15 Best Video Compressor Apps For Android & iPhone In 2024

Published Date : Jan 16, 2024
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Best Video Compressor Apps For Android & iPhone

Do you want to empty your phone storage space? Using the best video compressor apps you can free your phone storage space as well as retain all the beautiful videos you have captured using your smartphone. These video compressor apps for android & iOS can shrink the video size without decreasing the resolution of the videos.

You can also share videos on social media platforms after compressing the videos with such apps as there is usually a bandwidth and size limit on various platforms which prevents us from uploading large videos freely.

Therefore, in this blog, we will look at the best video compressor apps for smartphones available in 2024.

Top 4 Best Video Compressor Apps for iPhone in 2024

Here are the best video compressor apps to compress videos on your smartphone.

1. Video compressor & Editor

Best Video Compressor Apps For iPhone - Video compressor & Editor

A simple interface and variety of features makes this tool the best video compressor app for iPhone. You can crop, trim, split, cut, and even merge videos.

This app supports multiple resolution options for H.264 and HEVC files. Additional features of this app include multiple bit rate options, a preview function, etc.

2. Video Compressor – Shrink videos 

Video Compressor - Shrink videos

Here is a brilliant full-featured video compressor app for iPhone that is easy-to-use with commendable features like batch compression, cropping, trimming, and even helps to share them on social media platforms directly.

It can efficiently shrink the size of the video by 80%. It can automatically identify large video files. This tool comes with many presets and helps you to reduce the size of photos as well.

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3. Video Compressor

Video Compressor Apps For iPhone

Video compressor app is capable of compressing videos that are recorded by the smartphone camera. It is able to reduce the size of the video files by over 70%. 

This best video compressor app for iPhone supports video compression of FHD videos to 720p resolution along with the video trimming function.

4. Compress Videos & Resize

Compress Videos & Resize

The app is available for free to download but can ask for in-app purchases. The app is capable of editing the video other than just compressing and resizing it. The user can easily resize the video without even changing the video quality.

it supports multiple formats including H.264, MPEG-4, HEVC,.m4v, .mp4, and .mov. With the pro version, users can have an ad free experience and can also edit multiple videos at the same time. The app has been rated 4.7 out of 5 in the App Store. 

Top 11 Best Video Compressor Apps for Android:

1. Video Compress

Best Video Compressor Apps - Video Compress

Compress videos with Video Compress as this is the best video compressor app in this category. This app offers a dynamic range of features, starting from letting you compress videos to allowing conversion of videos to audio.

Having a user-friendly UI, it supports maximum video formats. Not only does it facilitate video compression, but it also does so without degrading the video quality. Usually, this app generates a copy of the compressed video while retaining the original one and saves the copy in the gallery.

With this video compressor app for Android in 2024, you can remove audio from videos before sharing on social media sites. You can also rotate videos as well as extract subtitles from videos. The most appreciable thing about this app is that this app can function on low-speed internet too.  

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2. Video Transcoder

Best Video Compressor Apps - Video Transcoder

Achieve superior quality video compression with this one of the best video compressor app for Android – Video Transcoder. This video compressor app is easy to install by granting fewer permissions and doesn’t depend much on internet availability.

With Video Transcoder you can convert videos to a wide variety of video formats like Avi, Mp3, Mp4, Matroska, etc. An open-source program, this app offers ad-free service. 

Here’s your free solution to compressing videos without putting your private data at risk. The encoding process is pretty swift. Trimming videos and extracting audio are some of the added benefits of this Android video compressor.

3. VidCompact

Best Video Compressor Apps - VidCompact

Our next pick in the category of best free video compressor app for Android is the VidCompact app. It can achieve compression up to 54% and supports batch conversions. You can install and use this app for free but will have to bear a few ads. 

It supports an array of video formats for compression purposes. Having an easy-to-use interface and a quicker compression process makes this app a preferred tool for video compression among masses.

Don’t just compress videos but choose an output resolution as well with this app. Trim videos, rename a video, edit a video, change audio frequency, and perform a whole lot of activities with this app.

4. Video Compressor

Best Video Compressor Apps - Video Compressor

This is a great video compressor app which can do a lot more than video compression. Shrink a video, convert a video to MP4, cut a video, extract MP3 audio from video, and reduce video size with this application.

Being an absolutely free and easy-to-use tool, it uses hardware codec for fast compression of videos.

