Facebook Live Audio Rooms and Podcasts Feature Launch in the US

Published Date : Jun 24, 2021
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Facebook Live Audio Rooms and Podcasts Feature Launch in the US

Facebook has launched its Live Audio Rooms in the US region. The new update is available for some iOS users, and soon it will be available for every user. During April, Facebook has listed some of the major events that the team is looking forward to performing, one of which is new audio product investments.

The Clubhouse alternative Facebook has live audio rooms that even support podcasts. Currently, the new feature is only available on iOS devices for public figures and secret Facebook groups. However, the company has stated that in the initial stage, the rooms will be available for verified public figures and creators in the United States who are in good Facebook page experience on iOS. Other than this, it is launching with “dozens of groups,” as per reports.

By the end of this week, users can listen to Liver Audio Rooms and podcasts. According to reports, both the products will be available broadly by this month. Just like Clubhouse and other audio apps, Facebook too has many features to offer.

Facebook Podcast Feature Look
Image Source: Facebook

The interface of the Audio Room is a little different yet simple. The host of the room will be in a rounded profile icon at the top left side of the screen, while the listeners will be in a round profile icon below the host.  For better identification of the speaker, the company has added a glowing ring. The speaker will have the glowing ring on the profile icon to make it easier for listeners to identify.

If there is any person with a verified account in the Audio Room, the listeners can observe a check sign next to their name. Apart from this, the room has features like enabling live captions, a raise hand option, and can share the room. These features are added to ease the experience of the listeners.

In Facebook Live Audio Room, the host can invite people to join in as speakers or as a listener. The limit of speakers is 50, and the number of listeners can be unlimited. At the time of the session, the users will be notified if any of their friends or followers join the session.

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During the session, the listeners can react with the Like and Thumbs Up button from the screen. Other than this, the listeners can even show support in the Live Audio Rooms by sending Starts to the public figures. These stars can be bought and used anytime during the session. It is very similar to the Facebook Live Content.

Facebook Live Audio Rooms Feature Look
Image Source: Facebook

The Stars will help the listener to get into the first few rows. The listeners will be notified once they have sent the stars. The host can use this feature to give shoutouts and identify the supporters easily.

The new features enable the host to support non-profit organizations and fundraisers. The speaker and listeners can donate to a good cause, and the progress bar will show how much has been raised during the session.

In a Facebook group, the admin has the power to assign access for creating a Live Room; it can be anyone from the group, a moderator, a group member, or other admins. The Private room offers limited access only to the group members.

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The users will be notified about the Live Audio Room by news feed and notifications. After that, they can simply sign up. After that, they will be notified whenever a Liver session of their interest takes place.


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