How To Get Verified On Twitter In 2020: Easy Guide

Published Date : Sep 25, 2020
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How To Get Verified On Twitter In 2020: Easy Guide

The Twitter verification comes with its own set of advantages to take the light from. The power of social media and the impact one tweet can build overnight is hidden from no soul. The number of influencers and the Twitter trends has only accelerated the growth of this strong social media platform for better or worse, be it any political commentary or a collection of hilarious memes over the trending events.

In this scenario, you must be wondering how you can make a place in this crowd of blue ticks and what you are going to take away from there. There can be several perks of getting your Twitter account verified that certainly make a difference on your whereabouts in life. When you have a blue verified badge on Twitter account:

  • Your social media presence strengthens and your account begins to hold credibility.
  • It becomes real easy to earn a good number of followers which later helps in accenting popularity in your field.
  • Owning a verified account prepares a strong road to branding and promotions of your business.
  • Whether you are a journalist or music or sports enthusiast, a verified Twitter account amplifies your reach to the target audience and helps in influencing others for good.
  • Your account becomes easily accessible and leaves no room for others to doubt its originality.

Step-By-Step Guide to Get Your Twitter Account Verified

blue verified badge on Twitter account

Those who run an organisation or a blog, or those who are into the field of media stand a chance to get a pass to Twitter verification easily. Being a name from a recognised company or a popular website or being an author offers a boon to get a verified account in the simplest way out there. However if you wish to have a verified Twitter account then you must follow this step-by-step guide to reach there.

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Step 1: Go to The Edit Profile Section to Fill in The Relevant Information.

Guide to Get Your Twitter Account Verified

  • Enter your name: Remember, whether it is your own name or it belongs to your organisation, make sure you keep it real. It will lead to easy access on Twitter as well as Google.
  • Profile and Cover Photo: While setting up your profile and cover photo on Twitter, make sure that it is easy to recognise and represents you/your organisation.
  • Bio: Remember, bio is where you can make or break the identity game. Keep the introduction as straightforward and communicative as you can so that your target audience get a healthy hint of what they are being offered.
  • Add your website: Updating your website link will not only help earn the viewers and traffic but also increase the chances of getting a verified Twitter account.

Step 2: Update Your Phone Number and Confirm Your Email Address

As you set up your Twitter account, it is essential to update your phone number and email address. You can go to ‘Settings & Privacy’ to enter your mobile number and then you will receive One Time Password (OTP) to confirm your phone number. To update email address, go to ‘Account’ in ‘Settings & Privacy’ section and confirm your mail ID.

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Step 3: Make Your Tweets Public

Privacy and Safety on Twitter

To get your account verified, the next thing you need to do is to make your tweets public. Go to ‘Settings & Privacy’ and click on ‘Privacy & Safety’ where you can disable the ‘Protect Your Tweets’ function.

Step 4: Being Consistently Engaged

Once you have finished setting up the account and filling in every relevant detail about the subject of your account, you necessarily have to stay close to it regularly. Since you aim to earn followers and have a target audience in mind, contributing your time and constant communication certainly play a grand card in getting you where you want to be. Tag other verified accounts, come up with communicative tweets and get your target audience to know you or your organisation a better way.

Step 5: Be True to Your Field

Ask yourself if your Twitter account is worth getting verified. As Twitter suggests that an account may be verified if it serves an interest/purpose to the community. Understand the ways you can adapt to be of public choice and work on serving more of it to not only become verified but also a useful account for the public to count on.

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Get the Blue Checkmark with These Simple Steps

Here was the complete step-by-step guide to get a verified Twitter account. However, the success of this process is not guaranteed nor there is any timeline but by following these steps, you will certainly build a strong portfolio which sooner or later will help you set your foot.

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