Twitter Rolls Out ‘Lights Out’ Mode for Android Users

Published Date : Oct 24, 2019
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Twitter Rolls Out 'Light Out' Mode For Android Users

Popular Social Media platform Twitter has introduced a new category in it’s Dark Mode Theme, called “Lights Out”. It was initially introduced for iOS users in March and is now launched for Android users as well.

Currently, the feature will only available on Twitter’s alpha version. The new mode is different from the Dark mode and helps in saving the battery life of your gadget. Instead of applying a dark blue/grey theme, it turns your interface pitch black. 

The newly introduced Android feature is slightly different from the well known Dark mode theme, as it is specially designed for mobile phones with OLED display. 

How to Enable Lights Mode? 

To activate the Lights Mode, please follow simple steps as mentioned below:

  • Launch a Twitter app on your Android device.
  • Open the “Settings” Option. 
  • Look for the “Display and sound” button and then select the Dark Mode menu.
  • In the new Dark Mode Menu window, you will see two options “Dim” and “Lights Out”.
  • Select the “Lights Out” option to enable the feature on your device. 

The OLED friendly Dark Mode theme known as “Lights Out” is currently available for Android users, using the alpha 8.19.o.alpha.03 version of the Twitter app

Although the new feature has been rolled out, there is no news regarding its automation. The automatic dark mode will be able to switch between different modes depending upon the time zone without any manual intervention. 

So now that we have learned about this newly launched feature, let’s have a look at some of the prominent factors which make it use essential.

Why Do We Need a Lights Out Mode? 

Have you ever wondered why themes like Dark mode and lights out are gaining so much popularity and importance now a day? In this technological era where each one of us is glued to our computer screen, a lights out mode has come as a savior. 

It comes with several benefits, the most prominent ones are listed below:

  • Health and well-being: A dark screen in the dark night does not hurt your eyes, and that’s exactly what Lights Out is all about. It turns your blinding white screen into a dark blue/ grey color to reduce the level of strain on your eyes. Prolonged exposure of eyes can result in dry and painful eyes. 
  • Battery Saving: The Lights out a theme can save you tons of battery life. With a dark screen, you can save as much as 50% battery as compared to a white screen. 

What’s the Most Appropriate Time to Use Lights Out? 

Well, not every time is a good time to use a Dark mode theme. Using Lights out in a well-lit room is not recommended. To enjoy its true usability keep switching it from time to time depending on the light availability.

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