amount of sleep, the right amount of exercise along with sound mental wellness and the right spiritual energy can ensure that you live healthy and long.

Eating right and sleeping well is to an extent under our control but when it comes to exercising, we all tend to either procrastinate or sometimes due to lack of adequate information also, we don’t exercise appropriately. So, how are you exercising to be healthy and fit?

Fitness is a broad term and can have varied meanings for different individuals. However, fitness is a concept that not only covers being fit externally but also internally. It refers to an individual’s optimal health and overall well-being. 

So here are the five key areas to focus on if achieving overall fitness is your ultimate goal:

  • Being physically fit and active with healthy organs and cardiovascular endurance.
  • Being mentally fit.
  • Having stamina, muscular strength, and adequate muscular endurance.
  • Having an adequate weight, body composition, and BMI (Body/Mass Index).
  • Being flexible.

How Does Zumba Take Care of Your Overall Fitness?

Zumba originated in 1998 when Alberto Perez, a Columbian dancer, choreographer, and aerobics instructor collaborated with Alberto Perlman and Alberto Agnion. This led to the creation of Zumba Fitness, LLC that owns the trademark for Zumba.

The best part of exercising with the help of Zumba is that it offers a fun way of getting into the right shape. A whole lot of your body muscles get toned down with the help of Zumba sessions. It also helps to de-stress easily and yields aerobic as well as anaerobic benefits.

If you are seriously contemplating on becoming fit and planning to join the best Zumba class in town, then you should first understand the benefits that Zumba offers.

Zumba Helps You in the Following Ways:

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List of Popular Zumba Dance Workout Apps:

Now, if you are someone like me who loves to perform self-care activities in solitude, then you can download an excellent Zumba dance app for yourself on your smartphone and start twirling and grooving towards fitness with the best dance beats. 

Read on to find the best dance app from the below-listed ones and install one for yourself today.

1. Zumba Fitness

Best Zumba Apps - Zumba Fitness

Shed out the unwanted weight with this best Zumba app by Zumba Fitness LLC. The branded fitness program has helped more than 14 million people to get into shape in more than 140000 locations in over 150 countries.

Want to get fitter? Then, “Ditch the Workout and Join the Party!” 

You can easily find the best Zumba classes near you and check-in a class conveniently with the help of this app. Rock the Zumba dance floor with your friends by inviting them to join your fitness-parties and share your classes with them without any hassles. 

Never miss a beat with the help of precise dance instructions and movement directions. You can search for classes by location and facility name and the app displays the locations in the form of a map or list view.

The app also allows you to set reminders. You can also contact instructors for class details, and save and access your favorite classes effortlessly. Additionally, the app also prompts real-time notifications about upcoming events, new products, etc.

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2. Body Groove

Best Zumba App - Body Groove

Groove into fitness with this excellent Zumba dance app. It has over 100 dance routines coupled with live sessions to achieve your fitness goals. With this app, you get access to tailored dance sessions by seasoned professionals.  

The app offers a high range of workout methods like you get separate collections for cardio workouts and grooving meditation workouts. With the mindful movement workout collection, you can de-stress yourself to attain a calm mind. 

3. Sync Go

Best Zumba Apps - Sync Go

Undoubtedly, this is the best Zumba app that can be accessed on Android as well as iOS devices. Sync Go offers a one-stop solution for people who wish to tone down their belly and attain fitness in all forms. However, you need to be a premium member of the ‘Sync’ program to avail Sync Go benefits.

Developed by Zumba’s instructor network, you can create a tailored playlist and gain access to music and video content on a monthly basis. Additionally, this application offers Zumba instructions offline too. 

4. 900+ Aerobics Dance Exercise

Best Zumba Apps - 900+ Aerobics Dance Exercise

Can’t find time from your busy schedule for following a fitness regime, then here’s a wonderful way to tone down your muscles and shed the excess fat with this amazing Zumba app for Android.

The app contains the best video tutorials for fat burning workouts. It is perfect for exercising from home and is suited for both beginners and experienced professionals. Apart from basic exercise routines it also contains numerous advanced training sessions too.

