Top 10 CCleaner Alternatives to Clean and Optimize Windows PC

Published Date : Feb 24, 2022
Top 10 CCleaner Alternatives to Cleaner and Optimize Windows PC

Are you tired of the new updates in CCleaner? If you are looking for CCleaner alternatives that perform the same way as CCleaner used to, then this article is for you. You can find the best alternatives to CCleaner in this article.

CCleaner was one of the most trusted and most used cleaning tools. Earlier the users don’t even have to think about CCleaner alternatives. But with time, the graph of some software falls and CCleaner is one of them. Earlier the software used to offer an easy-to-use interface where users can find what is being deleted and how much space will be cleaned or how much space will be recovered by the deletion process. With the updates, the CCleaner became more complex.

The reputation of the software has decreased a lot after Avast took over the ownership. The cleaner got complicated for the user and the features which invite users to choose this software are not available anymore. This is the reason why most users are searching for an alternative. If you are also looking for the best alternative, then let us take you to the list of the best options available on the internet which you can choose in place of CCleaner.


10 Best CCleaner Alternatives to Use in 2022

Scroll through our list of the best alternatives to CCleaner and choose an ideal software to clean and optimize your sluggish computer.

1. Advanced System Care

IObit Advanced Systemcare 15

The Advanced System Care software has a very unique interface as compared to all the cleaner software present in the market. It is the best CCleaner alternative for Windows 10 as it can perform every action which is required to keep your PC in better condition. Using the software you can easily monitor RAM, disk usage temperature, these features are not commonly found in cleaners.

The unique feature list and unique interface have made the software the best alternative to CCleaner. The software offers many features which can help you in cleaning and optimizing, some of them are listed below.


  • You can optimize the RAM using this CCleaner alternative.
  • If you have an issue with the internet speed then also you can use this software to increase the speed.
  • Using the AI-powered scan you can clean your system.
  • Unique and simple interface.

Final Verdict: The interface as mentioned is unique from the other similar applications. Its features are unique and can help you optimize the performance of your PC. The tool uses Artificial Intelligence powered scanning technique to scan and remove the unwanted files and programs from your device.

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2. CleanMyPC

CleanMyPC software for Optimize Windows PC

Next software in the list of CCleaner Alternatives, we have CleanMyPC. This is great software if you are looking to clean unwanted files, fix registry issues, manage startup items and keep privacy intact. The user-friendly interface has made the software top the list. It can be a great replacement as it offers similar features and a simpler interface. Whether you are new or professional you can use this software and witness great results. The best part is that the software is available for all Windows OS including 10, 8, 7, and older versions.


  • A great tool for optimizing the performance of a PC.
  • Easily erase your files and data in a secure way.
  • Deep search for files. Even detects the files in hibernation.
  • The software doesn’t hinder the user’s privacy
  • Multi-language support

Final Verdict: The tool CleanMyPC provides great value for the cost it inherits with almost all the features that can improve the performance of Windows devices. It can boost the system performance and optimize the registry.

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3. System Mechanic

System Mechanic software for Optimize Windows PC

Next, we have System Mechanic as an alternative for CCleaner. It is a great tool to improve PC’s performance by removing the junk and useless files from the system. Using the software you can clean up junk, add virtual memory, defrag hard disk and perform various other functions. The best part about the software is that it works without even disturbing the process. You can try this CCleaner alternative to have a nag-free experience.


  • Easily optimize the performance of the PC.
  • Protects your system from threats.
  • Protects privacy, unlike other software.
  • Helps in file recovery.

Final Verdict: The ultimate defense tool is capable of removing more than 50 junk file types and can fix over 30000 issues that can slow down the speed of your PC. It is reliable since it automatically cleans and repairs your device even at times when your device sits idle.

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4. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities software for Optimize Windows PC

Another best alternative to CCleaner is Glary Utilities. This is free software that can help you in optimizing and cleaning the system effectively. It has a similar interface to CCleaner that might interest you. Using the software you can perform various functions like disk cleanup, registry repair, duplicate files finder, memory optimizer, and many others.

The software has a pro version too that requires a yearly subscription to access.


  • It offers more than 20 premium tools to optimize.
  • The software scans fast and accurately.
  • A very easy-to-use software.
  • Find the right tool easily with its clean interface.

Final Verdict: The software is suitable for both personal and professional purposes. Basic version of the software is good enough for individual users to solve errors and boost the performance of their Windows PC. Whereas, the commercial version works well for users with business purposes as it provides high-end protection, technical assistance, and scheduled maintenance.

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5. WinZip System Utilities Suite

WinZip System Utilities Suite

As the name suggests it is a great tool that can help you in with all the needs of your system. The software can help you in improving the system’s performance easily. You can easily perform various functions like registry error cleaning, cleaning junk, defrag hard disk, back up the data, and many more.

The software has two versions which include free and paid versions. Most of the features are the same in both versions. The paid version offers a Driver updater, disk cleaner, disk explorer, and duplicate finder feature, which is not available on the free version. It has been more than 30 years since the software was released. Take a look at the features which might fascinate you.


