10 Best Photo Organizer Software For Mac to Organize Your Photo Collection

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10 Best Photo Organizer Software For Mac to Organize Your Photo Collection

With the growth of Smartphones, digital photography is no more considered as rocket science. The use of photo manager, organizers, and editing tool is not just limited to professionals

Although technology has made photography quite easy for the mass, it is still a form of true-art. It allows you to capture the cherishable moments and save them for your lifetime. As a result, it is highly crucial to keep them in an organized form.

Are you confused about the best photo organizing software? Don’t have a clue which photo manager to choose to organize your photo collection? 

Refer to our survey and have a look at some of the best photo organizing tools available. 

What is the Photo Organizer Software? 

A photo organizer is a tool which principally works on organizing and treating vast quantities of digital images. 

Why Should One Use an Image Organizer Software? 

Taking pictures is a never-ending task, and often we end up clicking hundreds of photos with our smartphones. 

With time we accumulate a massive number of images in our phones, but is every picture worth using? Not really. Instead, it results in unwanted junk accumulation which eats away an enormous portion of hard disk space. 

An image manager is a straightforward method of organizing pictures, identifying and keeping the best shot. This way, it not only helps you choose the best quality photos but also avoid system garbage. 

10 Best Photo Organizers Software For Mac in 2020

1. Similar Photo Cleaner

Similar Photo Cleaner

Similar photo cleaner is an incredible tool that identifies and removes multiple copies of similar images. 

It’s a hybrid software that works as a duplicate photo finder and junk cleaner tool. It can quickly restore gigabytes of your Mac’s disk space by organizing your photo gallery. 

Main Features:

  • Fast system scanning: Once launched it quickly scans your gallery to detect duplicate and similar-looking pictures. 
  • Preview Scanned image: Users can preview a duplicate picture before deleting it. 
  • Delete Duplicate pictures: Delete similar and duplicates in a single tap, restore the best shot and organize your albums effortlessly with Similar Photo cleaner.
  • Auto Marks files: You can easily distinguish between the data to be deleted and not to be deleted. It removes the marked pictures, restoring the unmarked ones.

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2. AfterShot Pro 2

AfterShot Pro 2

Next in the list of best photo organizers for Mac is AfterShot Pro 2, which organizes and provides a single view of your photo gallery in one place. 

With its powerful batch processing features, it can easily edit and alter images. 

Loaded with sophisticated tools, it can easily search for duplicate files irrespective of their size and location. Compare, filter and delete and save the best shot in a single touch with the photo manager.

3. Phase OneMediaPro 1

Phase OneMediaPro 1

This forms a decent choice for people who like keeping their photo gallery managed and organized.

Its main features are: 

  • It can convert Raw pictures to BMP, PNG and JPEG format. 
  • It can process, rename and edit photographs in batches. 
  • Its auto-sort feature can quickly sort and categorize images with the help of metadata annotations.

4. Nomac


This user-friendly and lightweight photo manager is Nomac. It comes with a unique feature to scan and detect images from zip files as well. 

You can adjust color, contrast, and hue with it and use its pseudo color feature to make false-color pictures.

 It uses simple search filters to organize your files and runs smoothly on multiple platforms including Mac, Windows, and Linux.

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5. Apowersoft Photo Viewer

Apowersoft Photo Viewer

This light-weight software works on the minimum resource, which supports smooth and fast performance. It allows you to scroll through large images, choose, edit and process them in batches. 

With its quick screenshot feature, you can easily edit and save the best screenshots. Apowersoft undoubtedly earns a good place in the list of best photo organizers with its minimalistic but robust design.

6. Unbound


Decently organize your images according to your needs with Unbound. 

It can locate a specific album from multiple options and easily sync your records to your Mac, iPhone, iPad by using Dropbox.

7. Google Picasa 

Google Picasa

This software turns out to be one of the most valuable tools when you are trying to locate the best shot.

This free software can effortlessly arrange your computerized photos and is supported on both Mac and Windows platforms.

8. XnViewMP


Released in 1998, this is one of the oldest image managers. Besides organizing, it can also rotate, crop, resize, apply filters and adjust the color of your photographs. 

It is one of the most trusted photo management tools for Mac and comes with an array of sophisticated features.

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9. Digikam


Digikam offers all crucial and useful features that one needs to manage their photo gallery. It is supported on Mac OS and Windows platforms.

10. PhotoQt


This photo organizer tool is entirely from other options available in the same category. It can adjust your images automatically, thereby organizing them within seconds. 

This easy to use photo manager works on Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms. 

Each photo organizing software comes with some of the other unique features. Above mentioned are a few of the best photo organizer software for Mac, choose one and see which one works best for you. 

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