Google Rolls Out Android 11 Beta for Pixel Users, Focusing on People, Privacy and Controls

Published Date : Jun 12, 2020
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Google Rolls Out Android 11 Beta for Pixel Users, Focusing on People, Privacy and Controls

Android 11 is finally available for Pixel users. The Beta version of Android 11 was to be released on 3 June by Google but got postponed due to the ongoing tension in the US. Protests took air after the death of a 46-year-old African American, George Floyd, which led to the cancellation of the launch event on 3rd June.

Before hitting the ground Android 11 beta version has gone through several updates and brings multiple features on the table. People, Privacy, and Control being the main focus areas of its beta version. In addition to the Android 11 beta version, Google also launched Android studio 4.2 Canary and 4.1 Studio Beta version.

Major Themes of Android 11:

1. Privacy

With Android 11, Google promises enhanced management over one-time permission. It means that now users will be able to grant one-time permission to various apps for using the microphones, camera, and location of your device. Apart from this, the app will also request entry on subsequent uses.

Additionally, all the permissions granted to a specific app will be pulled off if it is not used for a prolonged time. Android 11 comes loaded with 12 powerful modules that focus more on the timely updates of the core components of your device and aims at enhancing its privacy, consistency, and security.

2. Controls

Now enjoy easy access to all your connected devices with the Android 11 power button. This tentpole focuses on easy controls over Bluetooth accessories and home devices and supports quick and streamlined toggling between all the connected devices.

Google Home will now appear on the main grid. A single tap will allow you to control the lights and adjust their brightness.

It will also ensure the correct handling of video and audio outputs. The feature can be enabled using the Developers option in Beta 1. The “Now Playing” button comes as an integrated part of the “Quick Settings”.

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3. People

With Android 11 Google plans to shift its focus to a “people-centric and expressive approach”. With it aims at recognizing and prioritizing multiple conversations and the notifications will not be categorized under three headings namely

  • Silent Notifications: Social media update notifications will fall under this category.
  • Conversations: Placed on the top, this basket will include all the notifications related to chats and conversations. Users will also be able to set notification reminders along with a home screen shortcut.
  • Alerting Notifications: This category will comprise alert notifications like emails.

In addition to the above addons, Android 11 is also powered with chat bubbles. The feature was initially seen in Facebook Messenger and will come as a built-in feature of Google OS. With Bubble, users will now be able to multitask and respond to various conversation notifications without toggling between various applications.

Apart from this Android 11 is also backed with a consolidated keyboard suggestions strip, which means users will be given more relevant suggestions while typing messages. With its on-device visual cortex, you will also get much better voice commands and improved voice access.

In addition to the above-mentioned focus points of Android 11, you will also get access to a massive range of added features, including:

  • Powerful Gaming Tools
  • Easier Machine Learning
  • Simpler Debugging and Better Device Testing

Here’s How You Can Get Android 11 Beta:

People having Pixel smartphones including Pixel 2, 2XL, 3, 3 XL, 3a, 3a XL, 4 and 4 XL are eligible for Android 11. If you have any of these devices access the Enrollment page to download the updated version on your device, After enrolling you will get an update notification in 24 hours. If you don’t receive a notification you can also download it manually.

Navigate to the Settings> System> Advanced> System Update> and then click on the tap button for system updates. You may alternatively visit the download page to get Android 11.

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