IObit Advanced SystemCare: Review with its Features, Pros and Cons

Published Date : Aug 02, 2023
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IObit Advanced SystemCare- Review with its Features, Pros and Cons

Here is the complete and thorough IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro/Ultimate review to help you know everything about the tool in 2023. 

Every user seeks a high-performing PC. When the operating system and the computer itself work perfectly and offer high performance, the user’s mood enhances and the spirit to work increases. A slow-moving PC is one of the worst situations that affect the performance and morale of the user.

There are tons of enhancement tools, RAM cleaners, boosters, and optimizers for Windows on the internet that claim to increase the performance of your device. Millions of users from around the world take the help of such software to increase the performance of the old or new system, effortlessly. IObit Advanced SystemCare is one such tool.

IObit Advanced SystemCare is an advanced and smart solution that can easily increase the performance of your Windows device. Moreover, this device works on both old and new systems. However, the question that arises is can this tool stand out from the crowd of so many optimizers. With the help of this guide, we will try to find an answer to the same.

So, with the help of this Advanced SystemCare Pro/Ultimate review, we will try to ascertain the performance of the software on various grounds. This review will help us understand whether the tool is worth downloading and using or not. So, without any further ado, let’s start this review right away.

Features of IObit Advanced SystemCare Free

Starting this Advanced SystemCare Ultimate review, the first section to look at is the features of the tool. As the features of any software define its performance and reliability. Hence, below are some of the best features of the software that make it stand out from the crowd.

Supports Large File Cleaning

After junk, one of the main reasons behind a slow-performing system is the accumulation of large files. These large files take up a lot of data on your system and affect its performance. Thankfully, Advanced SystemCare looks for such large files during its scan and presents the same for you. Afterward, you can judge for yourself which large file is important to keep and get rid of the rest.

Junk Removal

Secondly, IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro supports junk removal. Over time, a lot of small temporary files or junk get accumulated on the system. This is because software present on your system takes the help of such files to run. But once the purpose of such files is served, the same should be removed. However, Advanced SystemCare free can help you with the same task. With a single click, the tool can easily get rid of junk files for you and run the system smoothly.

AI-Based Scanning and Cleaning

One of the best features of the software is that it uses an Artificial Intelligence or AI-based model to look for junk and temporary files. This AI mode looks for system-specific files for performance enhancements. Moreover, the tool looks for performance-hampering files and gets rid of the same according to the requirements of your system.

AI-Based Scanning and Cleaning

Turbo Boost

The Turbo Boost feature of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate allows you to close various unnecessary apps on the system and free up more RAM. There are three different modes under this namely Work Mode, Game More, and Economy Mode. So, you can use the three modes for their respective purposes and enhance the speed of gaming, working, and more. Moreover, you can set up this functionality at the startup of the PC.

Turbo Boost

Startup Optimization

The tool comes with a startup enhancement and optimization feature that allows you to improve the system of the startup. This feature of the tool holds the launching of unnecessary apps and services and shifts the focus of the system to the important ones, thus improving performance.

Startup Optimization

Integrated Hardware Accelerator

Advanced SystemCare Pro comes with an integrated Hardware Accelerator. This functionality of the software does what it says, accelerating the hardware performance. However, for this, the tool looks for outdated drivers on the system and offers the option to download the latest driver updates for the same.

Integrated Hardware Accelerator

App Cleaner

Another one of the best features of the tool is app cleaning. Under this feature, the tool looks for unused apps from a long period and helps you uninstall the same. Moreover, apart from apps and software, the tool can also remove Google Chrome and other browser extensions.

App Cleaner

Integrated Software Updater

Advanced SystemCare Pro/Ultimate comes with an integrated software updater. Using this updater, you can update the existing software on your PC with a single click. Moreover, the tool looks for software updates for both pre-installed and third-party tools for your ease.

Integrated Software Updater

Supports Firewall

Risks can appear from anywhere, hence, your system should be up and running at all times. Following the same, this PC cleaner software provides enhancements features for Firewall. Moreover, this feature helps the firewall in running smoothly and uninterruptedly for enhanced security.

Protection Features

The tool offers various features to enhance the protection of the system. These features include anti-spyware, access protection options, fingerprint protection, etc. Moreover, you also get ad removal and surfing protection paired with anti-tracking features and so many more.

Protection Features

So, these were some of the top features of the software. However, proceeding with this IObit Advanced SystemCare pro review, now we will have a look at the pros and cons of the software for more details.

Pros and Cons of IObit Advanced SystemCare

So, below are some of the pros and cons of the software that will help you decide whether you should proceed with the Advanced SystemCare free download or not.


  • Highly personalizable interface
  • Notifies about threats
  • Single-click execution
  • Enhances the PC speed to the max
  • Boosts the internet connectivity
  • Disables high resource-consuming services
  • Cleans registry
  • Shreds unnecessary files


  • Confusing UI
  • Hard to find features
  • Very frequent updates
  • Downloads too many supportive tools

So, after going through the above sections you think that it’s safe to download the tool, then move on to the Pricing section below. There you will find the details about what the paid versions of Advanced SystemCare offer and whether they are worth your money.

Advanced SystemCare Pricing:

Lastly, the pricing structure of the software is quite straightforward and affordable. The basic plan starts at $16.77 for six months; which is a sweet deal. So, refer to the below table for detailed information about the plans and what they offer.

Particulars ProUltimate 
Price $16.77$19.99
Tenure6 Months1 Year
Auto UpdateYesYes
1-Click ExecutionYesYes
Auto Care for PCYesYes
Stop Online TrackingYesYes
Real-time ProtectionYesYes
Thorough CleaningYesYes
Speed up PC200% Enhanced200% Enhanced
Internet Connection300% Enhanced300% Enhanced
PC Quantity1 PC3 PCs
Technical SupportYesYes

Summing Up: IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro Review

So, we are going to sum up this review now. In the previous settings of this guide, we had a look at the performance of the PC cleaner tool from IObit. The tool offers quite a lot of features for a reasonably priced and tenured subscription. However, if you are willing to pay more, then even better alternatives are available for you.

We hope that this guide offers all the details you need related to the IObit Advanced SystemCare. However, if you have any suggestions or inclusions, then write the same in the comments below. Also, we can also help you with your queries. Drop the same in the comments below and allow us to get back to you in a jiff.

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