Google Suspends “Remove China Apps” from Play Store

Published Date : Jun 05, 2020
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Google Suspends “Remove China Apps” from Play Store

Google has recently pulled off “Remove China Apps” from Play Store, it’s developer OneTouchAllLabs, posted the news on Twitter and has denied disclosing any reasons behind it.

In the last 24 hours, the tech giant Google has taken down “Mitron” and “Remove China Apps” from its platform because they were found violating the Play Store’s policy. Google further stated that Remove China Apps was also breaching its Deceptive Behaviour rules.

The app was specifically designed to assist people in finding Chinese apps and then encouraged them to delete them. This very functionality is against Google Play Store policies which says that no app can be used to promote the removal of third-party applications.

Decoding Deceptive Behaviour Policy

Google in one of its statements explained that “it does not entertain any application that intends to make unauthorized and undisclosed changes in settings and features of users’ devices. By device features and setting we mean system and browser settings, icons, shortcuts, bookmarks, widgets, and app presentation on the home screen”.

In addition to it, Google also explained that every app should explicitly disclose its actual working and functionality in its meta description along with related images and videos. It should in no way try to copy or imitate the functionality of any other available apps. Google further added that any changes in the device settings should be made with user consent and should be reversible.

“We do not allow any app that aims at misleading and forcing people to delete any third-party apps”. Google further clarified that the underlying reason why we have pulled off “Remove China Apps” from our play store.

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What is “Remove China Apps”?

“Remove China Apps” is developed by an Indian company called OneTouch AppLabs. The application has seen a massive upsurge in the download number since late May (approx 5 million downloads). Since Android users dominate the smartphone population in India, the freeware is only available for Android devices.

According to its modus operandi, the app allowed users to identify and delete Chinese applications from their devices. Share It, CamScanner, Tiktok, PUBG, are a few apps with Chinese origin.

Despite its unethical modus operandi, the app gained immense popularity due to the growth of Anti-China Sentiments. Along with this, the growing tension over the Himalayan border dispute between Indian and China has also added to its popularity.

Besides this many Indian celebrities and Yoga enthusiasts including Baba Ramdev have supported the idea of quitting Chinese applications. Mr. Amit Shah along with the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi has also asked 1.3 Indian citizens to promote the idea of a “Self-Reliant” India and “Made in India For India”.

They have asked Indian citizens to substitute Chinese products for Indian products to support the growth of Indian markets and the economy.

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