EOS Data Analytics Enhances Its EOSDA Forest Monitoring Solution To Further Promote Sustainable Forestry Management

Published Date : Jul 10, 2023
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EOS Data Analytics Enhances Its EOSDA Forest Monitoring Solution To Further Promote Sustainable Forestry Management

EOS Data Analytics has unveiled an enhanced version of its EOSDA Forest Monitoring solution to help the planet grapple with the escalating environmental crisis. Designed to assess various conditions of forest lands, the platform becomes a custom solution sporting a customer-centric approach and a series of new features and marking a significant milestone in the field of sustainable forestry management.

EOS Data Analytics expands EOSDA Forest Monitoring
Image: EOS Data Analytics

Forests not only absorb carbon – the leading cause of climate change – but also support the well-being of local communities and restore biodiversity. But shrinking by up to 10 million hectares annually due to climate change, urbanization, and aggressive logging, these vital ecosystems are under growing threat. Such alarming statistics underscore the urgency for smart, data-driven forestry management.

EOS Data Analytics, an international leader in AI-fueled satellite imagery analysis, has been a pioneering entity in this domain. Established by Dr. Max Polyakov, the organization has been facilitating sustainable forest management through their product, EOSDA Forest Monitoring, a digital, satellite-driven tool since 2021.

The most recent iteration of EOSDA Forest Monitoring is a bespoke solution that accommodates the unique requirements of individual clients. It empowers a diverse spectrum of users, from landowners and forest custodians to logging firms, food industry businesses, investment and financial entities, and academic research institutes, enabling them to assess forest health from afar by utilizing satellite imagery.

According to Artiom Anisimov, the Chief Executive Officer of EOSDA, EOSDA Forest Monitoring targets to spearhead a transformation in the forestry sector by offering unrivaled visibility and command over their operations. The freshly introduced suite of features epitomizes this idea and assists users in making knowledgeable decisions that harmonize productivity with sustainability. The ultimate objective of this product is twofold: heightened proficiency in businesses’ operations, and a flourishing planet for humanity.

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The augmented platform now comes equipped with a series of sophisticated features:

1. Forest Cover: This tool identifies forest cover by contrasting satellite pictures, allows recurrent monitoring, and promises a precision rate of over 90% when guided by the professionals at EOSDA. This advanced competency can be adjusted to cater to the clients’ demands, rendering a holistic comprehension of the forest terrain.

2. Deforestation: This function recognizes deforestation within a predetermined area over desired time frames. It is an indispensable instrument for tracking and alleviating the repercussions of deforestation, a significant source of worldwide carbon emissions.

Deforestation in West Java, Indonesia, observed in 2016 and 2018
Image: EOS Data Analytics

3. Reforestation. This function examines specified territories to discern areas that have witnessed successful forest rejuvenation. Through the utilization of satellite data, it can spotlight the areas where forest recovery has occurred, thus providing critical information for reforestation initiatives.

4. Tree Species. This tool can differentiate between broad classifications like oak, pine, birch, etc., imparting valuable data for focused forest management. Comprehending the composition of tree species in a forest is a necessity for the preservation of biodiversity and management of forest health.

The species classification of the trees in Zhytomyr Oblast, Ukraine, 2021
Image: EOS Data Analytics

5. Burned Area. In the year 2022 alone, conflagrations caused the loss of tree cover spanning over 4.12 million hectares. This tool offers an evaluation of fire-inflicted damages to assess fire-impacted regions and quantify the extent of forest harm. It can be amalgamated with other functions, for example, the Reforestation tracking algorithms, to assist clients in gauging the efficacy of their reforestation endeavors over time.

Burned areas before and after the California wildfire of 2022.
Image: EOS Data Analytics
Forest health status before and after a wildfire in Guarda, Portugal in 2022
Image: EOS Data Analytics

6. Forest Health Monitoring. This tool assesses forest health using a variety of vegetation indices, providing a historical synopsis and contemporary data, updated approximately every eight days. Although the system predominantly uses imagery captured by the MODIS satellite, which delivers a resolution of 250 meters, it can leverage data from other satellites as necessary.Future enhancements will encompass features such as Biomass Estimation and Carbon Stock, integral to vital climate change countermeasures. The Biomass Estimation feature will offer a window into the aggregate mass of organic matter in a specified region, furnishing an accurate interpretation of the forest’s yield. Additionally, the Carbon Stock feature will facilitate the calculation of the amount of carbon sequestered within the forest, thus playing a critical role in climate change mitigation strategies.

Each function is underpinned by sophisticated AI algorithms and a broad spectrum of satellite data resources, inclusive of Sentinel 1 and 2, and eventually the EOSDA’s EOS SAT-1, the pioneering satellite of EOS SAT, the firm’s forthcoming satellite cluster. Its design accommodates more refined forest dynamics scrutiny from outer space, yielding precise and operationally relevant insights for any designated area, irrespective of dimensions.

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EOS Data Analytics is wholeheartedly devoted to fostering sustainable forestry practices via the prowess of satellite technology. Vera Petryk, Chief Marketing Officer at EOSDA, is of the opinion that solutions such as EOSDA Forest Monitoring have the potential to contribute significantly towards the preservation of Earth’s health for future generations.

The firm is steadfast in its commitment to refining and broadening its range of services, ensuring that its platforms and solutions maintain their position at the apex of technological innovation.

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