5. Dance Workout For Weight Loss

Best Zumba Apps - Dance Workout For Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight in 30 days and get in the right shape before a big event? Download the dance workout for weight loss app today to get the benefits of doing aerobic exercises and Zumba from the comfort of your home.

What’s best about this Zumba dance app for Android is that it’s totally free and lets you create a customized workout schedule for yourself. Especially suited for women who don’t find time from their professional and personal commitments, this app can help you tone down your body conveniently even if you are running on a tight schedule.

6. Zumba Dance for Beginners

Best Zumba Apps - Zumba Dance for Beginners

Are you a beginner and have no idea of how to perform Zumba? Lose weight with this Zumba app for beginners. You can easily workout at home in a fun way. 

The fitness workout sessions that this app offers have been curated by professional dancers, choreographers and highly acclaimed fitness instructors from around the world.

7. iDance

Best Zumba Apps - iDance

Dance is a wholesome way to not just attain physical fitness but it also helps to refresh your mind and uplift your spirit. With a complete package of various dance forms like Zumba, Salsa, Hip Hop, etc, this application can be regarded as the best dance app. 

With over 225 animations with precise movement instructions, this app helps you to practice the dance forms perfectly without any sloppiness. It has 40 preset classes integrating these steps into complete dance routines.

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8. Dance Fitness

Best Zumba Apps - Dance Fitness

Do you hate going out to dance class on bad weather days? Then, here’s a solution for you to stay back at home and yet maintain your fitness routine with the help of this effective Zumba application.

With 100 dance workout videos having detailed instructions about each and every step, this app can help you tone your body and improve your cardio easily.

9. Zumba Dance Offline

Best Zumba Apps - Zumba Dance Offline

Get in perfect shape with this Zumba dance exercise app offline. Burn the calories from the comfort of your home and improve your physical fitness with the help of the professional videos of this app. 

10. Dance Fitness with Jessica

Best Zumba Apps - Dance Fitness with Jessica

The Zumba dance app can help you acquire a well-toned body like Jessica Bass. It is a 10-minute routine exercise cum dance and its users range from beginners to the ones at the advanced level.

It also includes an extensive guide to bodybuilding and includes special content to carve out abs.

11. Aerobics Workout at Home

Best Zumba Apps  - Aerobics Workout at Home

You may never need a gym instructor again if you have installed this aerobics workout app. You can tune in accordingly. 

Burn fat from within the confines of your home and also exercise with the aid of a number of different exercises present in the app.

12. Weight Loss Dance Aerobic

Best Zumba Apps - Weight Loss Dance Aerobic

A thin frame is always an amazing experience. You may have always felt that if you had access to a huge collection of music, you could have danced around losing weight easily. Practice Zumba and other aerobic exercises using the guidance offered by this app.

Well, weight loss is not easy but having a huge collection of music by your side may be very easy with this best Zumba app. Lose weight and transform yourself with the help of motivational music. 

13. Aerobics Dance Workout For Weight Loss

Best Zumba Apps - Aerobics Dance Workout For Weight Loss

Weight loss is no longer a far fetched dream with this superb Zumba dance app. Music is available from almost all zones like Spanish, Latin and Reggaeton music. This app helps you to perform difficult dance steps very smoothly.

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14. Dance Fit Happy

Best Zumba Apps - Dance Fit Happy

A fit body is a way to a fit mind. There is an awesome timer that helps you with your workout sessions immensely. The best part of this Zumba dance and exercise app is that it comes at your disposal absolutely free of cost. 

To add to the benefits, this app provides warm-up and cooling down videos too. There’s a new video for you every day to make your workout sessions interesting and exciting.

15. Zumba Dance Workout For Weight Loss Offline

Best Zumba Apps - Zumba Dance Workout For Weight Loss Offline

This app is our last pick in the category of the popular Zumba dance workout apps. It has a huge range of offerings ranging from fitness and workout videos to Zumba dance videos for weight loss. 

Final Thoughts

So, if you think you are someone who gets bored of running, jogging, gyming swiftly just because it’s the same monotonous routine every day, then Zumba can prove to be your sure short way to fitness. It breaks the monotony and helps you burn away calories just by dancing.

So what are you waiting for? Download the best Zumba app from the ones we have recommended in this article and get a toned body with a happier mind today.

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