Additionally, you can also share videos with the help of this app. It offers another convenience that is supporting batch compression of images.

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5. Resize Video

Best Video Compressor Apps - Resize Video

Resize Video offers a complete solution for resizing your videos, and even trimming your videos. It has easy-to-use features with which you can mute a video while sharing it on social media sites like Facebook.

Installing this app is easy but it contains ads which can ruin the user experience to an extent. However, the most attractive feature of this best app for video compression is the customization feature that lets users add music to a video.

6. Video Compressor Panda

Best Video Compressor Apps - Video Compressor Panda

With a cute name, this video compressor application can help you make your videos smaller swiftly. You can resize your videos without hampering the original quality of the video.

The tool is efficient enough in helping you share the videos via email and on various social media platforms without any hassles. The app supports innumerable video formats.

It also doesn’t hog your mobile data and supports video sharing even when the network is poor. Thus, this is the ultimate Android app for compressing videos.

7. Video Dieter 2

Best Video Compressor Apps - Video Dieter 2

Fit all your videos in your smartphone with the help of this best video compressor app for Android. Moreover, this app lets you share your videos conveniently on social media platforms.

Besides having a beautiful interface, this app is loaded with amazing features. It lets you trim and compress a video with fast transcoding ability. You can also choose the output video resolution and quality apart from adjusting the play speed.

The tool offers a time-lapse option to downsize a video. This free app also offers 24 different photo filters to personalize your images.

8. Video & Movies Compressor

Best Video Compressor Apps - Video & Movies Compressor

If you are still searching for the best free app to compress videos on Android, then try Video & Movies compressor. Loaded with a bunch of features and a simple UI, this app supports multiple video and movie formats. This free app can compress videos using high-end compression technology.

You can compress movies, TV shows and camera recordings by running the app in the background. It delivers excellent output quality. A slider makes it easy to adjust the shrinking level.

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9. Smart Video Compressor and Resizer

Best Video Compressor Apps - Smart Video Compressor and Resizer

Here’s another excellent video compressor app for your smartphone, which is free to use and can shrink videos in 720p, VGA and low-quality as well. This app shows the live compression progress of the file. It can be used to retain the metadata too. 

10. Video & Image compressor

Best Video Compressor Apps For Android - Video & Image compressor

You can compress videos and images with this free video compressor app. This app is equipped with some cool features that makes it very easy-to-use. It helps to resize a video and image up to 99%.

11. YouCut


You cut is a great app for Android users with many features other than just compressing the video. With this app, you can trim, cut, transcode and share the project with your friends. Sharing to different social media sites including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc is available. The multiple video format support makes it easy to edit any format video. 

Using the app you can choose aspect ratios 1:1,16:9, 3:2 for the video output. During the editing phase, you can also change the background according to your choice. The best part about the app is, it is available for free at the Google Play Store. The users have rated the app 4.8 out of 5 in the Play Store.

Frequently Asked Question’s About Video Compressor Apps

Q1. What is Meant by Video Compression?

The term video compression refers to the method of decreasing the data that usually is responsible for encoding the digital video content. It removes useless and non-functional data from the original video to reduce the size of the video file.

It is found to be useful as storing the video files requires lesser storage space and even consumes lower transmission bandwidth when a video is shared.

Q2. Why is Compressing Your Videos Beneficial For You?

Compressing videos can prove to be immensely useful because uncompressed videos usually occupy huge storage space, thereby slowing down your phone and making it difficult to store important files and apps.

Another reason that the compressed videos facilitates is easy and faster uploading of videos on YouTube and other social media platforms. 

Thus, it altogether reduces the storage space requirements and transmission bandwidth, therefore, it lowers the charges incurred upon you in comparison to storing, maintaining, and sharing uncompressed videos.

Q3. How to Compress a Video? 

You can compress videos efficiently and conveniently by using the applications mentioned in the above article.


Thus, now that you have become aware of several video compressor apps for android & iPhone and know that they are absolutely easy to obtain and use, therefore, what are you waiting for? Go and grab an ideal application mentioned in this article for resizing your smartphone videos without any hassles. 

These best video compressor apps can help increase your smartphone’s storage space by shrinking several videos without affecting the resolution of the video.

If you are aware of any other application, or have any suggestions for us, then let us know in the comments section below.

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