8 Best Google Sheets Workout Template in 2024

Published Date : Dec 29, 2023
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Best Google Sheets Workout Template

Try the Google Sheets workout template to manage your workout routine and track daily progress. Read more for complete information!

Have you just started new workouts? Or, just about to make a new workout routine? It can be complicated to track how much weight you lifted on particular gym machines or how far you ran. But,  this task can easily be accomplished using the Google Sheets workout template.

You are able to personalize an exercise that is an excellent match for your objectives using Google Sheets. Only the exercises and workouts that you absolutely need to do should be included, and everything else should be crossed off the list. Thankfully, you won’t have to begin completely from square one. You can get started quickly and easily by using one of the many Google Sheets workout planner templates that are accessible online.

In this article, we are going to mention the 8 best free Google Sheets workout templates that you can consider in order to track your workout regime.

8 Top Google Sheets Workout Templates in 2024

These workout templates for Google Sheets are intended to assist you in becoming more detailed and purposeful concerning your physical activity routines. You may discover a workout template on Google Sheets that is tailored to your needs, regardless of whether you have learned via trial and error, are looking for a set of tools that will assist you in managing your exercise routines, or are just starting out and don’t want to run the danger of burning out too soon. Now, let us proceed with the best Google Sheets workout templates for 2024!

1. Gym Workout Calendar Template

Gym Workout Calendar Template
Source: GFitness Online

Looking for the best Google Sheets workout templates in 2024? Then, developing a plan for your workouts using Gym Workout Calendar Templates can help you get the best possible outcomes. If you carefully plan out your exercise objectives, you will be able to achieve them more efficiently and in a shorter amount of time. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about overtraining or training incorrectly, both of which may throw off muscle balance and even lead to injury.

The number of exercises you should do each week as well as the amount of time you should devote to each activity is calculated by this workout tracker in Google Sheets. After you have determined the frequency and duration of your workout, you can select the areas of your body that will be worked, such as the lower or upper portion of a muscle group.

Burnout, which may happen during your gym plans if you perform the same fitness routines over and over again without making any adjustments, can be avoided with the use of the Gym Workout Calendar Template. Utilizing the workout calendar will help ensure that you are performing exercises that are in line with your desired level of fitness. This is one of the best Google Sheets workouts templates that you should use to organize and accomplish your fitness goals.

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2. Weightlifting Tracker Template

Weightlifting Tracker Template
Source: SpreadsheetClass.com

You are able to keep track of your exercises for as many as 15 different lifts when you use Weightlifting Tracker Templates. Using this Google Sheets workout templates you can track each lift separately in its own tab, and assign each tab by renaming the lift tabs and the title at the top of the page.

You will be able to keep track of both the amount of weight you lift and the number of repetitions you do in each set using these separate lift tabs. A maximum of ten sets may be recorded for a certain weight if you use each row to record the information. If you train with a single weight throughout the whole program, just record the results of one row.

Nevertheless, if you change your weight while you are in the middle of your workout schedule, you can track your workout by using multiple rows.

3. Workout Log Template

Workout Log Template
Source: vertex42.com

You are able to modify your routines with our Workout Log Template, which will enable you to make consistent development. Without the support of a tool of this kind, it may be difficult to remember what you have already covered and to gauge when it is appropriate to step things up a notch. Utilize it to monitor your progress throughout your workouts and rest assured that you will achieve outstanding results.

You may keep a record of your training sessions as well as the workout sessions of other people by using the training Log Template. This will make monitoring your progress much simpler and will result in more productive workout sessions. You may keep a record of your actions as well.

With the help of this workout plan template in Google Sheets, you will be able to identify trends and enhance your exercise routines if you use the Workout Log Template. It will also enable you to create better objectives, feel more inspired and motivated, and feel more inspired and driven.

4. Progressive Overload Training Template

Progressive Overload Training Template
Source: Muscle Groups Workout Sheet

The next on this list of best Google Sheets workout templates is Progressive Overload Training Template. Your workout’s intensity or difficulty will steadily grow as time goes on thanks to the Progressive Overload Training Template’s built-in gradient. This encourages the growth of muscle mass as well as strength.

