How To Find Best Duplicate Image Cleaner [Expert Guide]

Published Date : Jul 20, 2021
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How To Find Best Duplicate Image Cleaner [Expert Guide]

Finding the best duplicate image cleaner can be tough but here in this article, we have shared some of the points that you should consider while picking the software. Along with the points we have shared software that stands strong by offering the required features. Keep reading to know more.

Duplicates have always taken up space in the computer irrespective of the operating system or storage. Considering the issue, you might have thought to find a solution to it. There are two ways that you can use to remove duplicates, one is by manually removing them and the other one is using software for deleting duplicates.

The manual method is what most of the users follow as they are unaware of the easy and effective method to follow. As compared to the automatic method, the manual one is very time-consuming and frustrating. The level of work that a user has to put in to remove duplicates is immense and it grows to depend on the size of duplicates and the last time you organized your PC. But on the other hand, using software under the automatic method can be very easy and effective. All you need to do is install the software and scan for the duplicates.

Using duplicate cleaner software isn’t tough, but finding the right software is tough so here we have listed some of the points that you should consider in software to clean storage space. We have shared the details in various sections. In the first section, we have shared the features to consider, so let’s take a look at them.

Features to Consider While Picking the Best Duplicate Image Cleaner

The best duplicate photo finder and cleaner tools offer the best features to make user’s work easy. The software not only offers a scan and delete option but it has many other things that you can consider.

1. Filter Scan Option

This is one of the most important features that software should have. Using this feature you can easily filter the images extensions, file location, and many other aspects to search for the exact duplicates. If the software lacks in offering the ‘Filter scan’ option then every time you have to scan the whole system to find duplicates. Proceeding with a whole system scan can take much time and can be hard to find the duplicates which you desire to remove as it will present all the results.

2. Easy User-Interface

Yet another great aspect for choosing a duplicate image cleaner, the interface itself helps in easing the process as well as help in finding other features of the software. If you lack to find the feature in the software then what would be the use of the software. So while finding the best duplicate image cleaner consider the interface at utmost priority.

3. Detailed Results

This feature helps in removing the duplicates effortlessly. Not all duplicate finder software has this feature but that’s what removes them from the list of best duplicate image cleaners. Using this feature you can easily check the details of duplicates and can even preview them which will basically help you in identifying whether you have to delete them or not.

4. Accurate results

One of the most important features is available on most of the software. If the software you are choosing isn’t assuring you about accuracy then you should reconsider the software. If you have invested some amount of time and money for the software but the results are not accurate and you are unable to remove duplicates and make space on your hard drive then what is the point of having that software. So look for the software ensuring accuracy and effectiveness.

These are some of the features which you should consider while finding the best duplicate image cleaner. These features make it easy for every user in finding and removing duplicates. Apart from the features, there is another thing which you should consider before picking up any software and that is the process of finding duplicates, which brings us to our next section of how to use it?

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How to Use Duplicate Image Cleaner?

After considering the features, next what comes in is the process that you would have to follow. While most of the duplicate finder software has the same procedure but still precaution is better than cure and after you have paid for the software there is no going back. So always consider it as the major part. On the official website of every software, you can find how to use a section from there to check if there is a lengthy process or not. If not then you are good to go and the software has passed another level.


When finding the best duplicate image cleaner you should always check the pricing of the software and its competitors. Each software offers a variety of plans at different prices and offerings. Sometimes you end up purchasing only after getting impressed by the features. In such cases, you have to check for other software and their prices. The duplicate cleaner market has great competition and you can easily find software that fits into your budget.

Editors Pick: Quick Photo Finder

After reviewing many duplicate image cleaner software we have shortlisted Quick Photo Finder software for you. This software offers all the features that you would need in order to make your process easy. Apart from that the software has a fairly cheap price and has a very easy process. We don’t want you to judge us and to prove the worth we have to share the details in brief. You can check and decide by yourself.

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Features of Quick Photo Finder

Here are the most important things that you need to know about Quick Photo Finder that are the features.

1. Accurate Results

The algorithm of Quick Photo Finder makes it easy to detect duplicates, according to the reports most of the users have received accurate results from the software. You can easily scan the system and wait for a few minutes after that it will share all the duplicate images that are in your system.

2. Custom Scan

The software offers a feature using which you can easily select the extension, image type, similarity, and location for which you wish to scan. Using this feature you can scan for exact duplicates which you are looking for. As discussed above this feature falls under the must-have category of every duplicate image cleaner.

3. Group Scan Results

This is a very unique and effective feature that lets you scan a group of files or images and share the details in a group format only. Using it you can easily delete duplicates and save a lot of time. While in most of the software you will not find this feature but Quick Photo Finder is designed to offer the best features.

4. Money-Back Guarantee

This feature defines the importance of money. Unlike other software where you just pay and take the software here you get an option to pay and use it, if you don’t like the software you can ask for money back. The software offers a 60 days money-back guarantee which is enough to test and use the software.

How to Use Quick Photo Finder?

Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to remove duplicates from your system.

Step 1: Download and Install the software from below mentioned link

Windows Download Button

 Step 2: After the installation is complete, open the software

Step 3: On the home screen you get an option to add files that you wish to scan or scan the whole system. You can choose the scan option and then hit the ‘Scan’ button

Quick Photo Finder

Step 4: After few minutes, the scan results will be displayed on your screen and you can easily remove them.

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That’s How You Can Find the Best Duplicate Image Cleaner

The above-mentioned details are what you need to check in the duplicate image cleaner software. If the software has it then you are good to have it on your PC. Though finding the software can be tough for you which is why we have shared the best option available in the market that we trust. We have also mentioned the required details of the software to help you make the decision wisely. We hope that we have helped you in finding the best duplicate image cleaner, if we did please let us know in the comment section below.

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