12 Best Photo Editing Apps & Software For Mac in 2024

Published Date : Jan 04, 2024
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12 Best Photo Editing Apps & Software For Mac in 2020

Check out this extensive list of the best photo editing apps for Mac and create digital masterpieces from simple images with ease.

Do you still use a high-end DSLR for clicking pictures and capturing mesmerizing moments? Well, with the advancements of smartphones, now everyone can be a photographer. But in the curiosity to get that one perfect click will end up taking hundreds of shots. 

In addition to the high-end camera of our smartphones, we still need good photo editing software to edit and polish our dull shots, and make them Instagram suitable. Mac photo editing apps help you to fix and organize your pictures according to your taste and liking. 

If you are looking for a professional photo editing tool to add meaning to your dull pictures and make them aesthetically pleasing then refer to our list of best mac photo editing apps. Learn How to Edit Photos on Your Mac to improve the overall quality and look of your picture. 

Fortunately, the market is filled with an ocean of options but to help you pick the best tool in the lot, here we have compiled a well-researched list of some of the best photo editing apps and software for mac. Read ahead to find out the best option according to your needs.

12 Best Photo Editors For Mac in 2024:

1. Adobe Photoshop- The Top Photo Editing Software for Mac

Adobe Photoshop - Best Photo Editors For Mac
Image Source: Adobe

By far the best photo editing apps for Mac and Windows devices. It is undeniably the most loved tool in the market and is commonly known as a synonym to photo editing software.

Loaded with an ocean of features and high-end benefits it is highly popular amongst the fraternity of artists, photographers, designers, and illustrators. In addition to beginners, it is specifically built to suit the high-end requirements of professionals. The key features of this amazing photo editing software for mac are listed below, you name it and Adobe Photoshop will have it.

  • It comes with incredible retouching capabilities and cloning.
  • It can polish your dull images in seconds including the large size images.
  • It includes a great list of selection and masking tools.
  • Adobe Photoshop can support images of multiple formats including PNG, JPG, GIF, and many more.
  • With this incredible tool, you get access to almost 360 editing tools and map support for HEIF files.
  • It uses a non-destructive editing mechanism to enhance the overall appearance and look of your images.

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2. Skylum Luminar 4

Skylum Luminar 4 - Best Mac Photo Editing Apps and Software
Image Source: Skylum

Known for its array of best filters and HDR, Skylum luminar 4 deserves a spot on our list of best batch photo editing apps. With its affordable pricing structure and image editing capabilities it has gained massive popularity in the last few years. 

It is a perfect amalgamation of the features of both Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Some of the key features of this Mac photo editing tool are: 

  • For better user experience it offers 24/7 sales and technical support.
  • It is powered by fast editing tools and functionalities.
  • Loaded with an array of adjustment masks and layers.
  • With its clever editing shortcuts and capabilities, you can effortlessly manage your photographs.
  • It comes with multiple viewing options including a single image view, filmstrip view, and gallery view.
  • Sun rays, AI-powered sky enhancers, and accidental AI are a few of its other offerings.

3. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom - Online Mac Photo Editing App
Image Source: Adobe

If you are looking for an online Mac photo editing app, then Adobe Lightroom can be a good pick to start with. With its cutting-edge technology and photo editing abilities, it enjoys great popularity in the world of photo editing software. It is a cloud-based tool.

It comes with easy-to-use yet high-end editing features. In addition to this, its interface is quite user-friendly and simple to use. Below you will find more information related to this the best app for editing photos on Mac.

  • Lightroom can easily sync with several devices. 
  • It comes with customizable sliders along with brush adjustment tools and gradients.
  • You also get access to multiple preset filters and professional filters with it.
  • Fixing tools, lens-based correction capabilities, and blurring tools are a few of its other offerings.
  • Manage your photo gallery more efficiently with its face detection feature.

4. Canva

Canva - Best Apps For Mac Photo Editing
Image Source: Canva

If your search for the best apps for mac photo editing is still going on then Canva can help you. It is a great tool for designing photo templates for both business and personal use. It comes with a clean interface and easy-to-use editing tools and graphics.

Use it to add various fonts and graphics to your dull images and make them Instagram-ready.

  • Works well on both computer systems and smartphones,
  • It comes with image cropping and image straightening features along with a speech bubble maker.
  • It is packed with a massive library of graphic designs and images and also supports cloud storage.
  • With Canva you get access to over 8000+ photo templates, icons, photos, and pre-designed cards to create visually stunning content.