  • Helps in keeping your data backed up.
  • Easy to use software for optimization.
  • Cleans and protects the system from every threat.

Final Verdict: With the small size, easy and clean interface the software is fairly priced. But the software is good as long as it has an updated version. The WinZip system utility suite tool proves to be beneficial when working with anti-virus software. It is well organized and can enhance and optimize the performance of your Windows device.

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6. Clean Master for PC

Clean Master for PC

Clean Master PC is a great CCleaner alternative that you can choose. It has a very similar interface to CCleaner that displays all the data related to the scan. The software has upgraded the level and offers better features and user experience than the CCleaner. It can be considered as a better version or better alternative to CCleaner.

You can choose the action to perform from the left menu in the software. After the process is completed you can witness a detailed list of the process.


  • This is great software if you want to improve the performance of the system.
  • Easily remove the privacy risk with the Privacy clean feature.
  • Keep your drivers updated for a better and uninterrupted process.
  • Similar to the CCleaner’s interface.

Final Verdict: The software is pricey but the features and functionality of the software are worth the price. The tool can optimize your device without cleaning your private & confidential files. Since the software is designed for the business customer base it is priced and equipped with features accordingly.

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7. Puran Utilities

Puran Utilities software for Optimize Windows PC

It is not just a cleaner software it can offer you every tool which you require for a smooth working process. Whether you are a beginner or a professional you can use this software and improve the working efficiency. This CCleaner alternative offers more than 20 boosters to help you in optimizing the PC. Check the features below to know more.


  • The software has a clean interface using which you can easily find the booster and use them.
  • You can perform functions like registry defrag and registry cleaner with this CCleaner alternative.
  • You can even manage the programs at the startup.
  • Using the shutdown timer you can easily restrict your actions.

Final Verdict: The tool comes loaded with different programs that can improve the performance, optimize and organize the data of your device. It has a clean interface which makes it a great choice for beginners too. Comes with a shutdown timer through which users can restrict their actions. The tool maintains the tip-top shape of your Windows device and is worth all the features.

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8. Wise Care 365

Wise Care 365 software for Optimize Windows PC

Wise Care 365 is another software like CCleaner which you can use. It has a similar interface which you may like about the software. You can easily clean junk files, erase privacy affecting traces, clean extensions, and perform many more functions.

The software uses the top technology to optimize the PC. It has two versions available including the free and paid version.


  • Real-time protection feature.
  • World’s fastest system optimization tool. (Company claims)
  • A great tool to monitor hardware and software.
  • Multiple language support.

Final Verdict: The additional Advance cleaner of the tool makes it different from the other similar tools available. Although the features of the software are comparatively less, the purpose of memory optimization is easily solved with the help of the tool. Overall Wise care is a simple system optimizer tool.

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9. BleachBit

BleachBit software for Optimize Windows PC

BleachBit can be the best alternative to CCleaner as it offers the features that you might be looking for in an alternative. The software is really easy to operate, moreover, it has a very clean and neat interface. The software can help you in cleaning history, cookies, caches, and other files which may affect the process of the system. Other than this the software offers features like shredding, wiping free space, and wipe traces. If you are still confused about the software then read below for more information.


  • The software keeps your privacy intact and performance improved.
  • Time to time update to add new features to the software.
  • Bleach Bit, a CCleaner alternative is available for Windows and Linux OS.
  • Easy interface for cleaning junk and useless files.

Final Verdict: The software is an optimizer tool available for free. BleachBit has an easy working interface that makes it easily accessible for naive users. However, it only allows the disk cleanup at basic levels and features of privacy removal. With language support of 64 languages, the software is worth giving a try.

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 10. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

If you are still looking for software like CCleaner, then this last software can end your search. Lastly, we have one of the best alternatives to CCleaner i.e, Ashampoo WinOptimizer. The software has a very catchy interface which you may like and along with the interface, it offers the users features better than the CCleaner. You can easily delete, defrag, fix the registry and perform various other functions using this amazing software. Overall the software is an all-in-one package for cleaning and optimizing the system.


  • Simple yet catchy interface.
  • Displays performance of the system.
  • The software scans and detects duplicates accurately from the system.
  • A variety of tools is offered with the software for maintenance purposes.

Final Verdict: The tool Ashampoo WinOptimizer provides a new life shot to your Windows PC. With a user-friendly interface, the tool comes in a reasonable price range. However, the basic version of the tool is available for a free trial. With features like cleaning, privacy enhancement, optimization, and maintenance support the tool is an all-in-one package for all your system cleanup requirements. The tool makes a perfect choice for both beginners and experts.

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Concluding the List of Best CCleaner Alternatives of 2022

By looking at the above-mentioned list of software we hope that you will find the best alternative to CCleaner. The software list is created on the basis of similarity to CCleaner. All the features offer the same or better features that might help you in choosing the perfect CCleaner alternative. If you have any suggestions regarding this article, write them down in the comments section below.

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