10 Best Free Gramblr Alternatives You Must Try in 2024

Published Date : Feb 01, 2024
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Best Free Gramblr Alternatives You Must Try in 2024

If you are an active Instagram user, you must be well aware of Gramblr. First introduced in 2008, this third-party application was majorly used to upload pictures and videos from your PC to your Instagram account. Since, the popular application has been pulled off from its official site, here are a few Gramblr alternatives that you might want to consider.

If you are looking for a user-friendly yet effective alternative to Gramblr, our blog has got you covered, but before we move on to discuss its possible alternatives, let’s get a quick understanding of Gramblr.

What is Gramblr?

Gramblr is a powerful and free application that works seamlessly well on laptops and computer devices and does not require any support from smartphones. It is used to upload images and videos on your Instagram account directly from your desktop.

List Of Top Gramblr Alternatives In 2024:

Here is a well-researched list of tools that you can pick instead of Gramblr.

1. AiSchedul

AiSchedul - Best Free Gramblr Alternative

Upload images on your Insta account with this free-to-use application. It helps in preparing stunning and highly engaging Instagram stories with minimal efforts.

Highlight Features of AiSchedul:

  • It can be used to schedule various Insta posts and for days and Weeks.
  • It also supports posting on multiple accounts through a common platform.
  • Use it to schedule, post, and repost your stories in a hassle-free and effortless manner.
  • It also assists you in tagging people, and also supports Geo-Tags.
  • The tool is powered with an advanced Hashtag searcher, which can be used to generate highly engaging content and posts.
  • It can also be used for automated replies to the comments on your Instagram account.

So, if you’re looking at a power-packed tool that you can use instead of Gramblr then AiSchedul can be a good pick for you.

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2. Ramme

Ramme - Gramblr Alternatives

Next on our list of best Gramblr alternatives is Ramee. If you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your images and overall app functionality then pick this lightweight desktop application.

Highlight Features of Ramme:

  • Best suited tool for influencers who can’t afford to compromise their image quality.
  • It is a feature-rich tool that can be used for uploading images, creating Insta stories, sending direct messages, and much more.
  • It comes with user-friendly functionality and easy-to-use features.
  • It is a lightweight tool and does not put unwanted pressure on your desktop resources.
  • Upload images within seconds with this powerful tool, simply click on the “-” sign and you are good to go.

3. Flume

Flume - Best Gramblr Alternatives

Lighten up your Instagram account with this impressive tool. With it, you can easily upload images on your Instagram account without using a smartphone.

Highlight Features of Flume:

  • It can effortlessly switch between multiple accounts.
  • Get easy access to direct messaging with full support for square and original formats.
  • It can be used for group conversations and for sharing photographs and videos.
  • Use it to see your latest activities and receive desktop notifications.
  • If you are using an Instagram Business profile, Flume will also help you with useful stats related to your followers and comments.

4. Windows Instagram App

Windows Instagram App - Alternative to Gramblr

Windows 10 Instagram app is a great alternative to Gramblr. The tool comes in a lightweight design and can be downloaded for free from Microsoft Store.

Highlight Features Of Windows Instagram App:

  • Use it to access your direct messages, view recent likes and check your profiles
  • Effortlessly add images to your Instagram account directly from your PC. Just right click on the App icon and choose the New Post option. You can
  • use your desktop camera to click a picture or else browse one from your photo gallery by using the Camera Roll.

5. Later

Later - Best Alternative to Gramblr

Another best alternative for Gramblr is Later. It provides an easy way to plan and schedule your Instagram stories and content.

Highlight Features Of Later:

  • It can seamlessly switch between various accounts.
  • Plan, schedule and post your Instagram feeds automatically.
  • It comes with a Visual content calendar and schedules your post like a breeze.
  • You can also use it to keep your content organized and enjoy seamless synchronization between your desktop, Dropbox, Google account, and other accounts.

