Wise Duplicate Finder Review: Find and Delete Similar Images

Published Date : Aug 17, 2021
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Wise Duplicate Finder Review: Find and Delete Similar Images

In this Wise Duplicate Finder review, we have shared every detail that you should know before choosing this duplicate cleaner software.

Every PC has limited storage that will be occupied with time. Irrespective of the storage capacity of your device as you can face the issue of low storage space. This error is frustrating as to remove it you need to spend hours sorting the files and removing unwanted ones. The time can be extended if your PC storage is not organized.

Organizing a PC can be tough at later stages but if you tend to follow it from the beginning then you can easily filter unwanted items and residual files. If you are not the one who can organize files, then you would have to use the best duplicate photo cleaner software. These software are designed to scan and find out the duplicate or useless files which are occupying space on your system.

Wise Duplicate Cleaner is one of the best duplicate photo finder software and in this review, we have shared all the information under different sections. You can easily read and decide whether the software is worth using or not. Starting with the introduction, we have shared a brief about the software and its working.

What is Wise Duplicate Finder?

Wise Duplicate Finder is a great tool that can help you in finding and deleting duplicates files. The software scans the whole system storage, then compares files with their name, file size, and content. The software takes very little time as compared to the manual method where you have to find the files for hours and then delete them. Here you just have to start the scan and then delete the files from the results.

Now that you have understood the working of the software. Let’s start with the review of Wise Duplicate Finder and find out whether the software is worth using or not.

Wise Duplicate Finder Review 2021: A Complete Guide

In the first section, we have mentioned Wise Duplicate Finder features that make the scan and removal process easy. Keep reading to know more about them.

Wise Duplicate Finder Features

Without the useful features, you can struggle to find the exact duplicate files that you are looking for. So here are the features of Wise Duplicate Finder that will help you.

1. Scans for Every File

Wise Duplicate Finder scans for every file including audio, video, document, APKs, and others. Unlike other software which dedicatedly looks for one file extension. here you can check for every file and then remove them easily.

2. Scan for Empty Files

With thousands of folders on the PC, you must have witnessed some empty folders too. Wise Duplicate Finder scans for those empty folders and deletes them so that you can have an organized PC.

3. Automatic/ Manual File Removal

In the result section, you get a lot of duplicate files from which you need to select the file for removal. The software offers the freedom to choose whether you wish to remove files manually or automatically. In the manual method, you need to manually select the files for removal. Whereas in the automatic method the software selects the files by scanning certain criteria, you just have to click the delete button on the software.

4. Files Backup

For worst-case scenarios, the software stores the files as a backup as sometimes you would want to get the deleted files back. With Wise Duplicate Finder you can easily restore the files which you have deleted and access them again for surety.

These were some of the Wise Duplicate Finder features that make the files removal easy. Other than this there are some pros and cons of this software too. In the next section, we have shared the pros as well as cons of Wise Duplicate Finder. You can check and decide to move further on the Wise Duplicate Finder review.

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Pros and Cons of Wise Duplicate Finder

Here are some of the positives and negatives of the software which you need to know before you use this software.


  • It is a very easy to use software which can be adapted by anyone easily
  • The software scans for the files easily and takes no time as compared to the manual method
  • You can easily filter options for scanning and find the exact files
  • It lets you restore files after being deleted


  • You get no notification when the scan is complete
  • The software does not let you save the scan results

Every software has some downsides which can affect the work, but it totally depends on you whether you can compromise a little considering the positives or not. By looking at the pros and cons, you must have made the decision. If you still want to check out more about the Wise Duplicate Finder then keep reading as in the next section we have shared the steps that you would have to follow for removing duplicates from your system.

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How to Use Wise Duplicate Finder Software?

The process that needs to be followed is very important as with every increasing step you need to invest more time. Apart from the time you even have to gain appropriate knowledge for using it. So let’s check what things you need for removing duplicates with Wise Duplicate Finder.

  • Install and click on the icon to open the software
  • On the home screen, you will get an option to choose a location. You can choose either folders or drives for scanning
    Choose Either Folders or Drives for Scanning
  • After selecting the path you are required to select the method of the scan. The list of methods includes match name and size, partial match, exact match, and 0-byte files
    Methods of Scan Duplicate Files
  • Now if you wish to look for a dedicated file you can simply select the ‘Advanced Settings’. Here you can select the file extensions, size, and locations
    Advanced Settings for Find Duplicate Files
  • After making the selection click on the ‘Scan’ button and wait till the result displays
  • Once the results are displayed on your screen you can select either one by one or can assign the software for selection. After selecting click on the ‘Delete Selected’.
    Select Duplicate Files for Delete

This is how simply you can scan and remove duplicate files using Wise Duplicate Finder. With this software, you don’t need any prior knowledge for these software as it is very easy. Apart from this if you by mistake deleted files, then you can simply go to the recycle bin and then restore them from the backup.

If you found any issue while scanning with this software, then it offers a separate feedback section where you can drop in your complaints and feedback which you wish to change in the software. According to me, this is a great sign as the software is looking for improvements and taking genuine feedback.

Till now in this Wise Duplicate Finder review, we have covered most of the aspects which you can consider. If you liked the software till now then we are just a step away from checking whether the software will run properly on your system or not. In the next section, we have shared the system requirements. If your PC has the hardware or software as per the requirements then you are good to use it.

System Requirements for Wise Duplicate Finder

Unlike other large and space-consuming software, Wise Duplicate Finder is a small and quick program that requires very less space and memory for processing. The software can easily work on all the Windows OS launched after Windows XP. It supports both 32 and 64-bit versions.

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The End: Wise Duplicate Finder Review 2021

That’s all for this review of Wise Duplicate Finder. We hope that we have delivered all the necessary information to help you. If we missed out on something. Please let us know, we would add them to the review. In our view this duplicate finder is great. What do you think about Wise Duplicate Finder, write it in the comments section.

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