8 Best Private Twitter Viewer Apps, Tools & Sites in 2024

Published Date : Feb 15, 2024
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Best Private Twitter Viewer

You can get unrestricted access to all Twitter accounts with the top and most trustworthy private Twitter viewers shared in this article.

Twitter needs no introduction. Even after becoming X, this social media platform continues to have a vast user base of millions of users worldwide, many of whom still prefer to call it by its former name, i.e., Twitter. Hence, we call it the same too. One of the most significant reasons for Twitter’s popularity is it allows users to keep their accounts private, giving only their followers access to the content they share.

However, do you wish to know what your ex or someone else you are interested in is up to if they have a private Twitter account? If yes, here is a piece of good news for you. A private Twitter account viewer can help you bypass a private account’s security to see what your family member, children, spouse, influencer, closed group discussion, or favorite celebrity with account privacy enabled shares with their followers.

However, since the web is full of many fake private tweet viewers who steal your data, choosing a reliable application is an uphill battle. Hence, we did all the hard work of finding and listing the truly safe and best apps to view your desired protected content on Twitter. Let us get started with them without wasting your valuable time.

List of the Top 8 Best Private Twitter Viewers in 2024

Here are our top picks for the best applications to see what private Twitters posts on their accounts.

1. xMobi


Let us introduce you to xMobi. It is among the best private Twitter viewers because of its built-in keylogger, stealth mode (ensures your target remains unaware of the app’s activities), and the following cutting-edge features.

Key features of xMobi

  • Uncovers all Twitter account posts ranging from most recent to historical
  • Updates you about the target account’s activities in real-time
  • Available for both iOS and Android platforms
  • Offers complete monitoring of the target’s activities with call tracking, SMS recording, web browser history viewing, and GPS location tracking
  • Supports all major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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2. mSpy


Here comes mSpy if you are looking forward to seeing private Twitter accounts. It is an extremely popular application that allows you to view all activities of any protected Twitter account with minimum effort. Features such as stealth mode to keep your presence hidden on the target’s device, conversation filtering by words/phrases, and the following contribute to justifying mSpy’s position on our list.

Key features of mSpy

  • Availability of round-the-clock customer support
  • Notifies you about the target’s location in real-time and keeps location history
  • Encrypts the data to protect it
  • Lets you view all messages, including the messages deleted by the target
  • Supports a plethora of social media applications

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3. EyeZy


Let us take a look at EyeZy. It is a user-friendly application to view private Twitter pages with a social spotlight (lets you see both deleted and active conversations), an internal GPS, and these wonderful features.

Key features of EyeZy

  • Availability of a covert mode for secure and seamless browsing
  • Offline access mode, allowing you to save and view private account content without an internet connection
  • Account activity insights with metrics such as engagement patterns, posting frequency, etc.
  • Stealth mode keeps the application’s activities hidden from the target
  • Supports many social media apps, such as WhatsApp, Hangouts, Instagram, etc.

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4. uMobix


uMobix is yet another private Twitter viewer because of its location tracking, screen capturing apps (captures messages, photos, documents, audio recordings, and videos received/sent by the target), stealth mode, and the following incredible features.

Key features of uMobix

  • User-friendly dashboard with clear options to view the target’s device location, call history, and messages
  • Lets you search the target’s messages using keywords
  • Supports 30+ social media platforms and applications
  • Logs everything your target types, including keystrokes and passwords

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5. Hoverwatch


Hoverwatch is among the best private Twitter account viewers if you are a concerned parent wanting to monitor your kid’s activities. It is a complete digital surveillance tool that not only tracks what your kids are doing on Twitter but also helps you keep an eye on their location, call history, audio, camera, and SMS. Moreover, here are a few notable features of this software.

Key features of Hoverwatch

  • Efficient and discreet monitoring with cutting-edge algorithms
  • Supports almost all social media apps, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, Telegram, etc.
  • You can track up to 5 devices

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6. Cocospy


Cocospy is yet another excellent private tweet viewer, particularly for concerned parents. With this application, you can keep tabs on all activities of your children, in addition to what they do on Twitter. Moreover, we like it because of its browser history tracking (with website visit frequency and timestamps), anonymous tracking, and the following remarkable features.

Key features of Cocospy

  • You can track the SMS and calls of your target
  • Boasts location tracking and geofence alerts
  • Allows you to track the SIM location of the target
  • Supports multiple platforms and needs no jailbreak or root
  • Works with Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and all other major social media platforms

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7. Twstalker


Are you looking for an online Twitter private account viewer? If yes, you can try Twstalker because of its simplicity, easy accessibility, Twitter trends monitoring, option to find famous influencers on Twitter, and the following noteworthy features.

Key features of Twstalker

  • Allows you to track and discover viral and trending Twitter hashtags
  • Lets you view all posts, media, and follower counts of all Twitter accounts (including private profiles)
  • You can access Twstalker from any device

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8. Twuko


You can try Twuko if you are looking for a free private Twitter viewer. It is a detailed viewer with accurate private profile data, an option to download and save videos and photos, and the following delightful features.

Key features of Twuko

  • It shows all the statistics and information of the target profile
  • You can see the most popular tweets
  • It allows you to view the number of likes, retweets, and comments
  • Twuko lets you see highly sought-after profiles

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Let us now answer a few questions many of our readers have asked about private Twitter viewing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you may find answers to all questions you might have about private Twitter account viewers.

Q1. What is a private Twitter account?

In simple terms, a private Twitter profile means whatever a person posts on their account will only be viewable to the account followers, all of whom they manually approve. It also implies that anyone who does not follow the account cannot view any tweets of the private Twitter account holder unless the viewer uses a private Twitter viewer application.

Q2. Are private Twitter viewers legal?

Twitter viewer tools are legal if your intention is pure, i.e., protecting your loved ones. Hence, you should only use these applications for legitimate purposes such as monitoring your kids’ Twitter activities to ensure they remain safe.

Q3. Is it possible to check someone’s activities on Twitter?

Yes, you can check someone’s Twitter activity if their account is public. You can view their activities by visiting their profile and scrolling the page to see what they share. However, checking the activities of a private Twitter account is possible only through the best private Twitter profile viewers.

Q4. How can I search Twitter without an account?

Searching Twitter without an account is simple. All you have to do is input any keyword (your query) in the search bar on Twitter’s Explore page and press the Enter key to view whatever you are looking for.

Q5. What app can I use to see private Twitter accounts?

There are many applications allowing you to view private Twitter profiles. However, we have listed the best ones in this article. You can choose from them.

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Concluding the Best Private Twitter Viewers

Above, we listed the best private tweet viewers to keep track of what your loved one or anybody you have an interest in is doing on Twitter. We hope the apps shared in this write-up accurately match what you were searching for. However, if you know other better applications or have any concerns/questions/suggestions about this post, please drop us a comment without hesitation. Also, kindly remember to bookmark this blog and follow TechPout on social networks to stay updated with the tech world.

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