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5. Skylum Aurora HDR

Skylum Aurora HDR - Best Photo Editing Apps and Software For Mac
Image Source: Skylum

Next on our list of image editing software for mac is Skylum Aurora HDR. It works well with Windows devices as well and can easily be integrated as an Apple photo extension. With its AI-based neural network, you can create HDR images within seconds. 

  • It is loaded with an array of 20+ editing tools to create HDR images.
  • It offers a great way to polish your raw images and leverage their appearance with its 80 unique presets.
  • Enhance the clarity and optimize the contrast of your images with its HDR clarity feature.
  • It can add depth and details to your photo and can also clean noise.

6. Vsco

Vsco - Mac Photo Editing Apps
Image Source: Vsco

Next on our list of Mac photo editing apps is Vsco. Its advanced effects and stylish photo editing abilities make it highly popular amongst the fraternity of professional photographers. 

Add life to your dull images with the help of its preset filters. Highlights, white balance, and exposure are a few of its editing tools with which you can adjust the color, exposure, and sharpness of your images. This is the best photo editing software for beginners on Mac.

7. DesignWizard

DesignWizard - Best Photo Editor For Mac Users
Image Source: DesignWizard

Are you still wondering what is the best photo editor for Mac users, then try DesignWizard. This feature-rich tool is packed with advanced controls and is well known for its high-end image design templates.

In addition to this, it also comes with a massive range of images, graphics, illustrations, and high-quality videos. Along with this you also get access to various marketing tools like sale posters, Linkedin Ads, Facebook Ads campaigns, and much more. 

This mac photo editor comes with a clean and convenient interface and works seamlessly well with iOS devices.

8. Capture One

Capture One - Professional Photo Editing Tool
Image Source: Capture One

If you have been using Adobe Lightroom, then try Capture One now to enjoy a lot of other unique features. With this incredible photo editing software, you can polish your images within seconds. 

Use the advanced color editing features and masking capabilities of this best free photo editing software for Mac to add life to your images.

9. ON1 Photo Raw

ON1 Photo Raw - Best Photo Editing Apps in 2020
Image Source: ON1

Experience a completely new taste of photo editing with our next pick of Best Mac Photo Editing Apps, ON1 Photo Raw. Its cutting-edge capabilities allow you to convert your raw clicks into stunning images without spending too much time and effort.

With its dual-mode feature, you can not only edit but also browse various images. Enjoy live adjustments and preview with this power-packer photo editor software.

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10. GIMP

GIMP - Best Photo Editor Tool For Mac
Image Source: GIMP

Also known as the GNU Image Manipulation Program. GIMP is an open-source mac photo editor app. 

Use it to retouch your dull images and create stunning pieces of the original artwork. Apart from this it also allows you to create pro-level graphic design elements. It is a free application and comes loaded with several pre-level editing features.

11. Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements Tools For Photo Editor
Image Source: Adobe

If you are new to the world of photography and image editing. Choose Adobe Photoshop Elements. It comes with a clean interface and easy-to-use features. 

It is powered with an advanced AI- capability. Use its Guided Edit feature to create memes, part-image sketches, and multi-photo texts. 

12. PortraitPro

Portraitpro - Best Mac Photo Editing Tools
Image Source: Anthropics

If you love portrait photography, then Portraitpro is a blessing for you. The software is loaded with all the essential features that you need to create stunning portrait pieces. 

Use its Advanced makeup tool to efficiently transform dull faces. You can also try its wrinkle removing and skin smoothing features.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Apple Photo Editing Software

In case you have any kind of questions related to the best free photo editing software for Mac. We think that the below-listed FAQs can help you:

How to edit photos on Mac without photoshop?

You can edit the photos on Mac without photoshop using the Photos app on the Mac. Open the image with the Photos app and click on the Edit option in the toolbar. Now, you can access different options like exposure, crop, rotate, retouch, red-eye, and numerous more to edit the images. However, the Photos tool does not have advanced options to edit the images. For that, you need to use a third-party Mac picture editor.

Do Macs come with photo editing software?

Yes, Macs come with an integrated free photo editor Mac named Photos. You can use the same to introduce some basic edits to the images.

What is the best picture editing software for Mac?

The best app for editing photos on a Mac is Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Skylum, and Canva. Although other tools listed above also offer advanced editing options, these are the ones we recommend.

What do Mac users use to Edit Photos?

To edit photos, Mac users can either use the best photoshop for Mac free or the integrated Photos app. However, the former has numerous advanced and better features than the latter.

Wrapping Up The Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Mac

Dive into the world of photography with photo editing apps and software. Each Mac photo editing tool mentioned above has a unique feature to offer alongside the basic features. 

Refer to our list and pick the best-suited tool for yourself depending on your need, photography skills, budget, and preferences. 

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