9 Best Location Tracking Apps For Android and iOS In 2024

Published Date : Jan 04, 2024
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Best Location Tracking Apps For Android and iOS

We are living in an era where tracing your loved one’s location from your couch is a thing. The ever-growing technology has paved the way for you to find where your child is and guess what? It is as simple as installing one location tracking app on your Android or iOS device. Since it is natural to end up getting troubled by anxious thoughts on the well-being of your loved ones at some point. In this case, you can scroll this article which offers you a selection of the best location tracking apps for Android and iOS that you should definitely try out. 

In this section, you will come across 9 best location tracking apps for your device that you can use to track the location of your close ones. The GPS is a location tracking technology utilizing 24 satellites to physically locate and electronically record the movement of a device or people possessing such devices. While there is a big flock of such applications out there, finding the right one for your device may not be a sound idea and that is why, we suggest you to check this list and have the discovery yourself. 

List of 9 Best Location Tracking Apps to Track Real-Time Location

We will look at the apps that are available for Android & iOS devices in the below segment.

1. FamiSafe – Location Tracker

FamiSafe - Location Tracker

This is an ideal app to know your child’s location whereabouts in real-time. It is basically a parental control app that has a lot of interesting features besides acting as an app to track location. The app has a trial period of three days.

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Beneficial Features:

  • You can create an account. Then download the app on your child as well as your own phone from Play Store or the App Store. Further, you can connect to monitor your child’s phone from your own device.
  • This app has a geofencing feature that can help you create safe virtual boundaries for your children like the school premises, playground or any other area that your child frequently visits. The set zone will be recorded in the app of your child’s phone and you will be intimated whenever your child is nearing the boundaries. This will help you to connect with them or someone around them to prevent them from crossing over the safe zone.
  • You can also see the recorded history of your child’s movements. Apart from this, the app also offers smart parental control settings, app blockers, web filters, screen time control as well as an emergency alert generator.

Download App: Android and iOS

2. mSpy: Find Family, Track Phone

mSpy: Find Family, Track Phone

This is not just another app to track phone location. It is, in fact, a family control app that lets you remain connected virtually with your loved ones with the help of a map. The packages are available for a number of devices that start at $19.99 and are automatically renewable.

Beneficial Features:

  • This app lets you track the location of your children, old parents or any other loved one in real-time.
  • You can view the location history in detail.
  • Geo-fencing lets you create a customized virtual safety zone to safeguard your loved ones from treading on dangerous paths.
  • You can also monitor the apps installed on the tracked phone.
  • What more you can do is to add an alarm button to allow your child to notify you with just one tap on the button in case they confront any daunting situation or for any other emergencies.

Download App: Android and iOS

3. Prey Find my Phone Tracker GPS

Prey Find my Phone Tracker GPS

This is an amazing GPS tracking app available not only for Android as well as iOS devices but also for laptops and tablets operating on Windows, MAC and Linux systems. This is a popular app with 7 million app installs so far.

Beneficial Features:

  • Users can create a single account to manage multiple devices.
  • This app can act as a device locator with the help of GPS geolocation.
  • It supports the geofencing feature and also lets users access the location history of devices.
  • It offers several other functions like the anti-mute alarm when any suspicious movement is detected.
  • The app is very efficient in generating a Prey missing device report which is very accurate and detailed. It can be used as an anti-theft application to trace and find out the lost device with the app’s ability to detect neighborhood Wi-Fi connection and thus detect its current location.
  • The app has a remote locking feature.
  • In case your child’s device is lost, you can wipe off their personal data remotely. You can also encrypt data until the lost device is recovered.

Download App: Android and iOS

4. Life360 – Find Family & Friends

Life360 - Find Family & Friends

This location tracker app can help you cover all your family members and help you monitor their safety and well being. It offers great variants of membership plans ranging from a free version that can help you share locations as well as look at the device movement history to the Plus and Driver Protect membership that have more to offer.

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Beneficial Features:

  • The app lets you create a private family circle.
  • You can receive smart notifications as well as share your locations to inform about your real-time location whereabouts to your family members.
  • The advanced sensors of this app are capable of detecting car collisions. Furthermore, the executives of Life360 can call for an ambulance and also notify the circle member’s about the accident on your behalf.
  • The app can also be used to gain roadside assistance in case of an engine failure in a car or any other issues.
  • You can also monitor the driving speed of a vehicle in your circle through a Driver report.

Download App: Android and iOS

5. Kids App Qustodio

Kids App Qustodio

This is a beneficial GPS location tracker app that received PC Mag’s Editor’s choice rating award. This app provides free access to daily activity reports and also to the activity dashboard.

Beneficial Features:

  • The free version can enable you to monitor a single device of your child, whereas the premium version can let you monitor multiple devices.
  • You can block adult content, monitor YouTube activity, web activity, etc.
  • You can also locate your child on the map. Kids can also call upon help by pressing the Panic button

Download App: Android and iOS

6. Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone

This is a built-in application across Apple devices that can be accessed with the help of the iCloud account. This app is offered free of cost on the App Store and can be used as a location tracking app for your friends and family.

Beneficial Features:

  • This app can detect the location of your family members with the help of the ‘family sharing’ feature enabled on their iPhones.
  • This app shows the following three tabs, which are People, Devices and Me.
  • It also helps to track and find your lost phone even in offline condition.
  • This app lets you erase the data remotely and also allows you to remotely lock the device with a passcode.
  • It can also be used to obtain navigation directions while driving.

Download App: iOS

7. Google Maps

Google Maps

This is a free web mapping application available on the Play Store and App Store, which is developed by Google to detect locations, record location history and helps in navigation. This app is much more beyond the scope of a simple app to detect locations.

Beneficial Features:

  • The ‘share location’ feature helps in sharing your current location in real-time. You can also share your real-time transit information with the help of the ride-share function.
  • The app also lets you manage sharing options.
  • It also helps you receive an estimated time of arrival (ETA) of vehicles.
  • The app can be used to obtain real-time traffic updates and can be further utilized to seek diversion routes and a lot more.

Download App: Android and iOS

8. FollowMee – GPS Location Tracker

FollowMee - GPS Location Tracker

This is a great location monitoring app that is available free of cost to track your children’s location and hence, ensure their safety. The unique feature of this app is that it is available in stealth mode and thus, you can monitor your child’s activities without making them aware of it.

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Beneficial Features:

  • This app can help in tracking many devices at the same time.
  • It provides a location history of three days.
  • Another attractive feature of this app is that it is not entirely dependent on internet connection all the time. Even when an internet connection is not available, it continues recording and tracking data. However, once the connection is re-established, all the data is uploaded. Thus, it can be useful even when your kids venture into remote locations.

Download App: Android and iOS

9. Glympse


This is another popular app choice in the category of location tracking apps. This app lets users share their real-time location with their family, colleagues, and friends via a dynamic map.

Beneficial Features:

  • There is no need to sign up.
  • This app can run in the background and function anywhere in the world where internet connectivity is available.
  • You can share your location with anyone, even if they don’t have the same app on their phones

Download App: Android and iOS

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Location Tracking Apps for Android and iOS: One Last Word

Nowadays, location tracking apps can be spotted as a built-in function in smartphones or tablets. Besides that, you may also find a dog’s collar or a piece of jewelry studded with this handy tool. Whichever way you use it, location tracking has become seamlessly useful these days and we can count on it at an abrupt hour of the day.

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