7 Best Podcast Apps for Mac in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Published Date : Apr 08, 2024
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Best Podcast Apps for Mac

Here’s an extensive list of some of the best podcast apps for Mac that will help you create and edit your podcasts with ease. 

The podcasting sector is seeing tremendous growth. Through a combination of acquisitions and exclusive agreements with prominent artists, Spotify is working to improve its podcast experience.

Additionally, Apple is making waves with its Podcasts software, which is available for both the iPhone and the Mac. With that being said, if you are a lover of listening to podcasts, you should give the programs listed below a try in order to get the most out of your experience with the best podcast apps for Mac.

You may be the kind of person who often listens to podcasts on technology while you Are working on your Mac. For you, we began hunting for a podcast program that was capable of running on a Mac. Among the below best podcast apps for macOS, we have determined which applications are the most excellent. So, let’s get started with the apps.

Top 7 Best Podcast Apps for MacBook in 2024

In the coming sections of this guide, we will have a look at some of the best podcast apps for Mac. For your ease, we have listed and described the features of multiple tools at once. So, you can give them all a go before deciding on the ideal podcast app for your Mac desktop.

1. Podcast Player from Castbox

Podcast Player from Castbox

Let’s check out the first app on this list of the best podcast apps for Mac. Podcast Player from Podcast Player from Castbox offers the majority of its material at no cost, and in contrast to the majority of the podcast applications for Mac that are discussed in this article, it does not restrict certain functionality to free users.

However, this free podcast app for Mac will charge you a significant amount of money to listen to premium material. In spite of this, you will not have access to a different platform in the future since it also provides audiobooks and shows practically all of the most popular podcasts. In addition, the Podcast Player from Castbox’s feature set is another one of its strengths, since it brings together all of the essential elements in a straightforward user interface.

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2. Podcast with Downcast

Podcast with Downcast

Podcast with DownCast may seem like an ineffective name but is one of the best podcast apps for Mac. Downcast addresses all of your concerns and provides a service that is free of advertisements at a price that is not prohibitive. But there is a significant flaw with it, and that is the sound quality.

Additionally, this podcast app for Mac desktop provides support for all Apple devices, such as Apple podcasts, and it covers a broad variety of subjects, including certain talks that are only available to Apple customers. The quality of the program is comparable to that of the free version of Spotify, despite the fact that it is a paid application. Although this is the case, there are other remarkable features, such as the ability to take notes while listening.

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3. Podurama- Free Podcast

Podurama- Free Podcast

Podurama- Free Podcast is a free program with a limited number of advertisements, thus making it one of the best podcast apps for Mac. Podurama- Free Podcast is the best option for you if you are seeking a free app. Despite the fact that it is free, Podurama- Free Podcast will not let you down with its capabilities.

This best free podcast app for Mac offers outstanding playing choices, such as the ability to change the tempo of the playback, cut silences, cast on another device, and support for Bluetooth that is built in. Mac users like you will surely like Podurama- Free Podcast, which is another amazing and cross-platform podcast software.

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4. Podbean Podcast

Podbean Podcast

Let’s learn more about the next one of the best podcast apps for Mac. Podbean Podbean provides you with an experience that is free of advertisements. On the other hand, the bulk of the elements on the interface are designed with the makers in mind. If you want to make podcasts in addition to listening to them, Podbean Podbean is the platform that gives you the most flexibility.

Nevertheless, considering that you can locate all of the material on another platform, this podcast app for Mac desktop does not possess anything that makes you feel compelled to continue using it. Instead, it is recommended that you choose a powerful podcast player for Mac, such as Luminary, rather than this.

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5. Luminary Podcast

Luminary Podcast

The functions that Luminary offers will be sufficient to meet your needs, unlike some other best podcast apps for Mac. Luminary is a podcast software that provides the greatest possible experience for its users. It has features like as sleep timers, smart filters, a dark background, and the ability to bookmark those that are most important to you.

When compared to the other podcast programs that are included on the list, it is somewhat expensive. On the other hand, the expensive monthly fee is justified by the fact that this podcast app for your Mac desktop offers a one-of-a-kind experience and exclusive material.

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6. Podcast by Overcast

Podcast by Overcast

Let’s have a look at Podcast by Overcast as one of the best podcast apps for Mac. Once you upgrade to the premium version of Podcast by Overcast, the only thing it will provide for you is quality, efficiency, and a pleasant experience.

The free version of Podcast by Overcast will irritate you with a large number of advertisements. With features such as smart speed, offline listening, smart filters, unique profiles, optional alerts from your favorite programs, a sleep timer, and more, Podcast by Overcast guarantees that you will have all you need.

In addition, since this best free podcast app for Mac is always being improved, you will never have to transfer to a new platform. This is because all podcasters will be able to upload their episodes to the platform, and the developer will provide beneficial updates on a regular basis.

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7. Podcast App

Podcast App

Here’s the last product in this list of the best podcast apps for Mac. It is true that the Podcast App covers a wide variety of subjects and gives you the ability to customize your experience across all of your devices; nevertheless, it is lacking in several essential functions, such as auto-play.

In addition to that, the exorbitant cost of the membership of the best podcast apps for a MacBook is another factor. You will be able to locate podcasts linked to the person, subject, sport, or mood that you are interested in listening to on the site, regardless of your preferences. This app that is popular among users of Mac, iOS, and Android is called Podcast App. The majority of categories are included in it.

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Best Podcast Apps for macOS: Final Thoughts

The podcast business is seeing a surge in popularity. When you are driving or listening to your favorite creator while you are on the move, a format that simply contains audio is ideal. When you are working from your desk, you can always utilize the best podcast apps for Mac that were mentioned above to maintain a connection with the podcast channel that you like the most.

Through reading this post, we hope that you have gained some insight into the many alternatives that are available for Mac computers. Get in touch with our experts at Tehcpout right away if you have any more questions about the selection of the finest and free podcast app for Mac.

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