Using a Progressive Overload Training Template requires you to choose a goal, begin your exercises at a level that is demanding yet comfortable for you, and then progressively increase the intensity of your workouts over the course of time. You have the option of either reducing the amount of time spent resting between sets or selecting instead to raise the amount of weight being lifted, the number of repetitions, or the number of sets.

If you are new to the Progressive Overload Training Templates, you may want to conduct your exercises under the supervision of a licensed personal trainer to verify that you are using the correct technique and that you are progressing in a safe manner. Accidents and exhaustion may result from rapid accumulation.

Because it prevents muscle mass and strength from reaching a plateau, the Progressive Overload Training Template is highly recommended. These factors would lead to outcomes that were not as impressive as they may have been since maintaining the same weight throughout the activity would make it less hard.

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5. Workout Split Template

Workout Split Template
Source: gfitness online

Another best Google Sheets workout template is Workout Split Template. With the help of the Workout Split Template, you’ll be able to segment your training session and allot distinct amounts of time to focus on certain muscle groups. There will be a variety of rest periods in between, with the length of time spent resting varying according to the intensity level of the activity being performed on each muscle group. Varying muscle groups need a varying amount of time spent exercising. You will be able to provide sufficient time for each muscle group if you use a Workout Split Template, which will also assist you in making progress toward achieving your overall workout objectives.

6. Data Mile Template

Data Mile Template

The Data Miles Google Sheets workout template is fantastic if you want to keep your running records in a more basic format. The only information that has to be recorded in this journal is the date, amount of ground covered, and amount of time spent running on any given day. The remainder of the job will be completed by the sheet.

The cumulative total miles you’ve run from the beginning of your diary will be shown in the second column of the Distance section automatically. If you go over to the right side of the page, you’ll find that there are other boxes containing a variety of different data.

These include the number of miles you’ve run toward your yearly goal (if you entered one in cell I2), the average distance of each run, your shortest and longest runs, and other information. In the lower half of the sheet, you will also see the total amount of running time and mileage for the entire month. Overall, it is the ideal workout template in Google Sheets that has almost everything you need to meet your fitness goals.

7. Marathon Training Schedule

Marathon Training Schedule

Lastly, Marathon Training Schedule is another suitable workout tracker in Google Sheets that you can surely consider. Runners who are preparing for a marathon will find the Marathon Training Schedule to be quite helpful. It is a training journal for 10 weeks that allows you to simply fill in the distance you ran and the sort of run you did on a particular day.

If you are unsure of what codes to use, pick the Constants and Legend tab of the example spreadsheet to learn the meanings of all of the acronyms that appear in the spreadsheet.

You are free to use these, or you may generate your own unique codes. As you can see, a code may also be used to record the amount of time spent engaging in activities other than running, such as weightlifting or cross-training.

8. Basic Weekly Workout Spreadsheet

Basic Weekly Workout Spreadsheet

You will be able to see patterns and improve your training routines if you use the training Log Template, which is available in Google Sheets. This template gives you the ability to create a workout plan. You will also be able to devise more effective goals, have more inspiration and motivation, and experience increased inspiration and drive as a result of this.

With the help of our Workout Log Template, you will be able to make adjustments to your routines, which will allow you to achieve constant progress. Through the use of the training Log Template, you are able to maintain a record of not only your own exercise sessions but also the workout sessions of other individuals. The process of measuring your progress will become lot less complicated as a consequence of this, which will lead to more fruitful training sessions. You could also want to maintain a record of the things that you do.

If you do not have the assistance of a tool of this sort, it may be difficult to recall what you have previously covered and to determine when it is suitable to take things to the next level. Make use of it to keep track of your progress during your exercises, and you can be certain that you will obtain remarkable outcomes.

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Final Words on Best Google Sheets Workout Templates in 2024

In sum, Google Sheets is a very effective program that is equally useful to geeks and bodybuilders.

If you find that fitness applications lack essential features or are too pricey, it could be worthwhile to invest a little amount of effort in Sheets instead. There is a possibility that you may wind up having the ideal fitness diary, and all at no cost! The important thing is to choose one and then stay with it while you continue to improve your general health and fitness as you are working toward your goals. That’s all, we hope you found the information in this blog post useful.

If you have any questions or further suggestions regarding the best Google Sheets workout templates, then please let us know in the comments section below.

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