13 Best Free Spreadsheet Software for Windows in 2024

Published Date : Dec 27, 2023
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Best Free Spreadsheet Software for Windows in 2024

Technology has made the work of humans easy, earlier when people used to write every work on paper now it has become very easy. You can simply use the free spreadsheet software to write anything related to work and share them with your colleagues in no time. Every business owner uses a spreadsheet to keep a track of work, distribute work, calculate figures, and many other functions.

To help you with the best spreadsheet software, we have curated a list. Refer to the list to know more about the software and features.

Best Free Spreadsheet Software for Windows 10 and 11 in 2024

Here is a list of some of the best spreadsheet software which you can use.

1. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

One of the oldest and best free spreadsheet software is Microsoft Excel. This software is also the default software that all Windows users get. The software was launched in 1987, and after a year Microsoft included this software as the key component of the Microsoft Office suite in 1995. The Excel spreadsheet software offers a maximum of 17,179,869,184 cells and various other features to make the life of humans simpler.

The interface of the software is really simple, it is even taught to the students of elementary school. It moreover has cutting-edge filters to help you with massive data sets and you can even add a customizable access toolbar.

Though the program comes with the Office 365 suite which costs $69.99/ year.

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2. Apple Numbers

Apple Numbers

The next spreadsheet software is for Apple users, if you have a Mac or iPhone then you must have seen the Numbers software on your devices. This software has a very clean and modern interface which might interest you. Unlike Microsoft Excel, the Numbers software has many more features to offer to its users.

The software moreover has templates which you can use for your common task. These templates save your tie while performing the tasks. But if you want to use this software for large data sets then this software might disappoint you.

This is free spreadsheet software for all Mac users.

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3. Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is another best free spreadsheet software for Windows and Mac. To use this amazing software you need to have a Google account, you can simply sign in with that account and enjoy the spreadsheet.  The best part about Google sheets is that you can keep people in the loop with the files and it works in real-time.

You can keep a track of people who are using the Sheets other than you. The program can automatically sync with the G Suite apps. It has a slew of traditional mathematical and logical functions.

This spreadsheet software is one of the best and easily accessible programs. You can use this program on any device. The user can use this software for free till they fill up the 15GB free storage.

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4. Quip


Next in the list of best free spreadsheet software for Windows, we have Quip. This is a very unique spreadsheet program. It not just only offers the features of a spreadsheet but it also lets the user chat with others while using the program. You can keep up with the colleagues while editing or working on the spreadsheet.

The software was founded in 2012 which later in 2016 was acquired by Salesforce. While using the software you can easily switch between the documents effortlessly. The software offers multiple shortcuts to ease the work of the user. It moreover offers more than 400 functions to help every user. All in all the software is really easy to use and is one of the best spreadsheet software.

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5. EtherCalc


EtherCalc is straightforward spreadsheet software that can perform all tasks easily. The best part about the program is that it is free to use. You don’t have to install this program; you can easily use it on your browser without letting them occupy disk space.

You can easily create as many spreadsheets as you want. Every spreadsheet will have a different URL which you can use to share and edit the files. This is just like the old spreadsheet software as it was launched in 2006 and since then it has not changed much. If you want the old spreadsheet program then you would like it but if you have used any latest programs then you might hate this program.

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6. Zoho Sheets

Zoho Sheets


Zoho Sheets is another cloud-based spreadsheet program that you can try if you wish to save space on your computer. The software has over 350 features which make it easy for the user to use. It has some additional features like pivot tables, data validation, and conditional formatting. It moreover supports 23 languages which is a great sign. If you have clients from other countries then also you can share the project with them.

Zoho has a free plan for teams of up to 25 members where it offers a storage space of 5GB. You can even take the paid plan of the software which costs $4 per user per month.

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7. Apache OpenOffice Calc

Apache OpenOffice Calc

This spreadsheet was initially launched as an open-source alternative to Microsoft Excel. Initially, the software was launched in 2001 as OpenOffice Calc but later in 2011, it was donated to Apache. The company is working to modernize the software day by day, you can witness some amazing features in the software that can make your work easy.

Some of the best features of this spreadsheet software are scenario manager and natural language formulas. It supports multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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8. Libre Office

Libre Office

Next is another great free spreadsheet software for Windows 10 and older versions. You can use this software through the web which doesn’t need any space from your disk. This software can be the ideal pick if you wish to manage large data sets. The software can easily perform its function while having large data sets. It only lacks collaborative abilities.

This free software has more than 300 features to offer which include DataPilot tools. The UI is outdated but then the features compensated for that.

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9. Smartsheet


This is a great tool for collaborating and project management. You can keep updating the work while the other teammate keeps checking it, that is what makes it the best spreadsheet software for Windows. You get to perform various functions after the spreadsheet is edited. You can customize the existing project and its templates.

To check the status of the project the software has a separate feature name as Kanban View, using this feature you can keep tracking the progress. This is a great alternative to the spreadsheet you can perform the way you want using this software. The only negative about this software is that it can not be considered as a free spreadsheet software for Windows as it requires a subscription of $14 per month.

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10. Airtable


Last but not least we have Airtable spreadsheet software. This is a very similar software to Google Sheets, but it has some better features than its competitors. Overall the software is designed perfectly to improve productivity and ease the working of every user.  The software offers various templates, project tracker, content calendar, a sales CRM, and product planning-like features.

It has every feature which a spreadsheet software should have including the pivot tables and graphs. The software is available for free, if you wish to upgrade to the business plan then you need to subscribe for $10/ month.

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11. WPS Office

WPS Office

The free edition of WPS Office is a great choice for the best Windows spreadsheet software. With this tool, you can open and edit a variety of spreadsheet file types like csv, xlsx, and xls. Additionally, it boasts 100% compatibility with Microsoft Excel so that you can hassle-freely open Excel files in WPS Office and edit them.

Furthermore, WPS Office supports a plethora of functions and formulas. Here, you can effortlessly find formulas in categories such as logical, financial, date, text, time, and a lot more.

In addition to the above, this software opens all spreadsheets in the same window in different tabs. And the cherry on top of the cake is that it is cloud-based software, allowing you to work on your spreadsheets irrespective of your location or the device you are using.

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12. Gnumeric


Let us conclude our list of the best free spreadsheet programs with Gnumeric. This open-source software is an excellent choice for data analysis due to its unique features, such as pivot tables and auto workbook saving.

In addition to powerful data analysis tools, Gnumeric is well-known for its wide format support. It supports a plethora of formats and allows you to edit from Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2003.

Furthermore, pre-built functions to sort, arrange, filter, and analyze data and support for languages like Python and Perl justify Gnumeric’s position on this list.

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13. Monday


Let us introduce you to Monday. It is among the best free spreadsheet software for Windows because of its flexible dashboard for easy data visualization, centralization of all work processes, and customizable workflow.

Moreover, Monday boasts easy automation and real-time alerts for effective collaboration, effortless project and organization progress tracking, and integration with applications like DevOps, DocuSign, Google Sheets, etc.

Furthermore, you can create a dashboard by combining 10 boards and use helpful features, such as resource management, task management, business operations, request and approval, and more.

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Lets Wrap: 13 Best Free Spreadsheet Software for Windows in 2024

To make your life easy we curated this list of best free spreadsheet software for Windows 10 and older versions, some of the software requires a subscription but then some of them are free. You can choose to have the software which suits your requirements. We hope that we have helped you in finding the ideal spreadsheet software for you. If we have, then tell us which software you like and why.

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