6. Grum

Grum - Best Gramblr Alternative

Post Instagram photos with convenience directly from your desktop with this powerful alternative to Gramblr. The tool helps you to manage multiple accounts without logging in and logging out. It can fulfill all your multi-posting needs.

Apart from this you also get access to several hashtag and images filters.

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7. Desktop for Instagram

Desktop for Instagram - Best Gramblr Alternative Tool

Use this incredible tool instead of Gramblr. It can assist you to upload, download, and open HD images on your Instagram account.

It comes with a simple and convenient functionality and works just like a mobile app. View notifications, schedule various posts, and share your Insta feed on Facebook and Twitter with a single click.

Bonus Pick: BlueStacks

BlueStacks - Popular Tool Like Gramblr

If you have been a regular user of popular tools like Gramblr and Later, then Bluestacks can serve as a good alternative for you. Compatible with both Windows and Mac desktops, BlueStacks can be downloaded free of cost.

Create an account by signing up and enjoy effortless uploading of images directly from your PC. In addition to this, it also promises easy maintenance and management of your Instagram account.



Yet another alternative to Gramblr is – InstaZood. One of the most convenient ways to lead your Instagram account from your PC. The built-in Instagram bot promises to give more Instagram followers. You just need to make a reliable and perfect Instagram profile.

Highlight Features of InstaZood:

  • Offers loads of filters and methods of customization, so you can really create awesome stories to get the attention of your followers.
  • The Instagram bot can effortlessly work with mobile devices too, so you can manage all your activities.
  • Provides high-end security to your account.
  • Guarantees to provide full technical assistance to its users.
  • You can automate almost all sorts of activities including likes, comments, follow, and view stories.

In sum, InstaZood is the best way to manage your overall Instagram account even from your mobile devices. So, if you want to get more followers quite easily then you should give a try to InstaZood.



Share every moment that matters most to you through GetUplet! It is a tool for Mac users that brings you closer to your Instagram followers. Uplet is specially designed to empower your persona over Instagram. Without any doubt, it is a handy tool to upload photos and videos on Instagram from Mac.

Highlight Features of GetUplet:

  • It lets you upload photos and videos in high resolution without hazarding their literal quality.
  • You can add the actual captions to the photos and videos from the support of the Mac keyboard.
  • To give a unique look to your photos and videos, it has professional-design editing tools.
  • It lets you switch between all your Instagram accounts pretty quickly and easily without any piece of a hindrance.

Sharing photos and videos on Instagram has never been so easy. So, in our opinion, if you are a go-to user of Instagram and you have a Mac, then you should definitely try this application at least once.

10. IGAssistant


IGAssistant is another freemium option that might help you enhance the organic growth of your Instagram account. If you want to have a greater influence on social media, this tool will manage your actions. In addition to that, it provides capabilities like auto-like, auto-follow, auto-unfollow, auto-viewing stories, and auto-commenting.

Highlight Features of IGAssistant:

  • Automation of the whole process, including audience targeting to target visitors who could be interested in your content
  • Safe to use and there is no need to download anything.
  • 3 days of free trial available.
  • Can handle an unlimited number of accounts
  • You are able to control your actions whenever and wherever you like.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. Is Gramblr Malware?

According to the security researcher at Malware bytes Gramblr is an adware bundler and can be used by cybercriminal to inject harmful viruses and PUP ‘s on your devices.

2. Did Gramblr Shut Down?

Yes, Gramblr has been discontinued. The tool is not linked to Instagram and works as a third-party application, it has been pulled off by its developers.

3. Is Gramblr Dead?

Yes, Gramblr is officially dead and does not support uploading of images on Instagram directly from your desktop. Its official website fails to open or gives a 404 error message stating.

Wrapping Up: Gramblr Alternatives

If Gramblr was your Instagram buddy for uploading images from your desktop, refer to your blog to find out other alternative sites that you can use instead of Gramblr. All the tools mentioned above have some of the other unique account management and image uploading capabilities.

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