Bitdefender Internet Security Review 2021: Features, Specifications, Price & More

Published Date : Dec 29, 2020
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Bitdefender Internet Security Review 2021: Features, Specifications, Price & More

Cybersecurity is everyone’s primal need nowadays because of our massive dependence on computers and the internet for everything. From our personal data to our medical and financial records, our employment details, our social life, and everything else can be accessed via the internet nowadays, which can lead to disasters if not protected adequately. 

To avoid such disasters, experts recommend implementing effective cybersecurity measures to protect the data stored in our systems, devices, and networks.

One such impeccable way of ensuring internet security in the modern era is with the use of a complete internet security suite that can do a lot more than a light-weight antivirus software.

Bitdefender’s Internet Security software is a top-notch product that offers rich features at a reasonable price compared to similar other products in the market. Hence if you are looking for acquiring a next-level internet security provider, then get a complete idea on the Bitdefender Internet Security program to consider it as an option for yourself.

Bitdefender Internet Security Review 2021: A Complete Guide

In this review, we will look at the notable offerings of the Bitdefender Internet Security program along with other necessary information associated with it.

Bitdefender Internet Security: What is it?

Bitdefender claims to be the “Global Leader in Cybersecurity,” having a global reach of 500 million system users. 

Bitdefender Internet Security has been awarded “Product of the Year” by AV-Comparatives in 2019. Additionally, it has also received several accolades from industry experts.

Bitdefender Internet Security program offers layers of protection to its users. An extremely user-friendly and light-weight application, it works continuously and precisely detects system changes to provide the best protection for its users.

What’s more astounding about this application is that it also prevents system slowdowns during heavy CPU usage.

This internet security software prevents unauthorized access to your private data by offering two-way firewall protection. There are bundles of other offerings that make it quite popular among users, one being the customizable dashboard to select core features and do plenty of other things.

With this tool, you have the most powerful and innovative technologies in your hand that can predict, detect, prevent, and thwart the most advanced cyberattacks of the world.

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System Requirements:

Below, we have the technical pre-requisites for installing the Bitdefender Internet Security tool.

Operating SystemWindows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.0, Windows 7 (with Service Pack 1)
Hard Disk Space2.5 GB of free space needed
Software RequirementsInternet Explorer v.11

Pricing Structure:

For new users, a free trial period of 30-days is available, after which users can opt for any of the below subscription options as per their need:

No. of DevicesDuration
1 Year2 Years3 Years

Key Features of Bitdefender Internet Security

Unparalleled security is at your fingertips for your Windows machine with the Bitdefender Internet Security tool. It comes with a range of security features which we have elaborated below.

Various Types of Protection Measures Offered

Here is a comprehensive list of features that can secure your system against cyber threats:

1. Real-Time Protection: Users can get real-time data protection starting from zero-day threats to existing threats with the help of heuristic methods. 

2. Advanced Threat Defense: This tool is capable of behavioral detection techniques to keep an eye on active programs to detect and prevent infections.

3. Ransomware Protection: The multi-layered ransomware protection effectively safeguards images, documents, videos, and music files.

4. Antimalware Protection: Antimalware protection is effective against viruses, rootkits, Trojans, spyware, keyloggers, backdoors, etc.

5. Vulnerability Assessment: It is capable of detecting vulnerabilities by scanning applications along with the operating system.

6. Anti-phishing, Anti-Fraud, and Antispam Features: The application can offer protection against online fraud attacks, phishing attacks via mail, and other relevant means. 

7. Rescue Mode: With this splendid feature, users can scan and disinfect all hard drive partitions existing outside the OS too.

8. Protection from USB Threats: The USB Immunizer feature offers protection against NTFS or FAT32 formatted flash drives from installing malware.

9. Web Attack Prevention: This feature allows the tool to instantly scan the websites before visiting them and simultaneously blocking all malicious ones.

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Multiple Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy and Personal Data

Bitdefender Internet Security can protect your data online in the following ways:

1. Secure Browsing Experience: Besides the above-mentioned features, the tool can offer protection against network-related threats. Another magnificent attribute of this tool is its capability to scan Wi-Fi networks; especially the public Wi-Fi’s and warns you against unsafe networks before you decide to use them. The Bitdefender Internet Security app also encrypts internet communication over unsafe connections.

2. Bitdefender VPN: VPN is an important technology to secure your online data nowadays. With the in-built Bitdefender VPN, you can encrypt the data transmitted online and protect it. You can use up to 200 MB of encrypted data per day per device as per your purchased plan.

3. Firewall: You get two-way firewall protection that filters connection attempts and keeps your system safe.

4. Tracking Protection: The anti-tracker extension, in addition to the presence of the VPN, prevents online scammers and hackers, or anyone else to track your browsing activity.

5. Protection while Banking: The dedicated browser is known as Bitdefender Safepay can protect your online transactions while using internet banking and shopping by preventing hacking and fraud attempts.

6. Microphone and Webcam Protection: With this program, users can prevent spying and eavesdropping through their Windows devices.

7. Parental Control: It allows URL and application blocking.

8. Social Network Protection: Social media sites also receive adequate protection as the tool blocks malicious links or other threats forwarded via messages and social media posts. 

9. Password Manager: The secure wallet feature stores your passwords and other sensitive information.

10. File Shredder: With this tool, you can securely shred files containing confidential data easily.

Impact on the Performance of Your Windows System

As mentioned above, this app is light-weight and creates less pressure on the system resources. The tool can also optimize and improve system performance.

1. Autopilot: This feature enables Bitdefender Internet Security to recommend necessary security actions.

2. Bitdefender Photon: The tool helps optimize and enhance system performance by adapting to your hardware and software configuration, thereby modulating the system speed accordingly.

3. Battery Mode: It can extend the laptop’s battery life by adjusting display settings, managing system updates, and the system cooling function. 

4. Global Protective Network: This cloud-based tool performs most of the functions in the cloud, thereby lessening the load on your system.

5. Gaming, Videos & Work Profiles: The software detects your activity on the Windows system and accordingly modifies the use of system resources.

Merits & Demerits of Using Bitdefender Internet Security

Like all apps, there are pros and cons of the Bitdefender Internet Security application, which we have highlighted in the below segment.

Pros of Bitdefender Internet Security:

Besides the vividly described features above, Bitdefender Internet Security also includes the below-mentioned benefits.

  • The tool runs in the background continuously and generates a weekly security report.
  • Users can remotely manage the Bitdefender Internet Security application on any device from a particular device if they are using a multi-device plan.
  • A single touch application allows you to avail complete automated protection for your devices.
  • Round the clock technical assistance makes it easy to use the application.

Cons of Bitdefender Internet Security:

  • It doesn’t support older versions of Windows like Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Final Verdict on Embracing Bitdefender Internet Security

So, after reviewing the extensive list of features and offerings, you can understand that the Bitdefender Internet Security application is not simply a tool to offer protection against cyber threats but also maintain your system performance, extend laptop’s battery life, manage your passwords, and do a lot more.

If you install this app for once and all, it can definitely take care of your Windows computer in more than one ways.

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